Monday, April 19, 2004

I am stunned. On my other blog I wrote 25 things about me and one of the comments blew me away. It practically read, "I did not think you were very interesting until I read this and now I'm rethinking your boorishness".

When did I become so............laid back. Where is the woman stalker. Yes! I can stalk with the best of them! I have the red wig to prove it. I am a pretty good stalker, too if I do say so. I amazed myself with some of the angles I discovered to break the I will not mention them here. But, while I was achieving them, I was always coming up with angles for my defense in case I was caught and prosecuted.

Is that boring!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2004

I have been going through my closet bringing the summer/spring clothing from the back of the closet to the front (yay!). Rotating the garments, so to speak. I have the same stuff that I wear year after year until it falls apart. Really. I use to really be a clothes horse, but not anymore.

I became nostalgic about some of the clothing I have owned in the past. I had relationships with several of them. I can tell you exactly what I was wearing when I found out the man I was in love with was cheating on me. I could never wear that outfit again, and I really liked it.

I had this velvet dark red jacket that I wore with everything in my hippie days. I have numerous pictures of me in it. I loved it. My Mom took it upon herself to replace the worn out, ripped up lining and it never hung the same on me ever again. I reluctantly moved it to the back of the closet...and I think it may still be at my Mom's house.

I had this super green knit skin tight long sleeved jersey shirt that featured red, blue, gold and silver shiny glass that was studded into a star burst. Also in my hippie days...I loved that shirt.

When I was in high school I had this pink empire waist baby doll dress with a tent like fold in the front that had a white mesh covering the entire dress. I graduated from grammar school wearing that dress.

My First Communion Dress was hand made (people did things like that last century before they carried such things in the South)
with embroidery on the colors. First I wore it to the crowning of the Blessed Virgin at the May Celebration. I was the lucky first grader selected to carry the crown! When I was an 8th grader, I got to crown Her! I'm certain all that had to do with my mother and her devout Catholicism and the nuns knew it.

I had a pair of platform sandles...also in my hippie days, is there a pattern here! They were that expensive Aigner red. I loved those too, I was about 5-11 in them.

The sandals I wore all summer, while I was a hippie, were bought at a place called "Roses" in Murray Kentucky. I have not been able to find them anywhere else ever again. I purchased them by the gross, in black, in navy blue and in a cute flower pattern. They looked remarkably similar to the sandals on the feet above. Only I had 19 year old feet. I loved those sandals.

I may not have the clothes or the hats or the sandals, but when I think about those items along with them come the memories of those magical times in that Never Never Time.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

My memory receives an electrical charge at the oddest times. Today I heard a commercial on the radio about a huge dinosaur exhibit at The Singletary Center for the Arts on UK campus. The last of it actually caught my attention, a slide show by the renown dinosaur artist from Kentucky (!!!!!) while the Lexington orchestra accompanies. I immediately wanted to go and mentally crossed my fingers and held my breath waiting for the date! BINGO! This Sunday. Have no plans.

Then I deflated. Who would want to go with me to an event that most certainly was geared towards children? Not Joe and his nine year old daughter, B. That is just not their thing.

I become melancholy for the daughter I use to have. That little bright eyed eight year old Bridget who had the nerve to grow up and leave me!!!!

Bridget my sidekick for all those years. I could fill up 1,000 areas of FTP space just telling about what a great kid she was and how accommodating to her slightly eccentric Momma.

She went everywhere with me. I tried not to expose her to things that were a little too mature or adult oriented for her little mind. But every so often I would slip up, but I don't think she is the any worse off for it. For instance, I hauled her to a Rolling Stone concert in Louisville....we sat among a group of Hells Angels type. They fell in love with "the Kid" and made sure she had a good view.

And when I took her to see Amadaus...when would that have been, 1984?.....the movie may have been above her head, but she cried when "Wolfie" died and has loved classical music ever since.

If I were to come rushing home and excitedly shout out, "Guess what?!!!!!! Dinosaurs with Wolfie music!!!! They are going to be at the UK campus!" She would have jumped up and down with mirth and anticipation.

Oh I want to go!!!!! Maybe Bridget will come down from Louisville and go with me.

Damn I miss that child being a kid with me!