Friday, January 08, 2010

January 7, 2010

GiST 41/365

1) Finally after five months I was offered a job at the Mall as the Asst. Marketing Mgr. I begin January 18th. It pays peanuts, but bigger peanuts than Biscuit Bucket. I am going to stay on at BB for a couple of hours a week. I love the discount! And I truly like all the people I work with. Well, almost all of them. I can not impose another loss on myself.

2) First snowfall of the year! If you can call the dusting we received a snowfall. But, I heard if you see a cat's paw prints, then it's a snow. I shake my head thinking of the snow falls of North East Indiana! First snow was eight inches. And no excuses from the Southerner! Be at work as usual! Only time snow was a factor and not a way of life was the Blizzard of '07 and the city shut down the roads to all except emergency vehicles. I have pictures somewhere of snow up to the windows. Now, that's a snowfall!

3) Made this heavenly soup called Ribollita from an Italian Cook Book I have laying around. Spinach, cabbage,pancetta, carrots, fresh basil, celery, northern beans, squash, tomatoes, sourdough bread and finished off with Pecorino Romano cheese. It was a taste explosion that defies description.

4) My Mother called to tell me that an old friend had published his second book and that she and I were included on the dedication page! How cool is that!!

5) Joe got out several of the old photo albums and we had a trip down memory lane looking at the trips to Ireland, Cancun, Dublin Irish Festival, and countless other adventures I documented with my trusty camera.


Nelle said...

Congratulations on the mall job...I know you had been really wanting it. Perhaps this is a big step in a new direction!!!

Lisa :-] said...

Way cool about the mall job. They sure took their sweet time.

Lori said...

Congratulations on the job! I hope it turns out very well for you! And very cool on getting mentioned in a book's dedication! WAY cool!