Tuesday, January 05, 2010

January 4, 2010

Grace in Small Things 38/365

1) Even though it was a long miserable day and not once did I jot anything in the tiny notebook, at the end of the day I forced myself to write down anything of merit that occurred and I ended up filling up a page.

2) Even though I have a cold that insists on not releasing me from its bondage and rears its ugly head all snotty day long, I have never lost my sense of smell or taste.

3) I wore my sapphire earrings today and they made me feel marvelous.

4) I finished my first book of the year, Juno and Juliet. I truly enjoyed it at the beginning but it began to weigh down in the middle and lost that smart ass sharp tone after the first quarter, I finished the book to a satisfactory ending. I had a bad habit last year of reading a book almost to the end and then tossing it aside, thereby totally ruining my book count for the year. (barely tied last years mark).

5) Running Mozilla Firefox on the computer since the malware that has taken over my hard drive has disabled Explorer.


Lori said...

I prefer Firefox anyway.

Cynthia said...

Firefox is so much better than Explorer. I'm using Google Chrome now and really enjoying it.