Friday, January 22, 2010

January 21st

55/365 Grace in Small things

1) Seeing someone who looked quite a lot like Joe's brother at Biscuit Bucket and for just one moment I forgot he had passed away. But then I remembered it couldn't be him.

2) Making dinner and having a sit down with Joe!

3) I think I have the perfect biscuit recipe. Get a box of Bisquick (did I spell that right?) and pour a sizable amount into a bowl. Get some butter - must be butter - and slice off about a tablespoon or two and cut it into the Bisquick. Add sugar. I throw in about two tablespoons. The add the milk until it is a good consistency (I know, I know, but I do not measure when I make this - a good consistency is when it sticks together). I spoon drop it on a slightly greased cookie sheet (means I spray it with PAM or something like it) they are about the size of a hockey puck. Bake at 350 for about 10 minuets.

They look like hell, but OMG. They fall apart good. They are so good I think I may have already mentioned them in my GiST - oh well).

4) Getting out my earring collection (for lack of a better word) and being able to wear them again. Biscuit Bucket has very strict guide lines on what types you can wear. i wore some dangley ones last night while working there! Don't tell Heather Be Thy Name.

5) Fabulous and startling streak lightening on the drive home last night.

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Nelle said...

My grandmother never measured one ingredient her entire life. When we tried to get her to, the recipes were never right! I am still waiting to attempt her lemon meringue pie! This was a great GIST. My neighbor cannot wear ANY jewelery when she works at a grocery store. That makes NO sense to me...I thought you were starting the new job on this past Monday.