Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29th

What the Hell

I truly enjoyed doing the Grace in Small Things and even as I laid in bed last night, thumbing through a Time magazine (reading the article on Womenomics - fascinating) I picked up my moleskine and jotted down the main Highlights of the day. In other words, it ain't so easy to stop! And maybe that is a good thing.

365/365 +1

1) Finished Grace in Small Things

2) Left work early, like a little after 3pm, to wait for the delivery guy with the big screen TV. He never showed up and when Joe finally got home he picked up the phone and gave me the news "It's dead." Crap!! But the good thing is that the truck was broken down behind hh Gregg and we had to reschedule anyway.

3) I have this insane compulsion to win those seven Breyer Race Horse ornaments even though I found the box of my seven race horse ornaments. I do not have Affirmed and Gallant Fox, and if Secretariat is going for $58 on e-bay, buying the lot I could probably make my money back and have Affirmed and Gallant Fox. But.the computer connection was going in and out. Damn storm. As I was frantically hitting the Bid button over and over I did not get it in on time. Lucky thing, really & truly. I was up there in the bidding, boy.

4) Found a bag of frozen shrimp in the back of the freezer. Man I need to go shopping.

5) It's cyber Monday! Sold three CD's on Amazon (damn, I wish I had won that lot of 7 Breyer race horse ornaments!)

Monday, November 29, 2010

THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!

One to go
The Last One
365/365 - I can't believe it!
Sunday November 28th!

I did not even realize it until today! For some reason I thought today was the last day. I was wrong! It's was Sunday! So here it is - The very last of my...
GRACE in Small Things

1) Joe found my box of Breyer Thoroughbred Collectible Ornaments! Oh, I love you Joe!

2) Heather Be Thy Name thanked me for all my hard work!

3) Made my Christmas List - yikes! - while on break at the Bucket.

4) Found a box of frozen potato patties hiding in the freezer. Made for an exceptionally good breakfast.

5) Found extra Angel tree ornaments hidden in the store room (lol) (everything is hiding itself from me) and exactly the four that I needed (for me!)

The end.



Grace in Small Things
Saturday November 26th

1) Mayor of the Mall's little girl giving me a hug.
2) Mrs. Long Suffering came in to work a couple of hours and brought along a white chocolate milk shake for me & shared her onion rings!

3) Going to H.H. Gregg and applying for credit (I always hold my breath anymore) and getting it. We are going to have a nice big screen TV to watch all those great UK games (go cats!)!
4) I have almost been hit twice in the past couple of days for these Knuckleheads who do not know or ignore the protocol at a four way stop. It infuriates me let alone getting my heart racing! I am so glad that I have my Dad's training rattling around in my head as I drive "Watch out for those crazy Southern Drivers". Oh, that was me! But he did teach me to be very cautious and when I see something that does not feel exactly right, I just let them go and grit my teeth.

5) And I found that it's just as easy to be nice as it is to be crappy about/to someone. And I found out that you can learn a thing or two from someone that you assumed could not teach you anything!

6) extra credit - these little notebooks that I have mentioned time and time again. I carry them in my apron at the Bucket and when I have a moment I ask myself "What made today wonderful?"

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Friday November 26th
Grace in Small Things

1) It snowed last night or this morning. My windshield wipers were stuck in the "I did not turn them off last night" position that Joe hates and keeps telling me that I am going to burn up the little wiper motor. But all was good, got the icy thickness off before the motor burnt up.
2) Thank God for rubber pan cake flippers. All year long I have moved around the ice scrapers from here to there but when you need one they are no where to be found. A thick rubber pan cake flipper works great. That spray works better but did not have that either.
3) Began making my move on E-bay to replace my lost Breyer race horse ornaments. Man!! They are extremely high on Amazon! Jimminee. I have my eye on a lot of seven, might be the entire collection put out by Breyer so far. Having my eyes open on Amazon at just how collectible these babies are I am rethinking the Zenyatta order. Maybe I should order several of them?
4) By some crazy fluke, I made the monthly sales goal on Stella & Dot.
5) $10 gift card from Biscuit Bucket. I could have had a $100 one but I am too unconcerned at collecting stars on my apron. But dang it, $100 would have been nice. As accommodating as Heather Be Thy Name has been to me in the past months I bet I just could sashay my way to that 4 star apron.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanksgiving Day
Grace in Small Things

1) Kroger discount Card -10 cents off gas
2) Thank God for direct deposit!
3) First Christmas lights!
4) Seeing Bridget - first time since August!!
5) Mom home from hospital. They believe she had an allergic reaction to a new medication she was taking. Very scary! Rethinking her living alone.


Five to Go
Grace in Small Things

1) Mom snapped out of it and was her regular self in the morning after a nights rest.
2) We all had a great time reiterating her remarks, comments and answers to questions the previously day. She laughed loudest of all.
3) Thank God for that coffee cart in the front lobby of the Hospital
4) The MRI showed no stroke
5) Taking a quick shopping rip around Lex and hitting Jo-Beth, Keenlenad Gift Shop and the Lexington Center looking for Breyer Horse Ornaments.

Black Tuesday

Six to Go
Grace in Small Things
Tuesday Nov. 23

1) I thank God that I had worked week-end manager and that I was off Tuesday, at home, when the phone rang and it was my sister informing me that Mom was in the hospital, that they had found her on her bedroom floor, apparently she had been there all night. "Is she alive" I asked, "Yes". She was going to call me from the hospital when she arrived. She was heading there from Louisville. I paced around the house for several moments, in shock. I called Joe and threw enough underwear to survive a hurricane (lol - inside joke) and hit the road.
2) I am thankful that the staff at the Mall and Heather Be Thy Name told me to just not worry about work and go be with my Mom.
3) Entering the heart of the Bluegrass and seeing the Thoroughbred horses in the fields decked out in their warm blanket coats.
4) Thank God that I had peppermint candy kisses and a can of pistachio nuts in the car (hiding the candy from Joe) so I did not have to stop on the long 3 1/2 hour drive to the hospital in Lex.
5) St. Joe is a Catholic hospital and my sis ran into Fr. Dan in the ER and he came and gave Mom the blessing for the sick and laid hands on her. Powerful powerful. I've seen my Dad's reaction from this blessing. Mom was taken to a room and when she was settled in she seemed to be calmer and more herself. Not entirely herself. We did not know at that point what had happened. A MRI was scheduled to see if she may have had a stroke. But she entertained us with her disassociated sentences. They started out good...."Put your Father's picture....up hummer" (that one cracked me up. When asked what year she was born she told them, "1927" when asked how old she was she smartly told them "33". We were cracking up. We were so relived that she had such a long way from the semiconscious restrained crying frightened woman in the ER to this semi-confused Lady who was talking in tongues

Monday Nov. 22

7 to go


Grace in Small Things

1) Found the Breyer Christmas tree ornaments on E-bay. They are high - but at least I can replace the box I lost. I can't remember if I sold them at that dern yard sale April '09 or if I just lost/misplaced them in the last move. I did not put up a tree last year (boo-hoo) so I did not truly look for them until a week or so ago. I lost Sea Biscuit, Seattle Slew, War Admiral and others. I had about six Race horses and numerous other ornaments. I'm sick about it. But, there they are on E-bay. And then I found Zenyatta on another web-site! She will be my new one - at retail and not the collector price!
2) Salad in a bag. Enough salad for two day of lunch.
3) The nettie pot. If I have mentioned it before, I need to sing it's praise again. That thing makes you think you're drowning, reminisce of being four years old in the diving area way over your head, but it sure works wonders.
4) In-Style magazine. I had the best time looking through it. Who knew?
5) Doing a little meme about the 15 albums that stick with you. Memories memories. A lot better than water up my nose as a four year old!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Grace in Small things
Sunday November 21

1) Made cake pops. They were good, but as a first attempt I will tweak the next batch. No chocolate icing in chocolate cake with a chocolate candy dip. Brings new meaning to Death by Chocolate.
2) Got on the elliptical machine for a 20 minute work out.
3) Got on the Chuck Norris type thing we have that works the upper body with your body giving resistance. Yikes!
4) Bought some new Doctor Scholls inserts that are pretty darn good when coupled with Watkins liniment, ibuprofen (lol - I'm a mess)
5) Decided to make the commitment to loose 25 pounds. In other words, Cake Pops are a thing of the past. As is home made granola. And quite possibly pancakes. While tidying up the garage and desperately searching for the lost camera warranty (which I did not even need!lol) I found my weight watcher mini-books and accessories. I'm thinking I will make the commitment and document it here. If I could do GiST's for a year, I can do anything. Maybe.


Grace in Small Things

1) A six strand faux pearl bracelet was returned to Biscuit Bucket & marked down 70% which I snapped up and was further reduced with my 20% discount. It has a very cheesy looking clasp-type thing on it, but it's super pretty.
2) Upon recommendation from a co-worker at the Bucket, I tried J.R. Watkins Pain Relieving Liniment. It stinks to high heavens (kind of like that paregoric stuff we use to have rubbed on our gums by our well intentioned but clueless WWII generation parents - that stuff was a high octane narcotic! I must admit, a whiff of the liniment made me nostalgic for a simpler time) yet once applied to the skin evaporates quickly and relief is swift!
3)Hobby Lobby being right across the street from the Mall. Upon entering I realized they do not have any sign to direct you to the area you wish to find. Yet I somehow, instinctively, found the aisle on the first try for the baking supplies. I astound myself at times.
4) I am devastated (again!! will it ever change!!!!!) that Maks was voted off DWTS with his partner Brandy. I will not go into the conspiracy theory nor will I gnash my teeth over the Palin united front, it just is the way things are. What concerns me is that Maksie is drop dead gorgeous, has the sexiest eyes ever!, a killer Russian accent, and that man can dance. As one contestant described it, he can move his body like a flag swaying in the breeze. What concerns me is that now I have to wait another season to see him!! Then, I find (amid all the controversy of being booted while Palin's daughter is being backed by her mothers minions and the girl just can't dance) Maksie has created a blog!!
5) Found one of the National Geographic that my Mom gave me that I retrieved from the garbage when Joe decided to house clean - from 1971. An issue that included an article about Norway, Bermuda, and the Moon. Great reading for a dull Sat. afternoon as MOD.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 19

Grace in Small Things

Ten To Go

1) Love being Manager on Duty/c I get caught up on my GiST's. As the count down begins on the last of this year long commitment I'm sadden to think it's nearing the end. As much as it aggravates me at times, such as when I open my notebook and realize I have not written a single thing about Tuesday or see only a line or two jotted down for Sunday - as much as it aggravates me, I am going to miss looking for the good or the barely averting disaster on a daily basis. On the other hand, it means my year long absence from blogging is also coming to an end! I am ready to return. Not that I have much left to say or my life has taken a drastic turn and has become interesting - no, I just miss writing.

2) I woke up a trifle before 4am this morning and could not go back to sleep. I got up and washed the "rest of the dishes" (we won't go there) and got on FB. I revisited my cousins pictures he had posted. I ran across one of me, a 14 year old lass of a girl, visiting New York after I graduated from 8th grade. It was a graduation present - three weeks in NYC with my Aunts and Uncles and cousins.

3) When I finally made it home last night (one of those 14 hour days) I caught the first UK basketball game on tv (for me)! They were pretty dern good! Oh boy - the season is upon us.

4) Joe brought home some bar-b-que from a cook out at his work. it was simply fabulous!

5) CD's are buy one get one 1/2 off at the Bucket. Woo hoo. (Amazon side business)

Friday, November 19, 2010


11 to go
Grace in Small Things
November 18th - Thursday

1) I finally sent my camera lens to Nikon last week after dragging my feet for months. I made up this list of things I wanted to get done, that I was procrastinating about. I read somewhere that these things are subconsciously dragging you down. The camera was on the list and so - I just did it. And come to find out they emailed me - It's under warranty!! Praise the Lord!
2) Made a new batch of Granola before work.
3) US Bank branch at Walmart - so convenient.
4) Beer at Walmart - so convenient
5) Face book friends from the LBD club - lol!!


12 more to go

Grace in Small Things
November 17th Wednesday

1) Little Black Dress Club! Had a blast. Told Joe it was like th Bible Study group I once went to, but with alcohol, "And no scripture" he reminded me.

2) Meeting some dynamic fantastic women in the community. The lady next to me works for the IRS!

3) Another one loves Miami (like me) and we were talking about a Key Lime Martini she once had in Miami and she tried and tried to recreate. The in Nashville she ordered one, just to see what would happen, and by gosh she got THE KEY LIME MARTINI! The bar tended worked at that very Hotel in Miami and had the secret recipe. She is the self proclaimed Martini Queen! This is one fun group.

4) Guess what? Earned commissions on S&D! My first! But I feel sort of like a fraud about splitting the orders on Sunday - I just do not really like my sponsor that much. Maybe I will just brazen out on my own.

5) My new phone is a dream to text on. Bridget and I text ed back and forth all morning!

353 down

13 to go

1) Evite invitations - gotta love them.
2) Got a new phone. A Pantech. I was a Motorola gal until I could no longer get the "Hello Moto" ring (phooey!!) I love this phone. My Razr died then the Blackberry Joe gave me (his cast off) died mysteriously - while in Nashville traffic!
3) Went to the library to return my overdue books and CD's and found a new CD...Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. I took this course a long time ago and in many ways, it was pivotal to who I am now. I loved it. I am going to enjoy listening to this!
4) No working at the Bucket all week! Like a mini vaca.
5) The little tootsie rolls in the giveaways bags that we did not give all away. Hello!

352 down

14 to go
Grace in Small Things
November 15th

1) Rubber bands. They come in so handy!
2) Five cent stamps, they come in so handy with .39 cent stamps.
3) Red envelopes from Hobby Lobby!
4) My new watch was re sized so it does not fly off my arm!
5) I did not go insane at work today when I was told one of my "off" days I was not going to be paid for b/c I took a sick day they "forgot" to factor in. Oh well, at least I have these vaca type days given to me. Some companies have no vaca for a year. (but they do have sick days....catch the flu here and you are screwed!)

Count Down to the End


Grace in Small Things
November 14th

1) Cinnamon rolls (again)
2) That decedent hot chocolate from Joe's sister.
3) Do not go insane (again) from the drive back from Nashville. The traffic jams are amazing. I could not do it daily.
4) My sponsor's daughter shows up. I was going to bail out, call her up and tell her I was sick anything to get out of it. I was so frustrated on Friday because I did not know the product! I was like the greeter and people would go through our booth and them "check out" with my sponsor. I was told on Friday that the commissions would go to the person who "helped" them....blah blah blah. I was almost in tears on Friday. Anyway, her daughter was there and I am glad I went b/c she is a charming and interesting girl. I found out her Dad is a Colonel and her political views are conservative. Very. She loves Sarah Palin. I asked her to explain her reasoning on several subjects. "Government should not be involved in business" (fantasy) and "The health care bill is wrong" "why?" I did not want to debate her, I was very curious to hear her define her reasoning. Too many people coming in and out of the booth to have much of a discussion. She was a charming girl anyway.
5) Sponsor did the right thing and split most the sales of the day, minus my share of the booth space and kick in on the "giveaway" I came out ahead about $10.


November 13th
Grace in Small Things

1) Was able to scan pictures into the computer and post on FaceBook. Pictures from a High School Reunion I went to - a long time ago and quite frankly another one is next year. I found the pictures in an unexpected cache of photographs Thursday while cleaning the garage looking for lost Christmas tree ornaments.
2) Worked three extra hours at the Bucket. Good b/c X-mas is on the horizon.
3) Made my favorite chicken dish for dinner.
4) Received my postcards from Vista print. I love Vista print.
5) The mayor, the real mayor, from a town in West Ky was at the Bucket this morning. He is fun to talk to. He won 90% of the ballot.

November 12


1) Attend the Christmas Village in Nashville as a vendor with S&D.
2) Learn a lot at the booth about S&D - because I have not had much success with persuading anyone to have a party.
3) Kettle Korn at X-mas village with vendor discount.
4) Did not go insane due to Nashville traffic. It was a little iffy for a spell.
5) Not certain if I like my sponsor or not. There is just something about her that makes me think that under any other circumstances I would not seek her out as a pal. But, I am giving her the benefit of the doubt. I am practicing the teaching of Tony Robbins - I once had a teacher in High School who taught Latin. He would say, "Throw enough mud at a brick wall and something has to stick!" Well, it's true!


Thursday Nov 10th

1) Finally broke down and opened the box on the front porch - in it was a new watch for May-May!!
2) Did I tell you all I smashed the crystal of yet another watch at my BIL's 50th B-day party. Yes, I lost my balance and went down and caught myself on my left hand - which is the hand I wear the watch on. And the bands are always very loose so, I once again smash the crystal on my watch. But, I was uninjured and time took on new certain dreaminess when I was watchless for a little over a month. It seemed to go a little faster at times.
3) Remembered I have SIRUS radio and listened to BB King station all morning.
4) Did I mention I took two day off from the Mall? And I was not on the schedule at the Bucket? So I had a whole free day. (and Joe was in Memphis)
5) Went to Goodwill and found some interesting things - three more cook books among them.

This is Grace in Small Things

Edition 347
Out of 365
Wednesday Nov. 10th

1) Arriving home, there was a big package on the front porch!
2) Joe showed me how good spinach dip is on a ham sandwich.
3) Found my black pearls! Perfect with my Biscuit Bucket black and white blouse.
4) Found the perfect Santa dish at the $ store.
5) MDI said, "I worked 67 hours last week" I said, "I work 67 hours every week!" I exaggerated, but so did she. It's more like 58 - 60 hours a week.


Tuesday November 9th
Grace in Small Things

1) I bought all this Cindy Crawford beauty stuff and finally got around to using these tiny little capsules of liquid. OMG! Makes your skin feel like soft and beautifully silky. WOW!
2) I was tearing down the two lane highway on my way to the Bucket, late as always, and came up in two deer scampering across the highway in front of me! Worse, two more on the side lines getting ready to make a break for it right behind them! Wonder of wonders! The second batch of deer saw me and waited!!, turned back. They must have made it because no evidence otherwise on the way home.
3) Going to work in the morning the sky was so blue! The jet vapors were everywhere and it looked like a giant tic-tac-toe game ready to be played in the heavens.
4) Got my big Gift Card project completed and in the mail.
5) Booked my bro airfare using the buddy passes.

345 of 365

The Horse Seeing The Barn
November 8th, 2010

1) I was only one minute late for work. I hate that time clock. It's a joke! I'm salary for Pete's Sake. But there had been abuse in the past. So we all suffer.
2) Got registered into a Holiday Gift Show next week-end!
3) While I was in the Mall talking to people I was told something was wrong with my eye, like a broken blood vessel. We happen to have two eye places in the Mall and I staggered into one and began to fill out the paper work to see a Doctor. The idea of a bleeding eye made me almost pass out. I could not lower my head in between my legs because I was wearing a skirt and I worry more about propriety than passing out. So I staggered down the Mall and made it (barely) into the office and laid on the couch in the reception area until the blood made it's way back to my brain (and disfigured eye). When I finally took a look at it, it wasn't so bad. Just really really red. Must have really strained them at the Bucket trying to act all normal without glasses. I really really need to go to an eye Doc and get good glasses. Living like this is ridiculous.
4) Big Guy asked me what was up with MDI. I said I did not know and did not want to know not wanting to be sucked into the drama. He said that was a smart move.
5) Someone told me a big secret today and I loved it. I laughed and laughed and I am sworn to secrecy to not reveal this secret to my other siblings! But I did tell Joe.


Sunday November 7th
Grace in Small THings

1) Spent my free time giving the living room a good cleaning!
2) Made halloween cinnamon rolls - yummy.
3) The time changed. Oh that extra hour was like heaven on earth. My 24 hours of freedom just became 25 hours of freedom!
4) I went to the Bucket to get my fair share of abuse and forgot my glasses! There was no way I was able to go home and retreive them so I worked "blind". But I thought I saw posted I was #1 in sales. I was able to locate a magnifying glass and sure enough. I was number one Queen Bee. I don't know why I love it, I just do.
5) Got the Christmas decorations out of the attic.


Saturday Nov. 6th

1) Watched Avatar on cable and, just like when I watched 300 thinking I was going to dislike it, I loved it! Great movie. Joe fell asleep. Said it was too long. He fell asleep during Lost in Translation - four times (Netflix and cable). That time it was the dreamy music.
2) Found some Bourbon Barrel type beer at Sango Walmart.
3) Oh oh oh - love the Sango Walmart!! It is like the Walmart in Olive Branch, easy to find things, large aisles and the people shopping in there are ....well, lets say different.
4) One of my customers told me they are going to buy more jewelry! Hurray!
5) After the Fashion Show at the Mall (OMG - it was disastrous! I felt very bad, and kind of guilty for not helping out) I walked out into the bright beautiful sunshine and realized I was FREE FREE FREE for 24 hours!

Nov 5th

Grace in Small Things

1) Slipped out of the Mall and avoided the dress rehearsal for the upcoming Fall Fashion Show. I am beginning to hate the fashion shows! hate them. Lot of drama and smelly feet - yes, some people don't know how to bathe properly and in the confines of a small dressing room it's pee - ewwwwww.
2) Had the most God awful stack of account payables to finish that it was as huge relief to get them in the mail. When I worked at another company, years and years ago, I was in the corporate office in the accounting department. Our facilities would authorize the payables and then send them up to us to finalize, enter into the computer and cut the checks. Not this company, I have to do everything but cut the check. Even balance my budget! If the money is not there I have to syphon it from another account! It's crazy! I have never seen such accounting in my life!! It makes me just insane, but this is the life I live.
3) One of the security guards, the girl one, came into the office wearing those skinny jeans and a long sweater. She looked great. Helping with the fashion show is making her blossom!
4) MDI not in the office until 1pm then she vanished. This was good for me to slip away at 5pm.
5) Found this cool group on Meet-Up called Little Black Dress Club. So I joined! I'm officially a joiner now.

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 4th

Grace in Small Things

1) My Dad would have been 91 years old today. I miss him every day. He is still a presence in my life. He taught me how to drive many years ago. My first driving lesson was in the Texas Instrument's parking lot on a Sunday afternoon! I then graduated to the Kroger parking lot. When I am tooting around town he is still sitting beside me giving me little hints and telling me horror stories about flipping a car over when you sneeze (the newfangled power steering!lol) and all sorts of dogma that he pounded in my head that I still heed today. Happy Birthday Dad, I hope you are having a marvelous celebration up in the heavens.
2) Made more granola and did not scorch it this time. It was kick ass good!
3) I usually work at the Bucket on Thursday nights. It is a horror night of floor moves and price changes. It's nice.
4) Made blackened salmon because I found the box of spices from The Fresh Market (a moment of silence here for my roughing it in an area without one single alternative food market! I have to drive into (shudder) Nashville for anything that resembles a Fresh Food.
5) Cleaning the closet.


November 3rd
The Chocolate Diaries
Grace in Small Things

1) Peppermint chocolate milk shake - thank God the holidays come only once a year!
2) Little Ms. Candy pranced in here with her Dad.
3) I have about 100 little tubes of lip gloss and lip balm in different flavors. Such as Peppermint swirl, cream soda, chocolate raspberry, vanilla bean, honey. sugar cookies - you get the picture.
4) Found a kicking recipe for Hot Pepper jelly! Do I dare??
5) Chocolate coffee

Friday, November 05, 2010

November 2

Grace in Small things

1) Figured out how to use the Evite program. Very valuable.
2) Did my first display case and it looked great! (the next day the customer changed it all - it looked OK, but not sharp and crisp like mine. Hers looked like the same old same old. People like to feel comfortable. It stung at first, but then I was over it.
3) Found out that one of my favorite store managers (Great American Cookie ) is from the hills of Eastern KY - wouldn't you know it? We can talk about Lexington. It reminds me of the Ft. Wayne joke when Joe met up with one of his buddies from central Ky and they were yakking away, and someone commented, "They're over there talking Hillbonics"....it was very funny at the time. But when I say, "this place reminds me of Turfland Mall" she knows exactly what I mean. She lived in Lex for a long time before moving here. We bonded.
4) Had a meeting with other S&D reps in the area. It was fun and informative.
5) And the Hilton has great brownies - tastes like they have a hint of cherry in them. I wanted to stuff the whole tray in my purse, but I didn't.

November 1st

I've lost count again
Grace in small things

1) This is the month I began GiST - so this will be the month I finish. As easy as this may seem, it is hard. Some days I forget and don't realize it until a week later - (check out October Wednesday Oct. 27th!!) Sometimes I jot them down in my little Bucket notepad and then misplace it! So, as easy as I make this appear, it's been a challenge.
2) Big Man at the mall had two personal chats with me.
3) Found out a most juicy piece of gossip that MD1 was making out outside the Mall - eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
4) Finished listening to the Tony Robbins CD - picked up a lot of useful stuff and hope to go over it again before returning it to the library.
5) Poured raisins in my salad. Yummy

It's Halloween Y'all

Grace in Small

1) I was home alone all day long!! Until I had to go to work. Do you know how wonderful it is to have silence like that?
2) ATM machines (for deposits - lol)
3) Ease of making a Money transfer using a Debit card (I told you B. called yesterday - lol, shoot me now)
4) I can make the most kick butt rice with chicken stock, butter and cheap rice.
5) Dexter - I love that show. Joe says it's becoming too contrived for him. This from a man who loves "The First 48" and "Pawn Stars"

Saturday at the Mall

Grace in small things
October 30th

1) Have a tremendous turn out for the costume contest at the Mall. About 150 little ghosts and goblins line up. My fav? I loved the 10 month old twins, Thing 1 and Thing 2.

2) There was this grand parent couple at the Bucket, he was a WWII vet signed up at age 16, who had their breakfast paid for anonymously. It does my sanity good to know this type of kindness is still around. Then they bought a double tiered musical carousel - I love that thing and have my eye on it when (and if) it goes on sale. We have a habit of selling out of these beautiful things.

3) My new photo program works.

4) Cleaned out my closet and found some "lost" clothes (lol - could have used them this summer!)

5) Spoke to Bridget on phone.

Friday is the Best Day of the Week

Grace in Small Things
October 29th

1) Joe comes to office to visit while his car is having the tires changed. We have lunch together!!
2) Big Man at the mall thanks me for stepping in and answering phones and being the gate keeper while Mrs. Long Suffering takes a very long week-end.
3) Have I mentioned the chocolate coffee from the Bucket? It's fab.
4) New coffee pot from Walmart - God I hate/love that place.
5) I had to run home to download some songs from MP3Suite for the upcoming fashion show. Why is MP3 down? I sent them an e-mail asking if they were shut down like Limewire. Heck, ,maybe they are Limewire (too). I could not it to work so I head back to the Mall and get behind this slow procession down the two lane highway (which I think has it's days numbered since the new Solar panel plant is scheduled to open next year and this road will be history) and I am itching to pass pass pass. Somebody pass!! And as people turn off, pass etc and I inch my way forward the Jeep way in front of me (maybe 100 yards) and the reason it is way in front of me is that I had to slow down to let someone turn off, brakes and I think "Oh heck! why oh why" and just then I see that family of deer cross the road in front of him and scamper off into the front yard (remember these front yards are like five acres or more....Joe would die having to mow them) If it had been me tearing down 79 as fast as I dared, I could have hit them! So, thank God for that slow moving Jeep.


October 28th

1) Received snail mail from my cuz in LA.
2) Received e-mail from my cuz in PA
3) Found a new hand lotion at Biscuit Bucket that smells like lemon creme pie -
4) My coffee pot broke! Dang it! It was that "free" European pot when you sign up with Gevelia coffee! Thank God for gas station coffee. So convenient....lol
5) Had a great horoscope today.


Hump Day
October 27th

1) Back to Biscuit Bucket and my fav customer of the day is this little kid about two - maybe two and a half leaving the store and stopping at the Halloween display, then stopping to examine the Christmas display nearest the door. His Mom says something to the effect of, "Time to go" and this little sweetie turns to me, takes off his John Deere cap and tips his hat at me, returns it to his head and heads toward the door. How adorable was that! His mother tells me, "His father just taught him to do that"..."Well, it made my day". I told her. And it did.
2) Joe bought me a coffee mug for transporting coffee from the house to work via the vehicle. It hold about a thimbleful. I usually use my 24 ounce old Coke tumbler and fill it to the brim. But he is so sweet.
3) Joe brings home donuts for breakfast! He leaves the house about 5 - 530am in the mornings and had time to pick up the sweet treats at the local blue collar gas station. They are brought in from Hop-town daily. Very good.
4) I had to have some flat shoes and in a hurry, so I headed into Walmart and found the cutest flats for $9. I have a love hate relationship with Walmart.
5) Finish contacting everyone in the Mall for the "Harvest festival" (what we are now calllng Halloween so as to not offend anyone).

October 26th

Grace in Small Things

1) Met Candi at Old Chicago for drinks and good company after work
2) Joe a no-show,but that's OK it gave me and Candi lots to talk about - lol
3) MD1 was called and reprimanded for missing the dead-line for the Marketing Plan. She had not thought about it once after turning the budget part. I had been working on the SWOT, market analysis, customer profiles, goals & strategies, zip code analysis since summer. Good thing. I handed it over and let her put her name on it. What's a subordinate to do? I am thinking she may get fired, and subsequently I may be fired along with her. Oh well, I was telling Joe the other day if I had to choose between Biscuit Bucket and the Mall, I would be leaning towards the Bucket.
4) Arrived home and my box of coffee had arrived!
5) Brilliant idea for gift bags for Christmas gifts!


Grace in Small Things
Monday October 25th

1) Brilliant fund raising plan
2) Brilliant letter
3) Brilliant hair due to new shampoo and conditioner
4) Candi visits me at Mall
5) Home with Joe for evening and no WORK!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sunday October 24

Grace in Small Things

Lost Count of 365

1) While driving to Mom's (three hour trip) begin to listen to Tony Robbins CD and end up becoming sucked in BIG TIME. Even cried at the end of the first CD.
2) Drove into my Hometown and since I am already in an emotional state call Joe (who can not make the b-day party celebration even though he is one of the b-day being celebrated) and tell him that our home town is the Most Beautiful Place on the face of the Earth! The sun was shining that soft October way it has and the trees were all in their Autumn attire. The leaves were blowing/dancing across the county road skipping over the stone fences - just to beautiful to keep to myself.
3) Bought home a Lexington Leader paper. After months and months of the C-ville newspaper the LL is a treat! My God they have a bunch going on in Central KY.
4) Seeing most my bro's and sis's and Mom.
5) Driving around my Home town.

October 23rd

Saturday in the Park
Grace in Small Things

1) Trip to the Library! Find Tony Robbins CD.
2) ALDI - always a good day when I go there. Find six beautiful pink roses for $3.99
3) Made my spinach souffle for Mom's tomorrow (October B-day party)
4) One of the other girls at Biscuit Bucket said she would like to have a S&D party! I almost fainted.
5) Found a florist in Glasgow for the visitation and funeral of one of Joe's crew members wife's Mom. One of Joe's other crew members came by and donated to the cause.

October 22

Friday finally arrived
Grace in Small Things

1) Thank God for No-Fault days in lieu of sick days and or vaca days.
2) Fed Ex/Kinko or what ever they call it now - it rocks!
3) A great lunch at the Career Day. Our booth was great! People who entered the room we were stationed in made a bee line for our glittery and snazzy jewelry display. I talked a lot and realized how much I love to just schmooze with people. I find that I run off my sales pitch, telling about Stella and Dot and the opportunity and show off the jewelry then I ask them, "What kind of work are you looking for?" " Where are you from?" "How did you end up in C-ville?" I love it.
4) "Borrowed" black table cloth from Mall - thank God!
5) Met a bunch of characters from the area. Need to really get some game plan together regarding networking.


October 21

1) Right before I woke up someone spoke to me before I opened my eyes, "Your only limitations are those you set for yourself" -
2) Still eating left over ice cream cake - still good
3) MD1 sent home sick - why is this good? Don't ask. Doom & gloom all week at office.
4) Got a haircut!
5) Found out the "child" cutting my hair is from the Tiny Town I am presently find myself living in. We talked about Tiny Town and the Mennonites getting killed lately, either from lightening strikes while harvesting sweet potatoes, or by a drunk driver hitting the guys tractor, joy riding in a front loader, or being wiped out while riding a bicycle. "They are always getting killed" she said sadly - it was dark sad sick funny. She did give me a great haircut!


October 20th

1) Pizza at work!
2) And ice cream cake!
3) At Biscuit Bucket work with Candi! Find out the next night is Calla Lilly's last night
4) Had a brainstorm about Stella & Dot opportunities
5) Finding the Watkins hand cream that smells like Lemon Pie - yummy.

Three Hundred Twenty Five

Tuesday October 19
Grace in Small Things

1) Will not work at Mall, will not work at the Bucket, will not work anywhere at'll
2) Cash in my cans got $9
3) Went to Goodwill and found a cook book for my growing collection, Moose lodge or something like that.
4) Napped in the afternoon
5) Went all through Tuesday Morning and did not find a thing!


Only 41 left!!
Grace in Small Things
Monday October 18

1) Had lady campaigning come to my door and guess what? She worked at the Biscuit Bucket in the late 1990's before moving "up North" but is back now and running for city council. We chatted a long time. Wish I could vote for her but I am still registered in Indiana due to home ownership.
2) Had another guy knock on door who wanted to know about my pile of cans! They are in bags beside the house hidden behind a bush - but he saw them anyhow. I almost told him to just to take them all, but decided to keep my mouth shut.
3) While working at Mall I realized I had the next day off (extra day for working MOD) and realized I could do it!
4) Thank God for that five hour shot!
5) Found some interesting garden info in the papers. I get the Sat Sun and Monday paper all at once on Monday. I love it!


323 of 365

1) Military night at Mall and got to boss every body around (lol)
2) Worked morning at BB and saw some old timers I have missed lately
3) A woman recognized the Stella & Dot necklace I was wearing!
4) We gave away about a zillion gifts (that I collected from the mall merchants!)
5) It was all over in about an hour. The tow $500 gift card winners were present unlike the T-shirt winners!

October 16th

322 of 365
Grace in Small Things

1) More Stella & Dot jewelry arrives
2) Mall was all good Saturday
3) Got to work with my fav Kimmy at Biscuit Bucket (aren't most all of them my favorites?)
4) Joe called with the exciting news that UK beat South Carolina in football~
5) Had a grand salad for dinner

October 15th

Grace in small things

1) Bosses day - had ice cream cake!
2) MD1 birthday (Saturday) and surprised her with a Yankee Candle
3) Worked extra hours at Biscuit Bucket - gonna get a good sized "extra" check
4) MOD at Mall and love the quiet time and catch up on Time mag reading
5) Quiet at Mall - no gang fights, no kids misbehaving, no motorcycle wrecks.

320 of 365

October 14th Thursday
Grace in Small Things

1) Found some rocking web sites for Direct Sales and Social networking
2) Received my real estate tax assessment - yay! Lower than before (lol)
3) Tackled some phone calls and found that I enjoyed it a lot!
4) I had some great ideas that I shared with MD1
5) Received snail mail three days in a row!

Wednesday Oct. 13th

Grace in Small Things

1) Saw a rainbow in the way home!
2) Ate the scorched granola I made this past week-end and it was not too too bad
3) Joe arrived home safe - (he went to NC)
4) Survivor!! Love that show. I am in heaven with my reality tv addiction.
5) Met a lady from Louisville at the Mall today. We had a wonderful and colorful chat.


October 12th Columbus Day!
Grace in Small Things

1) Stunning sunset over C-ville with purple and the color of orange that looks like a gigantic fire is ahead of you.
2) Finding the perfect candy dish for the display table for Halloween candy.
3) Finding my address book - though not lost, misplaced
4) Receiving snail mail. I don't care if I have mentioned this before...it makes my day!
5) Dancing with the Stars - love it!


Monday October 11th
Grace in Small Things

1)Finding software for the computer for the printer!
2) Box arrives with my display trays and necklace bust.
3) No work at Biscuit Bucket - three days off in a row. could get use to this.
4) The dollar store
5) Begin advertising on one of my favorite web sites

Monday, November 01, 2010


Grace in Small things
Sunday October 10th

1) Go to church at this small Christian in Church
2) The pastor sees us and immediately knows we are new and makes a beeline for us and makes us feel really really appreciated and welcome
3) Check books - lol
4) Having the whole week-end off
5) A 1 1/2 hour nap in the middle of the afternoon!

October 9th

Grace in Small Things

1) Drive around (by instinct) and find the Southern donut place. The best donut place in C-ville. Too bad the best donut place in this area is in R-ville, 25 miles north. But still, a good gooey fritter. Nothing like the cherry fritters way up north in FW. Man - those were little pieces of heaven.

2) Library! I love the library! Get a load of books and head into a study room and make tons of notes. Check out six books about direct selling. Well, sort of about direct selling. Mary Kay bio, etc.

3) Go to the independent book store and find Napoleon Hill's "Think and grow rich" which is one of the books Mary Kay keeps on her bed stand. I purchase the CD.

4) Listen to the first chapter and I must tell you that if I have to "figure" out the secret of this book ....!!!! But, good stuff, glad I got it.

5) Joe and I go see Secretariat and it is a Fun Movie!! Thought in many parts Joe and I would whisper to each other, "WTF?" like Bull Hancock spending (what appeared) all his time in Virginia. He (and his farm) are in Central KY. Several things like that.

October 8th


1) Is there anything better than a Friday?

2) Omega buys jewelry off my web site

3) Skinny cow ice cream sold at Walmart for $1.22/each and about 120 calories. So much better than the Steak & Shake jumbo calorie heavenly 1/2 price shakes from 2-4 Happy Hour!

4) Found a fantastic inspirational web site dedicated to Direct Sales.

5) Is there anything better than a Friday?

oct 7th

Grace in Small Things

1) Joe's Birthday! Three more years until he can retire. Told him we should get a calendar with the COUNTDOWN. He is so ready to hand up his boot and lantern.

2) Made chili

3) Joe's perfect birthday card fro. Biscuit Bucket

4) Thank God for Walmart (sometimes) and their selection of flashlights. (Joe needed a new teeny one)

5) Little note books that I use at Biscuit Bucket and able to jot down thoughts for GiST to find weeks later.