Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Tuesday

Six to Go
Grace in Small Things
Tuesday Nov. 23

1) I thank God that I had worked week-end manager and that I was off Tuesday, at home, when the phone rang and it was my sister informing me that Mom was in the hospital, that they had found her on her bedroom floor, apparently she had been there all night. "Is she alive" I asked, "Yes". She was going to call me from the hospital when she arrived. She was heading there from Louisville. I paced around the house for several moments, in shock. I called Joe and threw enough underwear to survive a hurricane (lol - inside joke) and hit the road.
2) I am thankful that the staff at the Mall and Heather Be Thy Name told me to just not worry about work and go be with my Mom.
3) Entering the heart of the Bluegrass and seeing the Thoroughbred horses in the fields decked out in their warm blanket coats.
4) Thank God that I had peppermint candy kisses and a can of pistachio nuts in the car (hiding the candy from Joe) so I did not have to stop on the long 3 1/2 hour drive to the hospital in Lex.
5) St. Joe is a Catholic hospital and my sis ran into Fr. Dan in the ER and he came and gave Mom the blessing for the sick and laid hands on her. Powerful powerful. I've seen my Dad's reaction from this blessing. Mom was taken to a room and when she was settled in she seemed to be calmer and more herself. Not entirely herself. We did not know at that point what had happened. A MRI was scheduled to see if she may have had a stroke. But she entertained us with her disassociated sentences. They started out good...."Put your Father's picture....up hummer" (that one cracked me up. When asked what year she was born she told them, "1927" when asked how old she was she smartly told them "33". We were cracking up. We were so relived that she had such a long way from the semiconscious restrained crying frightened woman in the ER to this semi-confused Lady who was talking in tongues

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