Friday, November 19, 2010


12 more to go

Grace in Small Things
November 17th Wednesday

1) Little Black Dress Club! Had a blast. Told Joe it was like th Bible Study group I once went to, but with alcohol, "And no scripture" he reminded me.

2) Meeting some dynamic fantastic women in the community. The lady next to me works for the IRS!

3) Another one loves Miami (like me) and we were talking about a Key Lime Martini she once had in Miami and she tried and tried to recreate. The in Nashville she ordered one, just to see what would happen, and by gosh she got THE KEY LIME MARTINI! The bar tended worked at that very Hotel in Miami and had the secret recipe. She is the self proclaimed Martini Queen! This is one fun group.

4) Guess what? Earned commissions on S&D! My first! But I feel sort of like a fraud about splitting the orders on Sunday - I just do not really like my sponsor that much. Maybe I will just brazen out on my own.

5) My new phone is a dream to text on. Bridget and I text ed back and forth all morning!

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