Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday oh Saturday, why you wanna do me this way?

Grace in small things


March 27th

  1. First free day, no going into the Mall for an Easter Egg Hunt, Fashion Show, no Biscuit Bucket, no trips home – nothing, in 21 days.
  2. Yet, I was up at 5am (don't want a single minute of this day wasted!) hearing a cat crying and Joe muttering and moving large objects around. I fell out of bed and found Joe next door standing on a high foot stool trying to persuade the Black and White (Edward) to jump from the roof into the laundry basket. I brought over a bowl of food and still the cat would not leap to his freedom. So we chanced it and went to the front entrance porch and finally was able to drag the cat off the roof and not get shot in the process. Joe the Hero.
  3. Trip to ALDI and once again a lady did not have enough money to pay her bill. As any ALDI junkie knows, only cash and debit cards. And as any ALDI junkie knows the lines move incredibly fast, probably because you do the bagging – anyway, the line lengthened and we became aware of this woman's problem and we all took up a collection and finished paying her bill. It was really cool.
  4. UK loses to West Virginia (just as the jerk in Biscuit Bucket predicted, damn him). But, it was the best season ever. Well, at least in the past 12 years. It was so much fun and so exciting to watch this group of players really make us believe in the powerhouse of UK Blue again. Next Year.
  5. Got Direct TV hooked up so now we have a DVR.

Freaky Friday

Grace in Small Things


March 26

  1. Lost five pounds since last time I weighed myself (maybe January)
  2. Held my tongue while some Tennessee Blow Hard trashed UK at Biscuit Bucket
  3. Chris bought me lunch at the mall (blew life style change, but will start again tomorrow – old WW philosophy)
  4. Day finally ended. At times I thought it never would.
  5. Spent time working with Kim, who is an angel and really got the store ready for closing. I had little to do and hit that door at 11pm sharp!

Wednesday Already

March 24th
Grace in Small Things

1.First trip to Tiny Town Produce which opened a few days ago. This is the handy little road side source of flowers, plants, jar honey and jellies and fresh veggies that sits on the main drag to my house. Ah, finally some red pepper jelly and early tomatoes.

2.New summerish pants. But (!) they have a small slit in one of the seams …… ahhh, my new sewing machine!

3.Text message from daughter telling me she loves and misses me.

4.Heated up chicken and rice – stuck to life style change eating.

5.Passed on donuts at work.

Slow Week for Graces

March 25th


  1. UK Beats Cornell to advance from Sweet Sixteen to Elite Eight
  2. Write a killer sales letter – only been working on it for two day!! (geez)
  3. Got totally soaked in down pour running from Walmart to car. Bags and cartons did not break (yay!)
  4. Made killer popcorn at home with Joe.
  5. Once again, stuck to 1200 calories

Wednesday Already

March 24th


Grace in Small Things

  1. First trip to Tiny Town Produce which opened a few days ago. This is the handy little road side source of flowers, plants, jar honey and jellies and fresh veggies that sits on the main drag to my house. Ah, finally some red pepper jelly and early tomatoes.

  2. New summerish pants. But (!) they have a small slit in one of the seams …… ahhh, my new sewing machine!


  3. Text message from daughter telling me she loves and misses me.


  4. Heated up chicken and rice – stuck to life style change eating.


  5. Passed on donuts at work.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Live in the clouds

Grace in Small Things
March 23rd

1) Hancock Fabrics has a sale going on where an $129.99 sewing machine was being offered for $69.99. I researched and read the reviews and bought it! I may take it out of the box some day (lol)

2) My Amazon earnings was unexpectedly high!

3) Since I am having a life style change, I tossed out the Carrot Cake cookies after having only one (maybe 150 calories...)

4) Kind of a slow day for small things - but I was home for the evening and turned on NCIS, I wish I had watched it. Instead I watched one of the episodes of Amazing Race.

5) Still a slow grace day, so I drew a picture of my Three Legged Cat all stretched out with his back arched to show off how pretty he is (because I always begin chanting, 'what a pretty kitty....). I can not draw, but I wish you could see it.

Is it really Spring?

Grace in Small Things11
March 22

1) Noticing I had a message on my cell phone and it was my family, Mom and my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, bil's and sil's singing Happy Birthday to me. I was not able to attend MY BIRTHDAY PARTY (boo hoo) because I work so frigging much. I almost cried. I did tear up.

2) Everyone one left the office around 3pm and I was all alone. The phone did not ring, no one came bursting in with a fax or a complaint. Only me and my MP3. It was a very nice hour.

3) Then Chris came in as MOD and we chatted for the rest of the day. He told me how much of an impact I was having helping Ms. Introvert out. Then he went on to dish some dirt on Ms. I (note to self, never tell him anything I do not want broad casted around the Mall) which made me understand her a little better.

4) Started a Life style change verses calling it a diet. Will try and consume only 1200 calories a day. Stayed the course for Day One.

5) Went to my second job at Biscuit Bucket and was cranking on all cylinders! Totally awesome!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Grace in Small Things

113 of 365
March 21

1) Purchasing a new Moleskine b/c the "Hand book" my sis gave me is about filled up. I love new notebooks. Endless possibilities and adventures to adorn the empty creamy pages.

2) Trip to the Flea Market in Bowling Green with Joe.

3) 44 ounces of local honey - $7!!

4) Smooth shaved legs.

5) Those memory sticks - can't remember what you actually call them, but they are very handy for storage and mobility.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

So much to do so why, why weigh?

March 20th


1) Successful Easter Egg Hunt (Welcome to my world)

2) Buying a new bra. The last bra's I bought I did not really look at them (yes, I did not even try them on) and they ended up being padded! OMG! I looked like I was wearing two torpedo's on my chest.

3) New lipstick color.

4) UK beats up Wake Forest and advances to the Sweet 16.

5) An afternoon off! No work until 5pm Sunday. I took a drive out into the country and found fields and fields of daffodils. Wild daffodils.

Why weigh on a sunny day?

March 19th

111/365 - Grace in Small Things

1) My horoscope in the paper has been very positive this past month. I find myself cutting them out and taping them so I can see them every now and then. For example: There's something compelling to your presence.

2) Setting up for the Easter Bunny.

3) A thank you note from Mrs. Long Suffering about our support for her welfare during her husbands illness (he is still not recovered and in a Rehab hospital).

4) A young college student a Biscuit Bucket used me as her example on a Business project. Of course it was all fabricated, but I gave her inspiration!

5) My Martha Stewart magazine subscription finally kicks in.

I'd like to gather all your friends and squish them all into a small swimming pool so I can weigh them, what do ya say?

Grace in small things
March 18th

1) Suddenly Daffodils everywhere.

2) Greasy lunch of fried foods thinks to a no-show for our presentation.

3) NCAA Basket Ball Tournament begins and UK wins easily to advance.

4) A special thanks to CBS for running the ball games on demand via Internet. I jumped and screamed when Murray State hit a three pointer to win the game in the final second!

5) You are not going to believe this, but Joe invented this drink. You take a cheap beer (try a 24 pack for $13). You add an amount of Ruby Red Grapefruit juice and it is delicious!! I'm telling you, it's fabulous

St Paddy Day

109/365 Grace in Small Things

1) Finding something green to wear. I realized that I do not own anything green that is not a T-shirt.

2) Metamucil.

3) High Beams on the car on a dark night on a lonely country road.

4) I was unable to attend the recently discovered "Civil War Round Table" meeting at Boarders. Imagine my surprise when a lady enters the store and says she has just left the "Civil War meeting"! I almost flipped. I met another lady who is editing old journals written in C-Ville during the Civil War. Too good to be true. They meet the third Wednesday of the month. I'm marking my calendar.

5) Mrs. Long Suffering gave me a Hersey bar. With almonds.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 16

108 out of 365

Grace in Small Things

1) Rushing home to look for Three Legged Cat who went out around 5am and never returned. He usually comes in when I call him around 7am or so. Joe went home at lunch to look for him but no luck. I walked around the neighborhood -no kitty. I began to talk to people,asking if they had perchance run into a gray Three Legged Cat, a Blue Russian cat. One guy looked down his dogs throat for me, "No cat in there". One nice man, the guy who has a humongous garden behind us, adjacent to the "projects" (If Tiny Town can have projects, it's there!) told me his wife spotted TLC around 4pm, she was looking out the window while she was cooking an early supper, that's why he knows it was around 4, and saw him. She feels sorry for him, thinking he's a stray. "But he's so FAT!" I exclaimed. At least I know he was alive at 4pm and as it was about 6, I felt a lot better about the situation. Around 7ish the black and white is at the front door looking in. I went out side and called "WildThing!" and there he was! Running from the side yard. Running fast. Running so fast that his back leg was coming alongside his front side. Much like a runaway U-Haul.

2) Calling Biscuit Bucket and finding out I did not have to work tonight! I thought did! What a relief.

3) Finally finding a song I have been looking on line for over 10 years! I heard it one while getting ready for work on the Morning Show. Joe and I called it "our love song". Sometimes we would sing it to each other. We thought it went, "I want to cut your head off and see how much it weighs..." But actually we were half right, it goes "I'd like to cut your head off so I could weigh it. Wadda you say?" I finally found it, called "Weigh" by Phish and it still sounds great 10 years later. (I kind of like our version too)

4) While checking my google alerts I ran across a Civil War Historian group who meet at the Borders in our Mall!! And they are meeting on Wednesday night. Public invited. I can't wait!!

5) Reality show marathon on the computer.


March 15th
Grace in Small things
107 of 365

1) Long Suffering is back in the office! Hurray.
2) St. Paddy cards two for a dollar.
3) Remembering to mail them.
4) A small stock check from IBM.
5) Being thanked for stepping up and answering the phone in Long Sufferings absence.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday's Child is Full of Grace

Bridget was a Sunday Child

Grace in Small Things
March 14th
Number 106 of 365

1) Remembering the combination to Joe's car. He forgot it and had to park it over night (no libations involved) and even thought I have only used it a handful of times I remembered it! I amaze myself sometimes. I can not remember my house address most the time! My phone number? Forget about it! But's Joe's five number car combo? Piece of cake.

2) UK's unbelievable win of the SEC conference tournament!

3) Meeting cancer survivor Judy at Biscuit Bucket Sunday night.

4) Breakfast with the Beatles (Ringo was soooooooooooooo funny)

5) Special K cereal with that chocolate stuff in it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grace in Small Things

Number 105 of 365
March 13th

1)Fashion Show which we threw together in two weeks a big success!
2) Joe video taped the show.
3) Celebration at O'Conners Irish Pub - been dying to go there for several months.
4) UK spanks UT in SEC semi-final (take that!! You Vol's
5) SWAG bag for May-May (me me)
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March 12th - Friday Again

Number 104 of 365
Grace in Small Things - a daily reminded to stop and smell the coffee

1) My Pink Blazer - it's so springy.
2) Lip line eraser cream - after three months I think it may be working!
3) Roasting a 4 pound chicken before work! How I love a work day that begins at 830am.
4) Finally being able to use the walkie-talkie - 10-4.
5) Pink salt water taffy to go with my pink blazer.

It's A Beatiful Day in the Neighborhood

Grace in Small Things
March 11th Thursday 103/365

1) Taco Bell around the corner.
2) Having a book with me while I wait in the drive thru line at Taco Bell for 20 minutes!
3) Solving the problem of not being able to access Blogger on my home computer! (why me????) by just resetting the computer to a date before the problem began! I learned a couple of tricks when I had that hard drive destroying virus.
4) Signing up for life insurance. I don't know why, but it makes me feel secure and happy.
5) Having an hour to myself in the morning to read this terrific book I checked out of the library called "The Girl who played with Fire"

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe

Hey! I was a Wednesday's child!

102 out of 365; Grace in Small Things; March 10th

1) Check engine light goes out as mysteriously as it went on.
2) Got to BB in time to hug and say "So-long" to Sarah. Boo-hoo. But, she will still be in town.
3) Rehearsal for the Spring Fashion Show was fast and swift!
4) Ben & Jerry's American Dream. People think Steven Colbert saved Hurling, no he saved ice-cream
5) Long Suffering's husband is ill and so I have been manning the front office all week and it's been kind of cool. Her husband is recovering and all is well.

March 9th

101 of 365
Grace in Small things

1) Two greeting cards for $1.
2) Home Based business opportunity via an up-coming HBB expo at Mall!
3) Arriving at home. No going to BB after "day job". It was the most relaxing feeling in the world.
4) Five cent stamps
5) Home made chicken soup.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Grace in Small Things
March 8th

1) Home early from work (BB) b/c restaurant/retail store dead.
2) Joe at Motorcycle place. Something about him and motorcycles that sets my heart on fire.
3) Picking up a Zac Brown CD for my Amazon business and saved 35%!
4) Met the evening custodian lady and she was s trip.
5) The Prop. Mgr. confiding some very personal stuff to me and I realizing "He likes me! He really likes me!"

Monday, March 08, 2010

Almost 100

99/365 March 7th
Grace in Small Things

1) Birds chirping outside!
2) Cheap car wash on way home.
3) Hope of a "Old timer Sig-Ep" reunion this summer. (can you say hairy Buffalo?)
4) Seeing a white butterfly outside and both I and the cat saw it at the same time. we both ran (well, he hopped, three legs you know) to the window.
5) UK beats Florida on Senior Day.

Ninety Eight

March 6th. Saturday 98 of 365

Grace in Small Things

1) Flip flops.
2) Joe sold Mercedes for Cash.
3) Wine in a box (I do sound like a lush don't I?)
4) U of L beats Syracuse (#1 in Nation) on Senior Day and the last game played in Freedom Hall. Great way to turn out the lights.
5) Getting library books/CD's/DVD's back to library on time - remembering to get them back on time!

Friday Finally

Grace in Small things Number 97/365

1) Going into Biscuit Bucket to pick up weekly check and have people wonder who that sophisticated woman is checking out the schedule. Lol.

2) Orange flavor vodka

3) Catching a mistake at work regarding a mailing for an up-coming expo before it became a really big deal!

4) Finding a cache of stamps and (because of Mom's stamp collecting hobby) knew how to soak them off the envelope and re-use with some glue (hahaha) (am I one of the reasons they are going to be 9 billion in the hole this year?)


You Say it's Your Birthday, It's My Birthday too - yea!

March 4, 2010
96/365 Grace in Small Things

1) I'm 57 and I don't care
2) Lunch at Olive Garden - Ms. Introvert's treat.
3) B-day card from my daughter.
4) Got to watch Survivor - the real thing, not on the computer.
5) Meeting with the Teen Board and we got make-up tips and skin care guidance. And a bag of goodies. Very cool.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Anne Rice Reference and didn't even know it

Grace in Small Things Wednesday March 3, 2010


1) Birthday wishes on Face Book
2) Coming home to unexpected packages in the mail!
3) Listening to Candi's four part Zombie dream! (holy smokes!!)
4) Taking to Rita about an opportunity at Sunny Shades.
5) The Hobbit referring to Heather-Be-thy-Name as "Queen of the Damned" that made me spew the water out of my mouth. "And we are the Damned!" she told me in case I didn't get it. (You have to know the Hobbit....)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

March 2, 2010

Tuesday!! 94 of 365
Grace in Small Things

1) Finding more money in bank account than expected
2) Bridget got a new job in a more established restaurant in Louisville
3) Bandaides ... having bandaides on hand (no pun intended)
4) Connecting to my MP3Suites subscription on the new hard drive! It's still good!
5) The purple shirt I purchased matches the purple in my Christian Dior blazer.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


The Mall offices are situated along the long hallway to the public bathrooms. There are times when we open the door and let the frigid air from the structure bathe our over heated offices.

This allows us to hear the coming and going along the corridor.

"I'm Tired of Being Discriminated Against." I did not react in any visible way when I heard this declaration drift into our offices as the accusers made their way to the rest rooms.

I felt them as much as heard them pass the door way as I turned (my back faces the door) and sneaked a peek at who had uttered this statement.

Two young women, one pushing a baby carriage.

I turned back to my desk, my work, my computer and caught the eye of the Long Suffering Ops Secretary.

"Try being black," I muttered to her.

"Try being female, old-middle aged, and fat" she uttered back.

We both cackled.

There's Got to be a Morning After

Grace in Small Things
Number 93 (I think) of 365
March 1

1) First Birthday card arrives.
2) Chasing the cat around the yard so I can deposit him into the house for the day so I can go off to work and not worry about him. Man, he's fast for a three legged cat!
3) Yoga on DVD.
4) Subsequent sore muscles
5) Joe home from New Orleans/Memphis trip.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Would You Like To Swing On a Star?

It has been a long time since I have written a real entry. I will be the first to admit it's been easy, in some ways, to just jot down a daily list of gratitude's. I will be the first to admit that I am rusty at "sharing" or journaling.

My days became an endless repetition of the day before. I get up, I put on a uniform not only on my body but on my person and go to work. I come home, I sleep, I read, I let the house become a wreck, I cook, I go to bed I get up....

Then I finally land a job! No, not a job but an opportunity! It is the job I wanted to have, the career path I expected to follow when I graduated from college. Instead, I deviated and began a career in sales. Life was good, most the time.

Then I got "old".

I thank my lucky karma that I connected with this VP who took a liking to me, even though there was no way in God's green heaven that he could hire me as the Director.

In time, he offered me what he could. I jumped at the chance and as I answer the telephone, make copies, push through the account payables and have them returned for some nit picky reason, and at the end of the day I fall on my knees and thank God that I have landed where I have landed.

I love every minute of it and in time I hope to have the experience to become the Director or move on to some other industry.

But right now, I am enjoying every humiliating copy/fax/"answer that phone please" day.

Sunday Edition of Grace in Small Things

Number 92 of 365 (frankly, I've lost count)
February 28th

1) Rearranging living room.
2) An additional article in the paper about the Bridal Expo!
3) Moleskine-esque notebook that it always with me.
4) Organizing the garage (I was a busy girl with Joe on his trip)
5) Lotion that kisses the skin with a "healthy glow", but it stinks to the high heavens.

Saturday - The Best Day of the Week

Grace in Small Things
#91/365 Feb. 27th, 2010

1) Anti Lock Brakes - you don't need 'em until you need 'em.

2) 411 on cell phone. Complete with address. Thank God.

3) Finding misplaced W-2's after the damn Turbo Tax rejected them b/c I did not have Bridget's AGI from '08.

4) Being able to check out DVD's and CD's from library.

5) Watching the first three episodes of Survivor thanks to CBS's web site (use to be Hulu but I guess the almighty advertising dollar trumps that)