Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday oh Saturday, why you wanna do me this way?

Grace in small things


March 27th

  1. First free day, no going into the Mall for an Easter Egg Hunt, Fashion Show, no Biscuit Bucket, no trips home – nothing, in 21 days.
  2. Yet, I was up at 5am (don't want a single minute of this day wasted!) hearing a cat crying and Joe muttering and moving large objects around. I fell out of bed and found Joe next door standing on a high foot stool trying to persuade the Black and White (Edward) to jump from the roof into the laundry basket. I brought over a bowl of food and still the cat would not leap to his freedom. So we chanced it and went to the front entrance porch and finally was able to drag the cat off the roof and not get shot in the process. Joe the Hero.
  3. Trip to ALDI and once again a lady did not have enough money to pay her bill. As any ALDI junkie knows, only cash and debit cards. And as any ALDI junkie knows the lines move incredibly fast, probably because you do the bagging – anyway, the line lengthened and we became aware of this woman's problem and we all took up a collection and finished paying her bill. It was really cool.
  4. UK loses to West Virginia (just as the jerk in Biscuit Bucket predicted, damn him). But, it was the best season ever. Well, at least in the past 12 years. It was so much fun and so exciting to watch this group of players really make us believe in the powerhouse of UK Blue again. Next Year.
  5. Got Direct TV hooked up so now we have a DVR.

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You're going to LOVE your DVR... almost as much as you love Aldis.