Monday, March 01, 2010

Would You Like To Swing On a Star?

It has been a long time since I have written a real entry. I will be the first to admit it's been easy, in some ways, to just jot down a daily list of gratitude's. I will be the first to admit that I am rusty at "sharing" or journaling.

My days became an endless repetition of the day before. I get up, I put on a uniform not only on my body but on my person and go to work. I come home, I sleep, I read, I let the house become a wreck, I cook, I go to bed I get up....

Then I finally land a job! No, not a job but an opportunity! It is the job I wanted to have, the career path I expected to follow when I graduated from college. Instead, I deviated and began a career in sales. Life was good, most the time.

Then I got "old".

I thank my lucky karma that I connected with this VP who took a liking to me, even though there was no way in God's green heaven that he could hire me as the Director.

In time, he offered me what he could. I jumped at the chance and as I answer the telephone, make copies, push through the account payables and have them returned for some nit picky reason, and at the end of the day I fall on my knees and thank God that I have landed where I have landed.

I love every minute of it and in time I hope to have the experience to become the Director or move on to some other industry.

But right now, I am enjoying every humiliating copy/fax/"answer that phone please" day.


Cynthia said...

I love this, and I'm so happy you found this opportunity. It gives me hope mine is out there too.

Lisa :-] said...

I am so happy you got the job you wanted, Mary. It took awhile, and in the end was kind of a surprise (like manna from heaven!) but you got it. Now take it and run with it. And stop saying you're old. We is not old.

Nelle said...

This entry really touched me. Each day, I must be in an environment which I really must adapt to. It makes me feel old and other things. I am so glad that you have this opportunity and if I know you, you will thrive in it.