Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ITS 300!

The horse seeing the barn
September 24

1) There is this dazzling star in the sky! Juniper. It's incredible.
2) The silly cat jumps on the low book case and knocks off the radio. I hear this
strange static and humming buzz. I find that the National Weather Broadcast
in a feature on this clock radio! Who knew. I love it. Just push in the button and
wave the small box around until it finds a good connection with the feed. I love
those computerized voices.
3) Flower shop in Louisville that delivers on that day!
4) One of my participating vendors came to the office with all the paperwork! How do
you spell relief. I-N-S-U-R-A-N-C-E.
5) Made all the gifts for the baby fair into clear bags with ribbon and fancy gift
paper. They are awesome. And so pretty.

Grace in Small Things

September 23rd

1) Had a lunch date at Olive Garden to discuss the possibility of joining a direct
2) I did and I am so stoked!!
3) It's Stella & Dot. Very new company and so chic. Irresistible jewelry!
4) Put together 100 goodie bags in my office and it was fun. Have a song in my heart
this day. Nothing can get me down.
5) Found these cranberries in a bag infused with cherry juice. So good on
oatmeal (and that ALDI fake butter I love and honey).

September 22nd

Number 298 of 365

Grace in Small Things

1) Collected over 2500 in prizes for the Baby Show! I'm good - lol.
2) Found I get a $10 rebate on the photo program I purchased.
3) Ran into an old Biscuit Bucket friend at Walmart. She quit some time ago and it was
was so nice to see her again.
4) Heather Be Thy Name showered me with compliments this evening. I smell a rat.
5) Did bring up the % points she is so rabid about up 4 notches and sold the gap between projection and last years sales to with in $100. I thought she was going to hug me - ugh.


September 21st

1) Mrs. Long Suffering late to work (Dr. appt) and she brought donuts.
2) Joe received his RR Retirement paperwork for estimating our income when it
finally happens and it is SO GOOD!!
3) Survivor?? Survivor is on?? Why didn't I know this!
4) Received a box of goodies for the Baby Expo - a box of 100 baby blankets valued
at $11.50 each! Holy Cow!
5) Came up with a good analogy for Mad Dog I - She is like an island you can not
dock your boat.


September 20th, Monday

1) Talked to GFL, on phone, for a long time today!
2) The newspaper delivery gal messed up and we received a Nashville Sunday paper!
3) Dancing with the Stars!!
4) Slowly figuring out the ins and outs of the new photo program
5) Found my hurricane Wilma pictures. Thank God for flash drives. If I had not transferred the pictures from my hard drive to the flash drive they would have been lost!

Back in the Saddle Again

September 19th, Sunday
Grace in Small Things

1) Cleaned (partially) out the garage and made a trip to Goodwill.
2) Bought a new photo program for the digital camera. Looked longingly
at the Photoshop program, but all I ever do is rotate and crop. Sometimes
get rid of red eye. And the occasional sepia. So I spent a lot less on a
inferior product. (only did I find out later how inferior).
3) Made a killer chicken salad with sunflower kernels and grapes - so good.
4) Found my high school year book for scanning into the computer for our
upcoming reunion and subsequent FaceBook page. Kind of a bummer that some
of the cool kids will not be my friend on FB. Boo. A hex on you!
5) It official -Deb coming to KY for the Animal House Hay Ride.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saturday September 18th

Grace in Small Things

1) Bikers Who Care Toy Run starting at the C-ville Raceway and ending up at the mall. It was a sight to behold. 2,000 + motorcycles of every kind unimaginable. All roaring and raging to the starting line. Most proudly displaying some type of toy for the collection. It was a breath taking sight.
2) Afterwards, we went to a BBQ joint.
3) Received a new lens for the camera.

4) The pictures from the old camera came out kind of OK.
5) My phone was in the pouch of Joe's bike and I was not on the bike with him. I followed the "gang". When I reached the Mall there was Dorothy and a cell phone! I called Joe and all ended well. With lunch at the BBQ place.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Friday and 293

Grace in Small Things

1) Seeing cows in a field on the way into C-ville. Where did they come from? Why have I not seen them before? Interesting.
2) A chicken sandwich for lunch. Should have been a chicken biscuit for breakfast but as the morning waned ......
3) Joe home from Memphis
4) Joe agrees to be in the bike rally tomorrow or rather thinks it's a fun idea
5) Pay day

Thursday is 292

and approximately 73 to go

Grace in Small Things - September 16th

1) Found Stella & Dot on computer and am interested in finding out more about direct selling jewelry
2) Love Jordan Almonds and got a bag from Kroger's from their candy island
3) My Cindy Crawford skin care system samples arrived in the mail today
4) Forgot that last week I had a great Grace in that I went to the movies and saw Eat, Pray, Love. Now I have to admit a time or two I was tempted to glance at my watch and see how much of the movie was left - that is until Javier came on the screen then it was all good. But, I truly enjoyed the book - which I read some three or four years ago - and the protagonist presented to me was not how I envisioned her. In the first place once or twice I felt like screaming at the screen! But like I said, when Javier came on, I calmed down. I couldn't find much to relate to, sympathize or like about Liz. I just think they did not do the book justice - until Javier came on the screen. And for the life of me, I can't remember a love affair in the book?! Anyway, it had been a long time since I have sat in the dark, with a bag of artery clogging buttered popcorn in my lap, sneaking my 20 ounce coke out of my purse, and settling back to be caught up in larger than life fantasy - and I loved it.
5) Hot buttered popcorn at the movies (lol)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Grace in Small Things
September 15th Wednesday

1) The date crept up on Mad Dog I but when she asked if I had "my part" of the Marketing plan completed (ready for a first draft) I thanked my lucky strikes (tribute to Ricky of Trailer Park Boys) that I had indeed! No locking myself behind a door all day - lol.
2) The Kid down on His Luck told me he was going to pay me back every penny. I told him to forget it and just pay it forward when he could. He looked confused for a moment and then shook his head, "Nope, I'm gonna make it right with you."
3) We have the most creepy wonderful tarantula at Biscuit Bucket. It is about the size of a salad plate and crawls. Totally cool! For only $9.99
4) My new shoes are marvelous - but they squeak a little.
5) Had to sign for a letter from the IRS. I decided to leave it at home and return to work. When I finally opened it up GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! I was so glad I did not ruin my afternoon at work - but I was able to call and straighten things out. At least for the time being.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tuesday - September 14th

1) The jokester strikes again at the Mall. The inflatable doll lives again. This time sitting at the desk of the Security Chief. We all rush into the bay area to watch the joke play out..."Blah blah blah blah..." "Those reports are in my office." He heads that way with all of us closing in behind him. He throws open the door and there she is, in all her naked glory with a sign around her neck, "Hello You Big Stud" "WHAT THE HELL" he exclaims. Hilarious. Made the day.
2) Received in the mail two big packages from Beechnut I was not expecting for the Baby Fair! Thank You!
3) Found the lost remote control for the number bed. Whew.
4) My new shoes from Ross squeak. But they are the bomb.
5) Receive an e-mail from a mystery person.


September 13th

1) Mad Men on DVR. Love that Don Draper and his story being explained to us in tiny pieces. You think you know him, and you don't know him at all. Some great lines, and him him outside the NYAC smoking a cigarette with Rolling Stones Satisfaction playing, what a scene!
2) Made red beans and rice.
3) Gave C-Lily her Blue Monday and ate mine.
4) Made a trip to Goodwill - did not find anything. A first! Other than the sheets I am going to use for the lining for the drapes I am going to make. I swear, I am going to make drapes!
5) Stroll into Kroger's and find those luscious 24 ounce Diet Mt. Dew's are on sale again. After close to 10 years of no Dew - I am consuming a river now.

Mom's Birthday party


1) Drive home with Joe-Joe and see a dozen or more hot air balloons taking off around Bowling Green. A beautiful sight on a clear bright morning.
2) Rollo's for breakfast.
3) Made the spinach souffle in time to get off from KY/TN to get to central KY in time for brunch including the time change. I enjoy the central time zine but at times it can be a pain.
4)Family dinner with all my bro's and sis's except the bro in NYC. Had a great time. Joe being there put every ones mind to rest that I had not murdered him.
5) Picked up a Blue Monday (candy bar exclusive to central KY area) for C-lily to surprise her.

Saturday and this must be Football

1) UK wins but it's not on TV. Have to watch Tennessee get beat instead. Who ever decided that they should wear orange? My God. Did Peyton Manning don the orange?
2) Find out that C-Lily grew up about 10 miles as the crow flies from where I grew up!
3) Worked morning shift at the Bucket. Glad to get out of there! Heather Be Thy Name was bleeding to death from an injury to the roof of her mouth! From drinking some "scalding coffee". The drama the drama!
4) Had fun afternoon with Joe thinking about going downtown to the Riverfest, thinking about going to this pizza place on Ft Campbell, thinking about his thinking about that...
5) Every time I open the door in the morning and call for Indaka and that silly cat comes, hopping along on his three legs, I feel tremendous relief.


1) Found some killer material for drapes at the local Fabric Outlet - go figure!
2) My new couch was delivered. In the rain. First day it's rained in a month of Sundays.
3) Dusted off the sewing machine and put it on the table where I could see it.
4) My High School is beating the drums for our reunion next year. Certainly they are mistaken! It can not be that long!
5) My BFF from college is coming to KY for the Hay Ride party with the Animal House guys.

Thursday September 9th

1) Sweet freedom of making a road trip to Nashville
2) Buying some new clothes at Ross - never had been there before. It was great.
3) Pumpkin spice coffee - yummy
4) Trader Joe - I just walked around the store about three times just marveling at all the great stuff and then choosing the usual, Dunkers, lavender milled soap, fresh flowers, Whole Wheat bread and Two Buck Chuck. New Mexico coffee.
5) At a crummy Chinese restaurant but I love a Chinese buffet so it was all good.

Anyone seen 284?

out of 365

You know what this is

1) Biscuit Bucket is carrying Turkish Taffy! Banana flavor. I have not had it since I was a kid. It was ....well, it tasted like a summer afternoon sitting on Giles Grocery Store's warm concrete steps circa 1960's.
2) Mrs. Long Suffering is informed that she will receive the life insurance policy she had before she retired on her husband, who passed away three weeks after she retired. There is a 30 day grace period. We all jumped up and down for her.
3) The mafia boss is in town and gave me a written multiple choice test - I only missed three. Lol. I did guess a lot.
4) Finished up the coupon promotion I was under the gun to get completed!
5) I have four days off from the Mall starting at 5pm!

Tuesday - September 7

You Know What The Hell This Is

1) Made Chicken a la King and no one to tell me it's fattening!
2) Found someone to make me a diaper cake for the Baby Expo. Also, to my chagrin, found out a diaper cake is not a cake to eat, but a baby shower gift. It has been way too long since I have attended a baby shower obviously.
3) Then Mad Dog I tells me we need a six foot cake for out new food court grand opening. I ask, "Why do we want one that tall?" and she looks at me like I am still thinking a Diaper cake is made with flour and eggs - "Oh a six foot sheet cake" I try to laugh it off, but in my heart I know I watch too much Food Network.
4) Went to Hobby Lobby and bought a pattern to make drapes. It cost me $1. It's called "Curtains for dummies". I swear I had to read it several times before I figured out that I did not need a pattern for the type of drapes I am making, just instructions. For crying out loud!
5) Put an ad on Craigslist for the Home Based Business show.

Labor Day Monday

Grace in Small Things

1) Got a smoking new hair cut. By a stylist named Mary
2) Interesting ad in the help wanted section of the Newspaper made me dust off the resume and begin adding my new skill set
3) Watching tv later in the day ran across "Pickers" and they were in West KY! ANd wouldn't you know it, one of the guys they visited had NO TEETH!! Why do they always do that to us Kentuckians? Perpetuate the stereotype.
4) Found some great John Prine songs on the You Tube. And discovered that he co-wrote one of my all time favorite karaoke and Country Western songs "You never even called me by my name..." Actually it's "Darling, Darling", I John Prine rocks. I've often wondered why he never really made it to the big time. Or maybe he has.
5) Labor day marks the end of summer for most, but not for me! End of summer is when I attend the St James Art Festival and realize its autumn - then summer is over. And by it being Labor Day I realize the St. James Art affair is just around the corner. I need to save some money!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Folks I'm feeling it!
September 5th
Grace in Small Things

1) No humidity and a beautiful glorious day.
2) Cooking in my crummy kitchen and loving it!
3) Began reading Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. It's a somber read that may take me while to finish.
4) It was a brilliant evening and when I looked up into the black night to marvel at the stars there was THE MILKY WAY!
5) Kicking back with Joe all afternoon

September 4

Grace in Small Things

1) Am Manager on Duty at Mall and very tired. Worked at the Bucket until 1145pm the night before and then back at Bucket at 8am. So I took a nap on the floor at the office. It was great!
2) The usual crowd of hooligans and misguided youths were kind to us this Saturday night. We were able to herd them out without incident.
3) Joe came to Mall and we went shopping. He got a pair of Levi's and shorts for under $20! Amazing.
4) Decided I am going to make draperies for the living room and look at material. Feeling very domestic which I am not. I actually am tired of the old blanket hung over the front windows. We live like college students.
5) Have a hoard of magazines to read. Time, Martha Stewart, Nashville Parents, Cooking Club, bon Appetit.

279 of 365

Grace in Small Things
September 3 rd

1) On my 30 minute lunch break I made it to Wendy's, the Bank and the Post office!
2) Have been alerted to an on-line auction in Louisville - oh man, how I love these things.
3) Found the perfect bracelet (I'm into bracelet's these days)
4) Fell when I placed my foot in an unmarked hole in front of the sidewalk (lol) did not get hurt.
5) By falling I made a trip down memory lane remembering all my most famous falls - in particular the fall into traffic in front of the Newport on the Levee as we were getting ready to run across the six lanes of traffic to reach the Southgate House (a great tavern with live music). Joe picking me up and saying "Walk it off, walk it off" .....

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Thursday September 2

Grace in Small Things

1) Have a huge amount of work at Mall that keeps me busy and happy.
2) At the light entering the city I am next to a bus of kids. The laughing and just major kid noise was infectious.
3) Once again HBTN leaves Biscuit Bucket early. She is sick and thinks she may have scarlet fever - OMG, she cracks me up.
4) Received a snail mail letter from my Mom which had some unused old stamps from the1970's and 80's (she has been feeding me these wonderful little works of art for a year now) and a letter, dated 1968, from my 8th grade teacher (Sister Angela Marie) who was stationed in a little old town in Eastern Kentucky. She wrote glowing things about me. Saying I was astonished is an understatement. We (as a collective group of unruly thirteen year old kids) put this poor women through hell. She had a "break down" before the year ended and Horrors of Horrors, my Mother came to take her place and finish out our school year. Good Old Mom. What a shining sparkly jewel among a box of rocks. (I have no idea what I mean by that, it just flowed from my fingers.)
5) Pay day. I might use this as a grace over and over, but it makes it all worth it in the end. - Paid off the couch (on lay-a-way). Now, just how to get it home. Hate to pay the deliver charge - but Oh well.


Grace in Small Things
Wednesday September 1

1)Moved to my office from the front reception area
2) Found the purple earring I lost in March under the desk (I knew I would, I'm a miracle person)
3) I was Number 1 in sales at Biscuit Bucket -(hmmm, let's think about this, our store is in the top twenty in the country....hmmmmm)- for the thrid time in four weeks.
4) Heather-Be-Thy-Name leave the Bucket early. woo-hoo
5) Received a low balance credit card from Amazon. I signed up for the card when I thought I would replace the busted lens on my camera before I realized I had ordered the wrong lens! Thank God they allowed me to cancel the order. But I still got the credit card ($30 off first purchase) and since I am off credit cards because my balances are toooooooo high and I am paying them off, having a credit card is a God send for those small purchases. Have I written about my debit card being breached?y scary. Access to my bank account is no laughing matter. I will never use my debit card on line ever again. I was lucky to catch it the day of and raise hell! Like I said, I am a miracle person.



Grace in Small Things
Tuesday August 31

1) The movie "Signs" on tv - it was good (again)
2) Three days off from Biscuit Bucket - I needed the break
3) Was at the bank and it has this tiny parking lot. I began to back out and as I put the car in gear to go forward I noticed a car behind me had back out too and was pulling off. How we managed not to crash into each other was a miracle. Do I believe in coincidences? No, I'm a miracle kind of person.
4) Was scheduled to work at Biscuit Bucket and manager at the Mall for the same evening. The Security Chief said he would gladly work Friday night for me. Woo-hoo.
5) Got anew battery in my beloved knock-off watch.


Grace in Small Things
August 30th

1) Mrs Long Suffering returns to the office.
2) Mad Dog I is out for two days so I am in charge! Put out all the current marketing stuff in mall - I love it.
3) The phone is ringing off the hook regarding our home bases business show.
4) I wrote down as a "grace" shopping - but five days later I have no idea where I went shopping and for what!!! So, just suffice it to say, I love shopping.
5) Message from my brother about new carpet at our home in Indiana. I have mixed emotions about spending a small fortune on it, but what can I do? Someday we will return and it's tax deductable at this point.

As the Crow Flies

August something (lol)
Grace in Small (and big) Things

1) Candi made it and accompanies me to the Marina Bar & Grill
2) Meet a good portion of the old gang from college and one who just flew in from LA and did not make it to the Animal House reunion in July.
3) It was raining that morning and all the trip to the Dock, but it was a brilliant day anyway. The rain was misty and cool.
4) I busted my very expensive camera lens. It decides when it wants to auto focus and when it does not. Bummer. Got on line and contacted Nikon and I will be able to mail it in for then to fix - I hope. It will cost a small fortune to replace.
5) My pictures taken at the Dock with the "other lens" (mama mia!) came out OK. But talk about "in your face" -

Fabulous Day

Two Hundred and Seventy Three

of three hundred and sixty five
Grace in Small Things
August 28

1) Got to sleep late as no where to go no where to be
2) Went to Goodwill - found a wonderful copy of Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee - the 20 year anniversary edition. I remember reading it in oh, 1970ish, a thick paperback that was being passed around. I miss reading. The last book I read was Once A Runner in June. I need to make time to read. Maybe stop watching mindless Trailer Park Boy episodes (I admit, some of them I watch over and over) and read one half hour daily.
3) Went to the Farmers Market and bought some lovely yellow squash and inquired about The Honey Man - he would be there Tuesday. Oh well, the honey I bought at the produce stand tastes bitter and sort of metallic. A guy told me the bees got into some wildflowers or something - honey is hard to swallow (lol)
4) Went to This Old Place antique place in a old warehouse place. Found a piggy cookie jar (it oinks when you open the lid) for $5.00 and a duck piggy bank for $2.00.
5) Made a killer banana bread from the Farmhouse Cook book. Every recipe I have tried from this collection has been spectacular and the nutmeg dark bread was a winner winner.


Grace in Small Things
August 27th

1) Had the Boat Show and they arrived in an orderly fashion
2) Received an e-mail that stated that I would have two brand new car seats donated for my Baby Show! woo-hoo
3) I looked up from my desk and my friend Candi from the Bucket walked in to visait me!
4) Talked her into going to the Marina Bar with me this coming Sunday
5) Received an e-mail from a long lost pal


Grace in Small Things
Aug 26, 2010

1) Worked at Biscuit Bucket with the C-Lily. It's important who I end up working with there as it can make a night go by quickly or in excruciating pain. Ms. C-Lily is definitely the latter.
2) Went to Wendy's for lunch. A decedent treat.
3) Getting home from the Bucket and watching the Trailer Park Boys which I had taped on the dvr. Oh yes, and the cocktail..
4) Thank God for ATM machines
5) Friday is almost here.