Saturday, September 04, 2010

Two Hundred and Seventy Three

of three hundred and sixty five
Grace in Small Things
August 28

1) Got to sleep late as no where to go no where to be
2) Went to Goodwill - found a wonderful copy of Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee - the 20 year anniversary edition. I remember reading it in oh, 1970ish, a thick paperback that was being passed around. I miss reading. The last book I read was Once A Runner in June. I need to make time to read. Maybe stop watching mindless Trailer Park Boy episodes (I admit, some of them I watch over and over) and read one half hour daily.
3) Went to the Farmers Market and bought some lovely yellow squash and inquired about The Honey Man - he would be there Tuesday. Oh well, the honey I bought at the produce stand tastes bitter and sort of metallic. A guy told me the bees got into some wildflowers or something - honey is hard to swallow (lol)
4) Went to This Old Place antique place in a old warehouse place. Found a piggy cookie jar (it oinks when you open the lid) for $5.00 and a duck piggy bank for $2.00.
5) Made a killer banana bread from the Farmhouse Cook book. Every recipe I have tried from this collection has been spectacular and the nutmeg dark bread was a winner winner.

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