Friday, September 17, 2010

Labor Day Monday

Grace in Small Things

1) Got a smoking new hair cut. By a stylist named Mary
2) Interesting ad in the help wanted section of the Newspaper made me dust off the resume and begin adding my new skill set
3) Watching tv later in the day ran across "Pickers" and they were in West KY! ANd wouldn't you know it, one of the guys they visited had NO TEETH!! Why do they always do that to us Kentuckians? Perpetuate the stereotype.
4) Found some great John Prine songs on the You Tube. And discovered that he co-wrote one of my all time favorite karaoke and Country Western songs "You never even called me by my name..." Actually it's "Darling, Darling", I John Prine rocks. I've often wondered why he never really made it to the big time. Or maybe he has.
5) Labor day marks the end of summer for most, but not for me! End of summer is when I attend the St James Art Festival and realize its autumn - then summer is over. And by it being Labor Day I realize the St. James Art affair is just around the corner. I need to save some money!

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