Friday, September 17, 2010

Anyone seen 284?

out of 365

You know what this is

1) Biscuit Bucket is carrying Turkish Taffy! Banana flavor. I have not had it since I was a kid. It was ....well, it tasted like a summer afternoon sitting on Giles Grocery Store's warm concrete steps circa 1960's.
2) Mrs. Long Suffering is informed that she will receive the life insurance policy she had before she retired on her husband, who passed away three weeks after she retired. There is a 30 day grace period. We all jumped up and down for her.
3) The mafia boss is in town and gave me a written multiple choice test - I only missed three. Lol. I did guess a lot.
4) Finished up the coupon promotion I was under the gun to get completed!
5) I have four days off from the Mall starting at 5pm!

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