Saturday, September 04, 2010


Grace in Small Things
Wednesday September 1

1)Moved to my office from the front reception area
2) Found the purple earring I lost in March under the desk (I knew I would, I'm a miracle person)
3) I was Number 1 in sales at Biscuit Bucket -(hmmm, let's think about this, our store is in the top twenty in the country....hmmmmm)- for the thrid time in four weeks.
4) Heather-Be-Thy-Name leave the Bucket early. woo-hoo
5) Received a low balance credit card from Amazon. I signed up for the card when I thought I would replace the busted lens on my camera before I realized I had ordered the wrong lens! Thank God they allowed me to cancel the order. But I still got the credit card ($30 off first purchase) and since I am off credit cards because my balances are toooooooo high and I am paying them off, having a credit card is a God send for those small purchases. Have I written about my debit card being breached?y scary. Access to my bank account is no laughing matter. I will never use my debit card on line ever again. I was lucky to catch it the day of and raise hell! Like I said, I am a miracle person.

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