Saturday, September 04, 2010

As the Crow Flies

August something (lol)
Grace in Small (and big) Things

1) Candi made it and accompanies me to the Marina Bar & Grill
2) Meet a good portion of the old gang from college and one who just flew in from LA and did not make it to the Animal House reunion in July.
3) It was raining that morning and all the trip to the Dock, but it was a brilliant day anyway. The rain was misty and cool.
4) I busted my very expensive camera lens. It decides when it wants to auto focus and when it does not. Bummer. Got on line and contacted Nikon and I will be able to mail it in for then to fix - I hope. It will cost a small fortune to replace.
5) My pictures taken at the Dock with the "other lens" (mama mia!) came out OK. But talk about "in your face" -

Fabulous Day

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