Friday, May 28, 2010

May 23


MAY 23, 2010
Grace in Small Things

1) Ron is still hilarious. Commenting on one of our inabilities to hold our liquor "Yea I remember. Hit him in the ass with a concord grape and he was drunk"

2) John spun tales of events and happenings that I failed to remember but with his magical retelling it seemed like yesterday. The Hairy Buffalo parties. Everyone was required to bring a bottle of alcohol, no beer allowed, and pour it into the base of grape juice, brown sugar and sherbet all stirred up into a bubbling mess in a huge plastic garbage can.( "We tried to have a new one on hand" Ron explained to Joe). How we all had to take the first drink out of the passed around toilet plunger, much like a chalice ("We always tried to have a new one on hand" Ron explained to Joe.) Finding a baseball glove at the bottom of the proverbial barrel.

3) The greatest story of them all was about IJK Jr. He holed up in the frat house for a whole week not going to classes. Then he went around and told all his professors that cattle rustlers attacked his parents ranch and shot his father "Right next to the heart" and being the eldest son, he had to go home and run the family business.

4) Joe indulging me.

5) It helped that we were on a beautiful boat dock marina.

May 22

Number 175
Saturday May 22
Grace in Small Things

1) Senior Fair with Fashion Show - once again a great event.
2) Cleaned the kitchen and it is sparkling!
3) Great pictures from event.
4) Off to second job at Biscuit Bucket and when I left at 8pm I could have been walking on air.
5) New hair dye - very dark and sort of scary looking, but no one mentioned it so it must just be me.


Grace in Small Things
May 21

1) Was going out to run an errand and Chris (Maint Super) calls out to me, "Be careful going out into the rain. Sugar melts". It was just so cute.
2) Once again dug a salad out of the refrig at work from days earlier and it was still good!
3) While running my errand I noticed that my new bank has a location at Walmart. Hurray! Did not have to fight the traffic and drive down Wilma Rudolph on Friday afternoon (the main drag).
4) Dreamed I owned a restaurant and woke up with a really peaceful feeling.
5) Out of the Blue having the realization that I am so happy!


Grace in Small Things
May 20th

1) Made a bunch of phone call to the merchants to accumulate feed back regarding the huge celebrity event we had on the 1st day of the historic flood. It was a great connection. Got a lot of good feed back.
2) The box of Snicker doodles from Biscuit Bucket.
3) Found my jewelry repair kit in garage without too much difficulty. Was able to repair one of my fav pair of earrings.
4) Found my J. Peterman jacket in the closet, hidden and smashed between the winter coats.
5) Pick up Paycheck from Biscuit Bucket and it is bigger than I expected! So I bought that flimsy cute blouse I've had my eye one for awhile and got it for 70% off plus my discount. Didn't realize it was so marked down! A very pleasant surprise.

Day 172

Wednesday May 19th
Grace in Samll Things

1) Found lost stamps (under credenza)
2) Prop Mgr making fun of my diploma in a condescending manner piggy backed on the fact that I could not figure out where this horrible high whining sound was coming from. We got into a little one upping regarding his Marketing/Communication degree and my BSBA from the UofL Business School. He was talking about "non-traditional" students in his "only math class" which made me spout off about my endless amount of math classes attached to the BS. Then Ms. Ice Queen came out and we discussed Statistical Analysis. He left the room, probably to fondle his MSU diploma behind closed doors (I'm telling you working two jobs is turning me into a bitch).
3) Went into Biscuit Bucket and Heather-Be-Thy-Name did not read my note before making out the schedule, but I did not have a melt down, I just accepted that things would work out. And hallelujah I am off Sunday! Paris Landing here I come.
4) Oh yea, I am connecting thru FB a lot of my MSU pals from 30 - 35 years ago. A get together is being planned for this coming Sunday at a bar at a marina in Paris Landing that one of the Brothers manages. Fun. Sweet. I'm so there now.
5) Joe came home.

Day 171

Tuesday May 18th
Grace in Small Things

1) Made chicken-n-dumplings. Was going to make chicken pot pie, but got too hungry and changed course (haha)
2) Off and Home Alone. How delicious and decedent.
3) Mafia arrived from Ohio and got hugs from little Morticia.
4) Chicken salad sandwiches from chic-fil-la-la . Oh Momma.
5) Sat in car and had no obligations, no place to go, no one waiting for me. What does one do? One goes shopping! (found nothing)(looking for shoes).

Day 170

May 17th, Monday
Grace in Small Things

1) Honeysuckle
2) Biscuit Bucket with Candi (maybe I say this too often but most the time it is the only thing that gets me through the 14 hour days).
3) Joe in Louisville taking care of house - felt nice to be home alone. Mess that is is the mess I make sort of mentality.
4) Completed some tasks at the Mall that I usually just "assist" with
5) Milk shakes!

May 16th

Day 169/365
Grace in Small Things

1) Road trip to Ver. to see Mom and by bro home from NYC.

2) Joe and I had a good Bill Maher discussion regarding his atheism.

3) All my siblings together in one room!! Great dinner.

4) Apple fritter from this small little place in Russellville. OMG - Joe told me they had cherry fritters and they did not, but the apple fritter was the best I ever had.

5) Last of Survivor. Kind of glad Russell did not win (again) because he rules by being a bully. Kind of glad Sandra won, but my heart was for either Colby or Jeri to win (one of the hero's). That Paveroti chick was good too. Hey! Anybody but Russell, I was happy.

Day 168

Saturday May 15th
Grace in Small Things

1) I was ambivalent about the Most Beautiful Baby contest but ended up having a blast!
2) I was a judge for the contest (lord help me) and I amused myself and the vote
counter with my notes. One of the babies, in the 2-3 year old range, looked just like Cartman, from Southpark! I added new categories for the judging like "best hair" and "Best throw up'. As I said, it was a blast.
3) When one of the participants Mothers verbally attacked Ms. Ice Queen about the age brackets and the over all event and was told "YOU SUCK" at that moment I thanked God she got the job and not me.
4) Made up the gift baskets for the prizes and I must say I need to add that to my list of duties as a Mkt. Asst., they looked divine.
5) Joe got mad at me, can't for the life of me remember why (oh yea, I am not much of a morning person and get out of my way when I am running late and don't ask me to do easy stuff for later like mail a triple A card to a 15 year old and bait me into a fight) and took off - maybe forever. But, he called a little bit later and was coming home. Asked if we still had the same old cats.

Day 167

Grace in Small Things
May 14th, 2010 Friday

1) Was called to the door with a fierce pounding. It was the kid next door, "Your Three Legged Cat is being chased by a dog!" I ran outside and found a group of school ready kids surrounding the mini van and TLC hunkered under it,hissing and terrified. The next door lady (the skinny smoker who is/was unfriendly) holding the yapping small black and brown dog who was happily trying to get back down and play with the cat. "He tried to climb the tree, but couldn't lake it b/c of his tree legs! The dog had a mouthful of fur!" I dragged TLC out from under the running vehicle and rushed him into the house where I did a quick once over. No wounds, just where he had been gummed. Now we are all friends, except the cat and the wayward dog.

2) Left the Mall early to go to Biscuit Bucket. I am weary of the Mall this week.

3) Found some old protein bars one of our merchants gave us for swag bags. I am craving protein these days. It was dinner.

4) For the first time ever I brought in my diploma and hung it in my office, the one I never get to use. My diploma is a monster. I think UofL wanted their sheepskins to be twice the size of UK's. It looks so cool in there. While at the Beverage Co. I had a cubicle and not walls per se. In Ft. Wayne I shared a box with the three guys, so no available wall space. I just remembered that my "wall" was the huge window. Jeez.

5) Decided to skip the Farmers Market venture and sleep in on Sat. morning. A huge relief.

Day 166

May 13, 2010
Grace in Small Things
166/365 days

1) Anniversary - 6 years! (is that possible?)
2) Love Survivor and love watching the show. So sad that it is going to end soon
3) Had a pizza party with our Fashion Advisory Board teenagers with pizza from Chicago Pizza which I had to solicit (successfully)
4) Got the secret recipe for the lemonade at Suzy's.
5) Asked to write down everything I do at work as the asst. Got really upset that she slashed through everything and commented, "That comes under assist". I am a vindictive bitch when my feelings are hurt. I am such a good business writer and she is not. It is one of her glaring faults. While a student at UofL the Business Dept. pounded writing in every class. So I know a few tricks - it might not be tricks, it's just a method. She has never been taught a method of presenting ideas in a concise informative way. When she slashed through my "write business letters" and said, "that's under assist Mkt. Director" I decided right then and there to never rearrange her ill thought out mumbo jumbo of attempted communication. I'm just going to check her spelling. I am a mean vindictive bitch. But when I signed on I knew I was going to have my idea's taken and presented as her own - it's just part of the way things are. What good came out of this? I guess that I realize my strengths are many and varied and I have to accept my limitations/weaknesses - I am fairly unambitious. (and can't spell worth a damn).

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 165

May 12th
Grace in Small Things

1) Woke up in Louisville - first day off in approx. 31 days
2) Went to Douglas Loop and into the Breadworks and bought a walnut-cranberry scone with a cup of java.
3) Became a consumer for the day beginning with the Fresh Market and a bag of sweet & salty mix - (yummy, need to make at home, but why does it taste so good when someone else does it?), on to Rainbow Health Food.......
4) Pick up my daughter, spend the day with her (shopping)
5) Lunch at Wicks, only the best pizza ever!

Day 164

Grace in Small Things
May 11

1) Jumped in car after work and headed to Louisville
2) The lit up sky line is beautiful from any direction. Love those spot lights on the church cathedrals.
3) Especially love Bardstown Rd. at night. Such a vibrant neighborhood.
4) The Woodford Hotel.
5) Home

Day 163

May 10th Monday

1) Those cheesy melt in your mouth biscuits from Red Lobster
2) The salad I left in the refrig over w/e is still good
3) Got a shipment of Shea Butter in the mall.
4) painted pink toe nails
5) ability to play on Face Book at work

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Day 162
May 9th
Mothers Day - Sunday

1) Visit to the new track at a local elementary with Joe. Realized that I spend very little time of doors anymore! It was beautiful.

2) Received some nice Mothers Day calls from daughter and step son.

3) After making Mothers Day Pancakes - Joe washed my car

4) Went shopping at my favorite store ALDI.

5) Amazing Race finale and the only team I did not want to win won. But still, great show, great season.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 161

Saturday May 8
Grace in Small Things

1) My Mother's Day event!! Had that feeling so I went in much earlier than required and found that incorrect information had been given to maintenance staff regarding the set up for the event. "No! It's not today", they were told by their fearless and clueless leader, "Mother's Day is Sunday". (he is smoking crack. We never have an event on Sunday!). So I arrived in time to help throw up the stage and the pipe and drape, assemble the tables and was just finishing when the radio station showed up. Whew, thank God for having that funny feeling.

2) But before that, I was at Biscuit Bucket once again working a rare morning shift and there was this good looking guy across the room waving at me and I thought, "Who is that good looking guy?" and it was Joe. I need glasses.

3) Heather Be Thy Name is on vaca and they send some green just hired in March straight from Pier One as a roaming manager waiting for someone to get the ax then she will acquire her own store to supervise us over the crazy Mothers Day week-end. Us...three of us with lots and lots of Biscuit Bucket experience especially under the reign of the tyrant AKA Queen of the Damned. In other words, get out of the way bitch. She told me she wanted me to stand at the entrance to the restaurant and re-greet guests as they finished their meal and headed to the cash register to pay. I told her that was non-productive and that I would do what I did best which is to roam around the area and talk to the guests looking at the merchandise. She actually talked one of us into doing it the next day! She was doing it all by the book. She was a sweet kid, but once again, get out of the way! Did not get fired for insubordination.

4) While assuming my duties as MOD at the Mall, all was quiet until around 930 (one half hour before close it down time!)when a kid who had just received his motorcycle licence had a wreck in the back parking lot. He was hurt, but not that badly. Road burn and pretty shaken up. Bike a mess. No insurance.

5) The Mother's Day program went without a hitch and the show was FUN! All that work, coming up with the idea, collecting all the prizes, orchestrating the event - it was so cool. And over in a flash!

Day 160

Friday May 7
Grace in Small Things

1) First Manager on Duty week-end. Was able to work at Biscuit Bucket in morning. Been a long time since working with the morning crew. It was like old times.

2) Able to go home and change before heading to Mall. Joe's right! There is nothing at home to eat (when was the last time I shopped at Aldi?) so I rustled up a coupon for Dairy Queen and it was Chicken Tender Basket for lunch.

3) Gave Mrs. Long Suffering her birthday gift of the Rooster scrub ceramic thingie from Biscuit Bucket she once mentioned that she liked (see how listening can really pay off?). She said she loved it, I was warned not to get her any Rooster stuff because the whole world has gone crazy over the years bestowing her with everything rooster under the sun.

4) The office was ever so quiet after five. I stretched out in my back office (the one I am never in) and read.

5)The head of security, Barney Fife , was kind enough to stick around Friday night to settle me in. The "gangs" of Middle Tenn. hang out at the Mall and sometimes it can be quite an ordeal getting these kids out the door and on their way home. But, the night was uneventful in that sense. But it was fun to see Barney approach a bunch of teenagers and see them scatter like cockroaches. Barney and I bonded in a way (I think he is a pig headed non-bending ass at times). We talked about our own teenage years and how we drove around in cars, riding from one end of town to the other. He knocked off at a Drive-In Restaurant (the grandfather of Sonic) and they hung out until the police told them to go home. I, on the other hand, drove around town with the rest of the kids looking for someone to go buy us Schoenling Little Kings at the liquor store, then we would head out to the back roads and guzzle down our cream ale before it got hot and heave the little green bottle at the back country road signs then head back into town where we would cruise from the Dairy Queen on the west end of town to the Convenient store on the other end of town. Loop around the island infront of the elementary school and back up Main Street. Every body did it - everybody did it. Now I look at these kids hanging at the Mall and kind of feel sorry for them.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 159

May 6th
Grace in Small Things

1) Crispy Cremes for Mrs. Long Sufferings Birthday

2) Found and mailed the perfect Mother's Day card for Mom. Many years ago, too many to even count, my Mother thought she would save money by cutting the boy's hair herself. Now this was in the late '50's and hair cutting was pretty much just flat top's. The oldest came out really well. Mom felt cocky when she began on Bro #2. Oops. He ended up with a shaved head and a little bowl of hair on top. The reason why it is so memorable is because she was cleaning them up for the professional family photographs that were scheduled. Her hair styling abilities captured for future generations on those photographs. Anyway, the card I found was MOM carved out of the back of some poor kids head of hair and the saying "MOM is WOW" upside down.

3) Kate Spade sunglasses. Found them after loosing them for several weeks.

4) My Sirius still works!

5) Finding the name of one of my favorite movies whose name I can never remember. Only saw the movie once, but thought it was so romantic. The Anonymous Venetian. For the longest time I thought it was The Venetian Composer and could never find the movie listed anywhere! It's listed on E-Bay for several hundred dollars. No DVD. Now I know.

I'm Back

DAY 158
Grace in Small Things
May 5th

1) My glasses fell into the toilet at work. I could not believe it! Learned a valuable lesson, do not hang your glasses on your neck then lean over the bowl to flush. Rejoice that they were $1 glasses from Dollar Tree.

2) Getting out of car that same day earlier in the morning, had a mega cup of coffee in my old Coca Cola 24 oz. hard red plastic tumbler and spilled it all down the front of my white blouse! Holy cow!Good thing was the coffee was not real hot and that I had an extra shirt with me. God knows why, no God does know why.

3) Mrs. Long Suffering and I had a long talk about her ill husband. After she finished telling me her tale of woe she said, "I don't know why I am telling you all this! Maybe because when people ask how things are going and I begin to tell them and I see their faces glass over as they try to pretend to listen and care. But you do listen and you do care." Ah, that was so sweet. I know one thing, I am a good listener most the time. I do care and I am interested. Joe would disagree about my listening abilities thought. But then again, wouldn't most husbands?

4) All set up to run the show on Saturday, the Mothers Day event. It's my baby and I am ready.

5) I work in a woman's world at the Bisquit Bucket. We now have a token male who is a restaurant manager. I realized that he is actually gorgeous! What fabulous blue eyes. It was pretty nice because I mentioned it in my notebook for GiST's "Chad has really really blue eyes!"

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Milk Shake Wars

Just got a milk shake from Mr. Property Manager - it was vanilla with whipped cream and a cherry.

Day 157

may 4th
Grace in Small things

1) Made little cinnamon toast I found on Orangette. Delish.

2) Went to bank to make credit card payment and their computers were down. Was able to crawl across town (still terribly re-routed and flooded) to another branch. Felt lucky there was second branch b/c bill due that day!

3) Lost my brand spanking new bank card activated that day. Found out I had left it in the ATM. I'm an idiot.

4) Woke up at 5am and went to Walmart. Hurray! Walmart open after the mandatory curfew of last night. The cats had no kitty food.

5) Given the green light to sell the Peter posters on Craigslist. Had my first buyer already!

Day 156

Grace in Small Things
May 3rd, Monday

1) All girls in office. Token male absent. Let the party begin.

2) C-ville is under water. We are approx.5 miles away from downtown, the worst hit area. The Mall is dry despite rumors to the contrary.

3) The Milkshake joke. Goes like this. I went out Friday and bought myself and Mrs. Long Suffering milkshakes. They are buy one get one at Steak and Shake. Somehow the idea got out I was going to bring back a surprise for everyone! I felt like a Dog. A cheapskate Dog at that. Later on Mr.Property Manager goes out and comes in with a milkshake and gives it to Mrs. Long Suffering, "For you, you have had a long bad week", he begins to walk down the hallway turns and grins at me, "Oh Mary, did you want too? Too bad!" and walks off. Very funny. Maybe you had to be here, but it was hilarious.

4) The Ice Queen very happy about the success of the week-end event. Kudos's given to her by the Mafia Boss.

5) Biscuit Bucket closed early due to flood. Hurray!

Day 155

Sunday May 2nd
Grace in Samll Things

1) Drove to this God Forsaken place with Joe to check on Rail Road crossings in the pouring torrential rain fall. Just being with Joe and both of us chuckling about the Hurricane Wilma was nice.

2)On the way, b/c I was not driving, I was able to check out the area we were passing and scoped out an old timey Hardware store with rockers on the front and plants for sale, a Catfish House and a nursery.

3) Slept until 9am. Wow, I needed it. Re charge the batteries.

4) A little Mexican food trailer set up o/s the gas station in Tiny Town and lo and behold, a woman is running it. I have a firm belief that if a woman is cooking and running the joint, it's going to be cleaner and healthier for you. Raining too hard to stop but still, a line of people huddled under the roof lip of the trailer waiting. Must be good.

5) Porch sale at Biscuit Bucket and I so good.

Day 154

Saturday May 1st
GiST May Day Style

1) Derby Day! And I had to work at the Mall b/c we had a big celebrity autograph signing event. Yet, I left at 5pm (central time) and made a straight dart for home. Oh no!! The rain had been coming down in buckets all day (and morning, perhaps you have seen the mess in Nashville? over 7 inches of rainfall in one day? Well, Clarksville got the same!) First barrier, the wreck to get on I-24. I was able to skirt around it by just moving over to the shoulder (come on people!! anyone ever traveled I-64!!????)(satisfaction of seeing many others follow my example....geez). Then things slowed again o/s tiny town! A tree down in the road. My God, let's get out of the car and drag it out of the way! There is a Derby to watch! They are saddling up! Made it home just in time to grab a Mint Julep and plop down in front of the tv to see them round the first turn!

2) Had fun working the crown at event. I sold the tickets and was joking with the fans. It was neat-o.

3) Got a fabulous hair cut.

4) Love the Aussie stuff that makes your hair stand on end and stay there.

5) Shared the ticket table with the Mkt. Mgr. from another city. She was not a conversationalist. And I was looking forward to speaking with her as we started our positions around the same time. She responded to my queries with short one syllable answers. My God! She texted the entire time we had a break in our action and then would just stare into the distance. I was so disappointed, as I love to listen to people talk about themselves. Very unusual. The grace in it all was that I had my Bon Appetite magazine handy. Always prepared. I was a Girl Scout.

6) Added bonus GiST's - my Girl Scout training (lol).

Day 153

Grace in small things
April 30th

1) Joe home early from tip to MS. Thought he was staying until Sunday, but he cancelled and came home.

2) Thinking Joe was not coming home, picked up a Pizza from Papa Murphy's - a stuffed crust pizza. Those things weigh a ton and taste like a million. Joe thinks they are toooooooooooo fattening (they are).

3) Began reading a new book since I had to return the book I was reading to the library and could not renew because 4 people have requested it (The Girl with the Golden Tatoo...?) (I just read 'em) and it is an English book (sometimes I hate the British way of life, it's so.......British) about two women facing financial difficulties and they begin to produce a heath product. Kind of hit close to home and as soon as I finish catching up on my GiST I'm going to read a little of it.

4) After eating all that great and carbo overload and artery clogging pizza, I fell asleep at 9pm. So much for raising the roof in Joe's absence.

5) Wide awake at 2am! Cleaned kitchen and vacuumed cleaned kitty liter box, cleaned bathroom. Ahhhh...insomnia, you gotta love it.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

15 minutes to Hang

Had my eval with Heather Be Thy Name last week and it would appear I am destined to be a Biscuit Bucket Flunky. She was not mean in any way, not snide nor did she really criticize me, so it was only when I saw my total score, slept on it and returned the next day when it sunk in.

I flunked! I'm a Biscuit Bucket Flunky.

"You sales number are off", she stated almost in a sympathetic tone, "and Amy asked me what was going on with you and I told her I honestly didn't know. Sometimes I am in the store and you don't realize it until I leave. I stood outside and watched you once. I think you may be tired from working two jobs. But, lately your numbers have improved! You are back in the top two!"

I am thinking, "I'm working nights and closing for God's sake you crazy bitch."

Out loud I did say, "That's because you have had me on the schedule to work Sat and Sun afternoons recently".

Then there was a whole litany of thing I am not doing.....

A flunky, just a flunky. She asked me what I would score myself and I know she speaks the truth, that at times I do not feel like "chatting up" those milling about the store. Once I told her I could read people and she told me I was wrong 90% of the time. I chuckled inside about that because she is such a non-people person, she is a Me Me Me Me person. Any conversation, any statement always makes it way right back to her.

"Heather (Be Thy Name) I have been offered a position at the Mall and I am going to take it. It begins on the 18th and I would like to work part time here. If we could work around the schedule at the Mall."

"Yes, yes. I knew you would find something more suitable to your back ground in time. I was once offered to manager a Mall. But I decided against it....let me know your hours and we will work around it."

She does it to the college kids who desperately need affirmation and encouragement. If one makes the Dean List, Heather Be Thy Name makes sure they know she was on the Deans List for 20 years, because that is how long she went to school to get her 25 degrees.

Anyway, she pissed me off and I am keeping a diary of my work day at Biscuit Bucket, my sales and my executed duties and how well I boss around Candy and maybe Miss Wilma. Miss Wilma is nice enough to let me coach her in the finer art of placing a package of salt water taffy on the top row of the food wall.

Candy will let me instruct her to turn off the lights and for God's Sake, turn down that infernal CD player. Yuck.

It interferes with the sound track of Pleasing People Music. You know the one, it pounds out Zac Brown and George Jones and Dolly.

Day 152

Grace in small things
Thursday April 29th

1) Well, Well Well, Jimmy V. shows up at the Mall a.k.a. The Boyfriend, our mob boss from Ohio (doesn't that sound funny).

2) The day before we were going over the account payables and I had not updated and printed the payments for several months, just putting them in by hand. I had made a project to get it accomplished and Thank God, the Mob boss asked to see it. Ms. Ice Queen came out and asked for it (Remember this was a surprise visit) with a scowl on her face anticipating what she was going to see - I was so proud of myself for being so Proactive. (hahahahah)

3) While I was fixing the payables book I had taken out the three hole punch to assemble the pages. I remembered at The Beverage company this particular employee always kept the # hole punch at this desk for safe keeping and every time I used it I ended up scattering the debris all over his desk. It became my signature to him to let him know. Kinw I had been there. I took all those little pieces and folded them up in an envelope and mailed it to him at work addressed "personal and confidential". I hope he finds it as hilarious as I do.

4) Had my Personal Assessment or Eval as Biscuit Bucket calls it (it was awaful, but more on that later) and it was fast and furious and I went home.

5) Payday on both fronts. Yay.

Day 151

Grace in Small Things
April 28th Wednesday

1) Working with my two favorite people at Cracker Barrel, Wilma & Candy.

2) Making a bid in Price-line with the Negotiator and getting a deal.

3) Being able to record a comedy on the DVD and knowing it will be there when I get home.

4) Joe buying a bag of those three color sugar cookies and sharing them with me. Reminds me of Dad,as these were his favorite cookies (hi Dad!).

5) Mom made joke about her "formication" problem. Supposedly a condition that accompanies aging. Dear lord.