Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Day 155

Sunday May 2nd
Grace in Samll Things

1) Drove to this God Forsaken place with Joe to check on Rail Road crossings in the pouring torrential rain fall. Just being with Joe and both of us chuckling about the Hurricane Wilma was nice.

2)On the way, b/c I was not driving, I was able to check out the area we were passing and scoped out an old timey Hardware store with rockers on the front and plants for sale, a Catfish House and a nursery.

3) Slept until 9am. Wow, I needed it. Re charge the batteries.

4) A little Mexican food trailer set up o/s the gas station in Tiny Town and lo and behold, a woman is running it. I have a firm belief that if a woman is cooking and running the joint, it's going to be cleaner and healthier for you. Raining too hard to stop but still, a line of people huddled under the roof lip of the trailer waiting. Must be good.

5) Porch sale at Biscuit Bucket and I so good.

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