Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 159

May 6th
Grace in Small Things

1) Crispy Cremes for Mrs. Long Sufferings Birthday

2) Found and mailed the perfect Mother's Day card for Mom. Many years ago, too many to even count, my Mother thought she would save money by cutting the boy's hair herself. Now this was in the late '50's and hair cutting was pretty much just flat top's. The oldest came out really well. Mom felt cocky when she began on Bro #2. Oops. He ended up with a shaved head and a little bowl of hair on top. The reason why it is so memorable is because she was cleaning them up for the professional family photographs that were scheduled. Her hair styling abilities captured for future generations on those photographs. Anyway, the card I found was MOM carved out of the back of some poor kids head of hair and the saying "MOM is WOW" upside down.

3) Kate Spade sunglasses. Found them after loosing them for several weeks.

4) My Sirius still works!

5) Finding the name of one of my favorite movies whose name I can never remember. Only saw the movie once, but thought it was so romantic. The Anonymous Venetian. For the longest time I thought it was The Venetian Composer and could never find the movie listed anywhere! It's listed on E-Bay for several hundred dollars. No DVD. Now I know.

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