Friday, May 28, 2010

May 16th

Day 169/365
Grace in Small Things

1) Road trip to Ver. to see Mom and by bro home from NYC.

2) Joe and I had a good Bill Maher discussion regarding his atheism.

3) All my siblings together in one room!! Great dinner.

4) Apple fritter from this small little place in Russellville. OMG - Joe told me they had cherry fritters and they did not, but the apple fritter was the best I ever had.

5) Last of Survivor. Kind of glad Russell did not win (again) because he rules by being a bully. Kind of glad Sandra won, but my heart was for either Colby or Jeri to win (one of the hero's). That Paveroti chick was good too. Hey! Anybody but Russell, I was happy.

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