Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 161

Saturday May 8
Grace in Small Things

1) My Mother's Day event!! Had that feeling so I went in much earlier than required and found that incorrect information had been given to maintenance staff regarding the set up for the event. "No! It's not today", they were told by their fearless and clueless leader, "Mother's Day is Sunday". (he is smoking crack. We never have an event on Sunday!). So I arrived in time to help throw up the stage and the pipe and drape, assemble the tables and was just finishing when the radio station showed up. Whew, thank God for having that funny feeling.

2) But before that, I was at Biscuit Bucket once again working a rare morning shift and there was this good looking guy across the room waving at me and I thought, "Who is that good looking guy?" and it was Joe. I need glasses.

3) Heather Be Thy Name is on vaca and they send some green just hired in March straight from Pier One as a roaming manager waiting for someone to get the ax then she will acquire her own store to supervise us over the crazy Mothers Day week-end. Us...three of us with lots and lots of Biscuit Bucket experience especially under the reign of the tyrant AKA Queen of the Damned. In other words, get out of the way bitch. She told me she wanted me to stand at the entrance to the restaurant and re-greet guests as they finished their meal and headed to the cash register to pay. I told her that was non-productive and that I would do what I did best which is to roam around the area and talk to the guests looking at the merchandise. She actually talked one of us into doing it the next day! She was doing it all by the book. She was a sweet kid, but once again, get out of the way! Did not get fired for insubordination.

4) While assuming my duties as MOD at the Mall, all was quiet until around 930 (one half hour before close it down time!)when a kid who had just received his motorcycle licence had a wreck in the back parking lot. He was hurt, but not that badly. Road burn and pretty shaken up. Bike a mess. No insurance.

5) The Mother's Day program went without a hitch and the show was FUN! All that work, coming up with the idea, collecting all the prizes, orchestrating the event - it was so cool. And over in a flash!

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Nelle said...

OH I love the good looking guy waving and it was Joe! Did he see this? :)