Friday, May 28, 2010


Grace in Small Things
May 21

1) Was going out to run an errand and Chris (Maint Super) calls out to me, "Be careful going out into the rain. Sugar melts". It was just so cute.
2) Once again dug a salad out of the refrig at work from days earlier and it was still good!
3) While running my errand I noticed that my new bank has a location at Walmart. Hurray! Did not have to fight the traffic and drive down Wilma Rudolph on Friday afternoon (the main drag).
4) Dreamed I owned a restaurant and woke up with a really peaceful feeling.
5) Out of the Blue having the realization that I am so happy!

1 comment:

Lisa :-] said...

Have to take issue with number 4 here... Owning a restaurant is anything but peaceful. LOL! ;)