Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 172

Wednesday May 19th
Grace in Samll Things

1) Found lost stamps (under credenza)
2) Prop Mgr making fun of my diploma in a condescending manner piggy backed on the fact that I could not figure out where this horrible high whining sound was coming from. We got into a little one upping regarding his Marketing/Communication degree and my BSBA from the UofL Business School. He was talking about "non-traditional" students in his "only math class" which made me spout off about my endless amount of math classes attached to the BS. Then Ms. Ice Queen came out and we discussed Statistical Analysis. He left the room, probably to fondle his MSU diploma behind closed doors (I'm telling you working two jobs is turning me into a bitch).
3) Went into Biscuit Bucket and Heather-Be-Thy-Name did not read my note before making out the schedule, but I did not have a melt down, I just accepted that things would work out. And hallelujah I am off Sunday! Paris Landing here I come.
4) Oh yea, I am connecting thru FB a lot of my MSU pals from 30 - 35 years ago. A get together is being planned for this coming Sunday at a bar at a marina in Paris Landing that one of the Brothers manages. Fun. Sweet. I'm so there now.
5) Joe came home.

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