Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 166

May 13, 2010
Grace in Small Things
166/365 days

1) Anniversary - 6 years! (is that possible?)
2) Love Survivor and love watching the show. So sad that it is going to end soon
3) Had a pizza party with our Fashion Advisory Board teenagers with pizza from Chicago Pizza which I had to solicit (successfully)
4) Got the secret recipe for the lemonade at Suzy's.
5) Asked to write down everything I do at work as the asst. Got really upset that she slashed through everything and commented, "That comes under assist". I am a vindictive bitch when my feelings are hurt. I am such a good business writer and she is not. It is one of her glaring faults. While a student at UofL the Business Dept. pounded writing in every class. So I know a few tricks - it might not be tricks, it's just a method. She has never been taught a method of presenting ideas in a concise informative way. When she slashed through my "write business letters" and said, "that's under assist Mkt. Director" I decided right then and there to never rearrange her ill thought out mumbo jumbo of attempted communication. I'm just going to check her spelling. I am a mean vindictive bitch. But when I signed on I knew I was going to have my idea's taken and presented as her own - it's just part of the way things are. What good came out of this? I guess that I realize my strengths are many and varied and I have to accept my limitations/weaknesses - I am fairly unambitious. (and can't spell worth a damn).

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