Saturday, July 31, 2010

If it's Tuesday I must still be alive

July 27th

1) A nap - OMG, I can't remember the last nap i took.
2) Phone call from FL-G BFF.
3) Love writing in code
4) Finding a cache of 10 cent stamps from the '70's.
5) Having a nice dinner with Joe and no Biscuit Bucket!

I am Alive, it must be Monday

July 26th

1) Mick Jagger is 67 and B's Dad is 57.
2) Joe brought home paper towels - this is very good.
3) Box of Baby Butt Paste arrives!
4) MD1 gives me the assignment of changing out signage. Must do a good job. lol. Hey, have two signs left over! Go back and find the missing thingamajiggie.
5) Work with Candi at Biscuit Bucket. I miss my girlie girl.

This is where it gets Sketchy

Sunday July 25th

1) So afraid I won't wake up at 6am for drive back to C-ville I wake up at 4am and unable to go back to sleep.
2) This is a bad thing in the long run because I am awake, but my body fights to go back to sleep.
3) Rest Stop is a great thing because I am able to get out of car and run around, dance to my MP3 and so stretching exercises. After about 15 minutes of this strenuous exercise my body finally wakes up.
4) Russellville Donut shop - OMG on the apple fritters. Melt in your mouth good. Almost as good as the Ft. Wayne Cherry fritters.
5) See that dag gone gas in Lex area is $2.80+ 30 cents higher than C-ville! So I only put in $20 worth and pray I make it to the $2.49 gas pump. I do.

Saturday baring Surprises

July 24th

1) Drive to Lex and experience that feeling of awe I always get - this is the most beautiful place on earth.
2) Friends of the Library Book Cellar
3) Seeing my Mom
4) Seeing FL-G, one of my best friends in the world.
5) Going to a 70's reunion for a High School I did not attend because BFF asked me to go. Assume the identity of BFF's brother who bailed on her. I have a fabulous time. Call another good friend who attended this HS and cajole him into coming. He drives 95 mph and about 150 miles to make party. Good to see him. A good time was had by all.


Friday the 23th

1)I am in charge of Special Events at the Mall! Car Show! Get them all in and all is well.
2) Get e-mail from FL-G. She is in state and sending pics via iphone as she drives to home.
3) Drive to Louisville to meet up w/Joe to license cars & motorcycle.Lou is so beautiful.
4) Dinner at Dundee Tavern
50 Read Courier Journal from cover to cover - if there is such a thing for a newspaper!

July 22

Mother of all Thursday's
Grace in Small Things

1) I feel normal again
2) Have mu e-val from Heather Be Thy Name and it's good!
3) Returned item's to TJ MAxx and all is OK - no hassle's
4) Bring home 1/2 sandwich for Joe and TLC knock it to floor and eats it. Joe furious, I laugh my butt off.
5) Get first affirmative for kick ass letter - Baby Butt Paste!


July 21

1) Mall plays good joke on me and Joe re: motorcycle which we left in the bay area. They called me and told me it was being towed. Drove 100 mph to get to Mall. She did text me. "Just kidding"......
2) Finding 50 cent greeting card at $ Tree that is perfect.
3) The temp filling in while we look for a replacement for Mrs. Long Suffering get a job offer at the Mall!
4) Find bouncy house for Mall event!
5) Find flaming pink envelopes for mass mailing


July 20th

1) Our sickly AC is fixed! Came home after work yesterday and Joe as laying as if passed out in an 80 degree house!
2) Was able to post pictures from party
3) Was able to look at every ones posted party pictures. Man, I sure looked like I was having a good time.
4) Joe and I go to Chicago Pizza for happy hour
5) Joe looks hot and sexy on his motorcycle

233 of 365

Grace in small things
There's got to be a morning after.......July 19th

1) MD1 clocks me in so I can sleep another hour or so.
2) Thank God for Slo Poke candies, they gave me the sugar boost I needed to live.
3) One of the Animal House brothers got B. her old (and best job ever) back because his brother owns the Lou. bar. Can you believe it! I can't. He is the Godfather.
4)Somehow I end up writing and completing a killer letter I have been working on for a week for my Baby Expo show.
5) Joe back from Lex


Grace in BIG HUGE things

1) Well, I got off work from Biscuit Bucket an hour early
2) Once I got home I decided to make a scrap book to take to the party that would include all those pictures and new paper clippings, police receipts, name tags, letters and certificates - and I can't find half the pictures! I begin to tear the house up to find them. No good. I think I have the OCD (is that what it is called?) when I loose something because I go WILD.
3) Arrive at party one hour after it started with the grain alcohol, a 1.75 liter of coconut rum, and a six pack of Old Milwaukee Light and my pomegranate ruby red juice and run smack into a hug fest. Animal House hug fest.
4) Seeing people I adored 35 years ago and find I still adore them today.
5) Have the time of my life and end it all with shots of tequila and an illegal smile.

Saturday the 17th

Grace in Small Things

1) Bought the new Wyonna album with exclusive Biscuit Bucket tracks. All because of one song, My Strongest Weakness. Very cool song. Never knew I like county. Well, never new I considered that I could like what is called Country today. More like twangy pop music. But, Zac Brown is a winner and I find I have downloaded some Alan Jackson too.
2) Made a long to-do list for Saturday and was able to follow it to the letter
3) Found some cool purple designer sunglasses at TJ Maxx. In the Wayfarer design with a small red heart on one (only one) side.
4) Not only found a shug, found the shug.
5) The thrill of getting ready for tomorrow!

Falling Behind - again

Friday the 16th
Grace in Small Things

1) Joe home from Memphis
2) Heather Be Thy Name nice to me at Biscuit Bucket. May have paid me a compliment.
3) Excitement building to a fever pitch re: Anumal House party
4) Amazon sale - first in two weeks
5) Had long phone conversation with another Animal House friend

Friday, July 16, 2010


Thursday July 15th
Grace in Small Things

1) Had a two hour business lunch at Rafferty's
2) Was able to book rooms for Joe for two separate adventures for him with our reward points! Four free nights!
3) One of my Biscuit Bucket buddies, one of the 22 year olds that I am corrupting, has agreed to go to Animal House reunion party with me as my DD and to make sure my drinks are watered down and I do not make a fool of myself - lol!
4) On Phone with Animal House Sweetheart for another marathon round of party planning and people talking and I once again am too excited to sleep.
5) Torrid IMimg with Biscuit Bucket associates and Animal House friends on FB - man I love FB.

Wednesday -is it the week-end yet?

July 14th
Grace in small things

1) Diet Mt. Dew -love it. Did not drink it for over nine years. Now I guzzle it.
2) Chris is wooing the temp Secretary and feeding us daily (what a life)
3) paid bills
4) came home from Biscuit Bucket and had a message from another old Animal House friend so I called him back and we had a nice talk for about 20 minutes.
5) Then I couldn't sleep for hours I am so excited!

Tuesday in a never string of Tuesday's

Grace in Small Things

1) Have Animal House party this coming week-end and old Non-High School reunion for the classes of 1970-1980 next week-end! Non-H.S. b/c I lived there but went to school at the Catholic High in another city. But, I am being allowed to go b/c I know everyone and it's only a technicality. Joe might go too, ditto for him.
2) Spoke to old high school Bud Biggie G re: High School gathering.
3) The rain is beautiful
4) We are replacing Mrs. Long Suffering and one of the interviewees also got a job at Biscuit Bucket and lo and behold, she might get the job at the Mall. Wouldn't that be something.
5) The A/C is back on (in office)

Ant's in the House

July 12th
Grace in Small things

1) Thank God for Ant spray - guess it was the BBQ sauce that lured them in
2) Wendy's Caesar Side Salad - ain't what they use to be, but still good.
3) BBF cancelled for the Animal House week-end, but it was thrill to think she just might show up
4) More Animal House telephone calls & e-mails
5) The retired Mrs. Long Suffering made an appearance at Biscuit Bcket!

Sunday July 11th

Grace in Small Things

1) Joe washed the dishes!
2) Found some allergy eye drops and they work! No more "crying" for an hour after leaving the house.
3) Made BBQ ribs on the grill -yum yum
4) A gift of tomatoes on the front porch - thank you kind Angel.
5) Talking for an hour with Ms. Animal House Sweetheart (lol)

Saturday in C-ville

Grace in Small things

1) Trip to the Farmers Market and one of the vendors is a Biscuit Bucket patron and gave us a beautiful watermelon and regular melon and a bag of corn for $7!!

2) Was sent home early from Biscuit Bucket because of it being so slooooowwwww....
3) Had a lovely walk on the River walk -
4) picked up pic's from Walmart. How I love the one hour drop off!
5) Slept like a log

Friday in Memphis

Grace in Small THings

1) Library Book Store - found several great books!
2) Quick trip to Graceland souvenir shop for Elvis post cards
3) Very cool decals for moleskine
4) I love my Nikon D-50
5) Drove home thru thunderstorm and did not wreck

Thursday in Memphis

Day 222/365
Grace in small things

1) Love love love Memphis radio station WEVL
2) Love love love Elmwood Cemetery
3) Trip to Goodwill Book store and found cook book for Sis b-day
4) Burke's Book store -boo hoo no book marks.
5) Swimming at the motel pool
6) Beale Street
7) B-B-Q ribs
8) Big Ass Beers
9) Live blues
10) The Disabled Veteran Thrift Store


July 7th

1) Saw a shooting star!
2) Heard some great music on the radio - The Doors and Aerosmith.
3) Filling a large thermo thingie with a pot of coffee for the night trip ti Memphis
4) How much I appreciate Chris putting the light in my headlight - forth one since November!
5) Off work for two days!

July 6th

Grace in small things

1) Found two tulip design Descoware pots at Goodwill for $4.99/ea.
2) Found a lemon juicer
3) And a very good cook-book
4) No biscuit bucket
5) Watched a tv show about Memphis - it was kind of stupid, but still cool.

Number 219

July 5th
Grace in Small Things

1) Alone in office as MOD - love it.
2) Played on FB
3) Had long telephone conversation with BFF in FL
4) Spoke to the Head of the Animal House reunion board
5) BFF decides to come to KY for Animal House reunion!

Monday, July 12, 2010

July 4th

Grace in Small Things

1) Another college buddy from the days in the sun on Face Book.
2) Biscuit Bucket slow so went home two hours early.
3) Hot dogs on the grill.
4) Found old diary and last entry May 1st. Yikes.
5) Fire crackers and big booms all over by 1030!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 3

Grace in small things

1) The latest fashion show is scheduled for the Dublin Irish Festival week-end and negotiated a day off after Sunday so I can zoom up to Columbus Sat. afternoon and stay until Monday. And I hope/think Bridget may go.
2) Fireworks in the rural sky.
3) Caught up on my correspondence.
4) Earned vaca pay at Biscuit Bucket!
5) Time magazine.

July 2

Friday 216/365
Grace in Small Things

1) Found time to download pictures (?) - I am so unable to time management.
2) Manager on Duty - I love it!
3) Found the tax return I was looking for and praying that it was not thrown away in a Joe cleaning frenzy.
4) Finally got a hair cut!
5) Since I am MOD on July 4th weekend and have to cover the office on Monday I get two days off later in the week!

Friday, July 02, 2010

July 1st


1) Come home to lots of REAL mail

2) A note card from an old old friend from my riding the Grey Hound Bus home from that damn Catholic High School my parents made me go to days.

3) Received two Dublin Irish Festival stickers (DIF) (lol)

4) Omega mailed my Bon Appetite to me (I left it at Lake House)

5) Had a major fight over the Internet with my ex-tenant and I took the high road(this will make a good story....later)

June 30

Day 213

1) The retirement party for Mrs.Long Suffering was wonderful. Enough food for an army.

2) The heat wave broke and the humidity took a hike.

3) New temp is a doll and her name is Heather (OMG)

4) Office is different after she leaves, at 430 and for 1/2 hour we just are very quiet.

5) One of Mrs. LS other admirers sends her a lovely vase of red roses.


Day 212
June 29

1) Having a good hair day
2) No work at BB
3) Made my to die for BBQ sauce and grilled chicken wings for Mrs. LS retirement party
4) Shared a last milk shake run with Mrs. LS.
5) Planned to go our with Joe for dinner but decided to blow that money on two really beautiful steaks and a case of Milwaukee Light Beer instead.


June 28th
Day 211 of 365

Get up and do it all again

1) Swamp Thing vibe going on the ride home with the low hanging fog rising from the dark fields and recessed creeks.

2) Finding a lost pizza in the freezer for lunch.

3) Switching Mrs. Long Sufferings retirement party to Wed. afternoon from Wed. evening.

4) Sharing pretzels

5) Working with my little buddy Candi at BB


June 27th

1) Walked four miles at the River Walk Trail.
2) My small coffee pot did nothing when I flicked the on switch. As a matter of fact the switch was broken. But I have my free coffee pot in the garage from Gevelia coffee. yay.
3) Love that DVR
4) Too bad US got beat at the World Cup. But I did get to see it b/c of my DVR. Well almost, the DVR is not very smart and because of the extra time for the over time I missed all of it except for the first three or four minutes, but I could see it, feel it, so I switched to ESPN and got the results.
5) Made it to ALDI. You know you are getting old when one of the most interesting things of the day to happen to you was to go grocery shopping. Mother of God, what is happening?


Grace in small things
June 26th
Day 209

1) Have The Cutest Pet Contest at work. And they were cute.

2) Found a stand alone closet at Walmart.
3) made Chicken a la King and it was marvelous (with beet batter biscuits)
4) HBTN nice to me yet again. Starting to get worries.
5) Had calm morning in house to clean.

June 25th

Day 208

1) Use Number 12,873,978,009,187 for Duct Tape. Removal of cat hair from black pants.
2) On way into work I was speeding along the six mile stretch from KY to TN and passed a police car who slammed on their brakes and made a U turn on the two lane highway (no small feat if you know what I mean) and turned on that dreaded blue light and came bearing down on me. I knew I was speeding, but not really speeding. I was doing about 59 in a 55. That did not matter as my heart rate began to increase and I mentally began to do a check list of my recent and not so current parking tickets, left head light out (but it's day light!) and its been too many years to even count since I puffed puffed passes, and I do not drink before noon any day! The adrenaline rush kicked in as I slowed down and pulled over to the side to let him/them race around me and pull over the truck ahead of me with the large ladder strapped w/o some red flags - or at least that was my call. Then I needed to drink.
3) Joe got a big fat check and I could not figure it out, A big fat raise. Days later I find out it is a redistribution of medical insurance. A refund so to speak, taxed again. But, you know what? I found out, while sharpening up my political views because I am surrounded by a bunch of know it all conservatives AKA Rednecks who assume their rabid mean spirited politics are your politics, of 30 industrial countries that are used to monitor and judge the rest of the world, the US ranks pretty high as a least taxed nation.
4) My solicitation genius knows no bounds. Get a box of great stuff from Borders.
5) It's Friday. Porch Sale. I have set some stuff aside in the hopes that the 60% off will be 80% by Sunday (it is)

Day 207

Grace in Small Things (is killing me)
June 24 - Thursday

1) Lean Cuisine makes a mean pizza
2) I glued some cool pictures on my moleskine
3) It was agreed that I could leave the reception area and (finally) move into my office!
4) HBTN was actually nice to me today. Something must be up. (she still is an old bag)
5) The sunset was so beautiful and made the sky in the East the most errie orange.

June 23

Lost count on the days 206?

1) Had a visitor come to BB to see me and chat told me HBTN was making schedule so that she would not have to work with a particular employee. Hmmmmmm. Have seen the old bag only once in three weeks? Could I be the one?
2) Left over eggplant Parmesan
3) The AC is so cold at the Mall office, 64 degrees, but we know better than to complain b/c they will TURN IT OFF! Luckily I had a warm pull over jacket in the trunk (thank you Omega and Breeders Cup).
4) Only being on the schedule for two days last week I was #2 in sales! Might kick me but can't keep me down. (she is an old bag)
5) Pick up check from BB from prior week that I had forgotten about! (it was chump change, but like finding a long lost $20 in your pocket(.

June 22

Day 205

1) Longest day of the year and how would I know?
2) Have enough money in bank to pay bills. Very satisfying to have some left over.
3) Saw Doc's will be at the Dublin Irish Festival.......??????????
4) Omega books room at Dublin Irish Festival week-end
5) Get a good look at the BB schedule and realize I'm working eight straight days! WTH?


June 21 Monday
Back to the grind

1) In a weird bizarre way, I'm glad to be back at work.
2) Have not had a ciggie for over 2,555 days
3) Left over lasagna is goooooooood
4) Rumor circulating at Biscuit Bucket is that Heather Be Thy name ran off Ms. W.
5) Prop Mgr. gone for the week. The staff is running with scissors

Fathers Day 2010

Grace in Small Things
June 20th - Sunday

1) Driving out of the Smokey Mountains

2) Broadway in Nashville
3) Loveless Cafe and fried chicken
4) Seeing Joe after four days apart
5) Looking over all the old pictures on my PC with Pat B.