Saturday, July 31, 2010


Grace in BIG HUGE things

1) Well, I got off work from Biscuit Bucket an hour early
2) Once I got home I decided to make a scrap book to take to the party that would include all those pictures and new paper clippings, police receipts, name tags, letters and certificates - and I can't find half the pictures! I begin to tear the house up to find them. No good. I think I have the OCD (is that what it is called?) when I loose something because I go WILD.
3) Arrive at party one hour after it started with the grain alcohol, a 1.75 liter of coconut rum, and a six pack of Old Milwaukee Light and my pomegranate ruby red juice and run smack into a hug fest. Animal House hug fest.
4) Seeing people I adored 35 years ago and find I still adore them today.
5) Have the time of my life and end it all with shots of tequila and an illegal smile.

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