Friday, July 02, 2010


June 27th

1) Walked four miles at the River Walk Trail.
2) My small coffee pot did nothing when I flicked the on switch. As a matter of fact the switch was broken. But I have my free coffee pot in the garage from Gevelia coffee. yay.
3) Love that DVR
4) Too bad US got beat at the World Cup. But I did get to see it b/c of my DVR. Well almost, the DVR is not very smart and because of the extra time for the over time I missed all of it except for the first three or four minutes, but I could see it, feel it, so I switched to ESPN and got the results.
5) Made it to ALDI. You know you are getting old when one of the most interesting things of the day to happen to you was to go grocery shopping. Mother of God, what is happening?

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