Friday, July 02, 2010

June 23

Lost count on the days 206?

1) Had a visitor come to BB to see me and chat told me HBTN was making schedule so that she would not have to work with a particular employee. Hmmmmmm. Have seen the old bag only once in three weeks? Could I be the one?
2) Left over eggplant Parmesan
3) The AC is so cold at the Mall office, 64 degrees, but we know better than to complain b/c they will TURN IT OFF! Luckily I had a warm pull over jacket in the trunk (thank you Omega and Breeders Cup).
4) Only being on the schedule for two days last week I was #2 in sales! Might kick me but can't keep me down. (she is an old bag)
5) Pick up check from BB from prior week that I had forgotten about! (it was chump change, but like finding a long lost $20 in your pocket(.

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