Thursday, June 24, 2010

Saturday June 19th

Grace in Small things

1) Fireworks against the black night over the Lake. Saturday night tradition.
2) Charades - another Saturday night tradition. My pick "Nikola Tesla" in the person category. I had no idea who he was (do you?) but Omega hipped me and can you believe that I was able to act it out enough that my niece, who is very smart, guessed it!(in my two minute time period!)
3) Getting on the kick board and getting some exercise.
4) Having a secret reading of the other nieces letter to one of her teachers, her religion teacher, where she tells her that God told her that her life's calling is to be a spy. We were peeing in our pants laughing so hard. My sis had read the letter to my Mom earlier and my Mom said, "I think she was being cheeky" -"No Mom, she was not joking". Another idea my niece has, also pee in your pants funny, is to have a new order of Nuns and call them "Fun Nuns". This new order can go around and bring happiness to other wise sad and desperate people. They could go up and knock on doors and help people. They could have birthday parties for children. (Oh to be young.)
5) We name our coconut rum and creme soda drink Stripper Delight. For obvious reasons and those not so obvious.

Number 201

Friday June 18th
Grace in Small Things

1) Just The Lake House
2) Just The Dock
3) Just lake Norris
4) Just all my brothers and sisters and families together - sans Mom, Bridget and Joe.
5) Coconut Rum and diet creme soda. Another victim.

Thursday #200

Grace in Small Things
June 17th

1) Playing a bunch of old CD's on my 4 1/2 hour drive to Lake Norris. Like revisiting old friends. Bob Dylan, the sound track from ONCE (I teared up on some of the songs), John Prine. It was great.

2) The framed picture of Omega as a child at Disney World was ready for pick up. She did a fabulous job and even though I almost fell over when she quoted me the price last week, I'm glad I went ahead and had her do it.

3) Stopped at one of the rest stops in between Nashville and Knoxville and took a short cut up the hill verses walking all the way over to the stairs. On my short cut I passed under a covered picnic area and the smell of marijuana was so over powering evident I began to look around for the Law Breakers! It made me laugh.

4) The mountains on the route really do smoke. Hence, the Smoky Mountains.

5) Peggy was blown away by the caricature framed. She remembered everything about that day. The clothes she was wearing (a turtle neck sleeveless number, red shorts and white knee high socks) to her little girl hair cut. She loved it. (I knew she would) And she had forgotten all about the drawing. I had found it while helping Mom clean out her upstairs closet one day - oh maybe seven years ago - and have hung on to it for that long just waiting for the right moment.

Extra Number Six - My cuz from LA made it no problem.

199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199

Oh Boy! Almost 200!
Wednesday June 16th

1) Joe and I were laying on the bed, on our tummies, watching the cats play and fight each other (I have discussed how amusing we find this). Joe says, "We ought to video tape this!" and I turn to him and say, "What's happened to us? We use to be so cool".
2) Made the sauce for the lasagna after Biscuit Bucket.
3) They were doing some major reconstruction work at Walmart which made me go to Kroger and spend a whole hell of a lot more money, but it was cool to visit Kroger again.
4) I'm off for four whole days beginning tomorrow!
5) I am so lucky, have not seen Heather Be Thy Name at all! Is she avoiding me? Who cares!

June 15th

Grace in Small Things

1) Washed my new pair of white cotton pants and they drew up only enough that the bottoms aren't dragging the floor anymore. Joe held them up and made sounds like he was disgusted at the grime and dirt on them. Now they are perfect.
2) Woke up early enough to make a huge salad, enough for me and Joe, and to vaccuum the house.
3) The university radio station (Magic Radio - so cool) that seemed to have gone off the air and cause me considerable anguish, is back on.
4) My chum my pal Candi came to Biscuit Bucket to see me.
5) We have a special summer Wood wick Candle in the store, two for $20 and with my discount - hello, Christmas shopping.

Number 197/365

Monday June 14th

1) Bought a new couch on the lay-a-way plan! A brown sectional.
2) Went into the scary place known as our garage and went through all my stuff that I had transferred from the storage area and found, in the very last box, the original "Map to the Lake House". You have to realize it is in the TVA area and it goes like this, "take a left onto River shore Dr, follow 1.2 miles until take a left on River shore Lane, go 3.4 miles and it forks, go to the right and it becomes River shore Circle, follow .9 miles and turn on River shore Overlook...." it can drive you to drink (hahah, that was a good pun) I needed to find the map to scan and send to cousin in LA.
3) I love these blue and white long funky earrings my sis gave me a long time ago. I wear them all the time.
4) Found a cup cake place on the 101st but resisted. Maybe later.
5) Found the cutest little song on the Internet called "I'm gonna whip some bodies ass". Who do you think came to mind?


June 13th
Grace in Small Things

1) Spent all day with Joe.
2) Home made lemonade
3) Three and a half mile walk (ran the last 1/2 mile, well actually it was stumbling the last little bit)at the River Walk which is beautiful. But very secluded and kind of scary if you are by yourself. Kept thinking this would be the perfect place to dispose of a body! The rocky cliffs on one side totally covered with trees and then the dramatic drop down the hill to the Cumberland River. Yup, perfect place.
4) Made a chicken pot pie. I love those things.
5) The next Food Network Star is on!


June 12th
Grace in Small Things

1) Once again the morning to myself! Joe and I made a trip to the Flea Market in Bowling Green.
2) Bought a Dolce & Gabanna knock off in a pale lemon yellow. Then worried I would get it dirty when ever I used it!
3) Had the motorcycle show at the Mall and it was very small,but they sold two bikes before 1pm! Holy smokes. That should make it an easier sell for getting people to exhibit next year.
4)Solicited three pairs of sun glasses from one of our kiosks for our Fathers Day event. Woo Hoo.
5) Spoke with my cousin who lives in LA and he is coming in for the long long week end at the Lake House.


June 11th
Grace in Small Things

1) Manager on Duty! So many choices to spend the morning.
2) Found a Frame Gallery and dropped off Omega's caricature from 1976 (haha)(for her belated birth day present)
3) Found gas at $2.42 a gallon!
4) Found some cool second hand/consignment shirts (in purple)(love that color)
5) Message from one of the Eagle Nest Gang for another meet!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thursday child is a disgrace

I just made that up - what is Thursday's child?
Number 193/365
Grace in Small Things
June 10th

1) The Fireflies have arrived. I sat on the front porch and watched them frolic in the grass for quite some time with my good pal, Three Legged Cat.

2) Had the Fashion Advisory Board try-outs/interviews this afternoon and I enjoyed talking with all the young ladies. I made a list of 10 questions that went like this... What do you want to be when you grow up?
Name the person you admire the most and why?
What is your favorite book?
Would you change your birth order with one of your siblings?

They had fun answering MY questions while the others were all business I was getting to know them.

3) Went to Biscuit Bucket to get my share of abuse and pick up my check. I am off the schedule until next week. So, in other words I'm sitting it out for seven days. Cool. She was frosty, but OK.

4) I hardly ever get e-mails at work. This may be a good thing. I remember the dreary amount of messages I received at the Beverage Co., always a crisis.

5) Week-end manager beginning tomorrow. Get to sleep in late.

Wednesday's Child is full of Woe

Number 192 of 365
Grace in Small Things
June 9th Wednesday

1) I was a Wednesday child and sometimes nobody knows the trouble I've seen.
2) Sat in Ice Queens office and had a 1/2 hour chat about nothing.
3) IM'ed with my old boss from the Beverage Co. Found out his replacement was demoted and took an AM job in home market. Horrors!! I did my two months in Home Market and lived to tell, but it was awful! Poor J-baby.
4) Got the memo that we can wear Capri's to work! Mrs. Long Suffering, while giving me the low down on what's up with the Mafia Bosses, told me Capri's were NOT ALLOWED! "But Martha wears Capri's" I wailed. Now we can.
5)Have I mentioned the book ONCE A RUNNER I found at the library. Well I devoured it in two days. It was great. I'm looking for a copy for my brother right now. Five stars.

Number 191

June 8th
Grace in Small Things

1) Long IM with Candi (ain't having a job grand) re Biscuit Bucket and it made me laugh.
2) "She kicked out the #1 Sales person of the week?" Oh yea, I was! lol.
3) Mulling over maybe quitting but will wait and see what the fall out looks like.
4) Picked up pictures from Walmart that were scheduled to p/u in a week. Got them back in two days - paid the much lesser amt.
5) Since the old days when I worked in an office things have really changed. With computers these days - how does anyone get anything done?

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Grace in Small Things

1) Found a handful of M&M's in my purse hidden and lost (forgotten) in my side pocket. Wonderful treasure.

2) Headed to Biscuit Bucket and found out one of my fav's Ms. Wilma is leaving. I had words (again) with Heather and she sent me home. I don't give a big GD. She is suppose to be some hot shot manager and she has yet to figure out I do not respond well with people getting in my face and telling me what to do. She is such a prick.

3) I feel almost giddy with the prospect she is going to fire me. Joe says its insubordination when she tells me to do something and I question the soundness of that order. Is this the army? He just shakes his head.

4) I sleep like a log.

5) Can you tell I did not write anything down for this day? Other than the M&M's.


Grace in Small Things June 5th

1) No work anywhere! All day lay around and do nothing!
2) Lay around and watch the Trailer Park Boys Movie
3) Made a wonderful Chicken dinner with rice
4) Yakked on phone with Mom
5) Did I mention no work, no travel, no place to be. Joe called and told me about the 68/80 400 mile yard sale and I was getting ready to head 25 miles north to pick up 68/80 and I said, "no! Not going to do it! Just not going to move the car one inch today" and I didn't!

It it's Sauurday its 188

June 4th
Grace in Small parts

1) Omega's birthday.
2) Finally get the oil changed in my car! Thank God for ViOC.
3) Able to read the NY Times at library
4) My eye hurt, think I had an eye lash stuck in it, I look up just in time to see Candi throw one of those silly rubber ballies at me and duck like Pres. Bush seeing a shoe. She laughs. She is in for it.
5) Finished the Sue Grafton Book because once again was able to fool around all day until 6pm and Biscuit Bucket time.

Friday Friday Friday

Grace in Small Things
June 3rd

1) Made a huge salad with apples and raisins and Chinese noodles purple cabbage carrots regular lettuce and celery. Low cal ranch. OMG - I could eat this all day long. Thanks Mom.

2) Broke out my yellow Kino's and broke the Mafia law about showing toes. Will I live to tell or swim with the fishies?

3) The schedule at Biscuit Bucket I find I have been knocked down to only two days!! WTH! WTF? Oh yea, my crack about her not knowing what Memorial Day is all about. Is this a blessing in disguise? I am very cranky and crusty at times.

4) Help one of my selections for the display cases by pulling some mannequins out of store for them to use. The maintenance guys need to transport signage I removed from the display case and return to store. "Which one is it?" they ask, "Look for a cart full of body parts and you'll find it" "10-4" they respond. They respond as if they incur body parts all the time.

5) I love my job (wish it paid more)

Number 186

Grace in Small Things

1) Had an attack of something and left really late for work. Mrs. Long Suffering clocked me in so I did not have to explain a tardy to the Mafia.

2) My tummy hurt from eating too much of all that wonderful red twist candy!

3) Ice Queen left for a long long weekend and left me in charge of the department! I ran around all day! All day! Happy as a Lark! I love being in charge.

4) Picked out who could put up a display!

5) Went around doing so other really cool stuff - oh yea, soliciting for Father's Day gifts.

Number 185/365

Grace in Small Things
June 2nd

1) Sold 4 Cd's on Amazon (this will not last long as the Amazon barracuda's know how to squash me like a bug)
2) Got to work with Candy
3) Realized its Wednesday and Hump day! Like this short week stuff

June 1st

Grace in small things

1) Have words with Heather-Be-Thy-Name. She had written on our assignment card "greet every soldier/military with great respect! It's their day" referring to Memorial Day the day before. I pointed her error to her and said, "only if they're dead" and she unleashed on me. Walking away in her haughty high school girl pony tail swishing like a horse swatting at flies, "My Dad's in the ground...." Well hell, so is mine, but Veterans day is for the living, Memorial Day for the departed. Joe tells me I bring the worst out in her and for God's sake, why do I have to point that out to her, rub her nose in it. Because she brings out the devil in me, oh yea.

2) Joe found out we owe the government (2008) (got caught) and he did not have a melt down. He threatened to leave then asked me what was for dinner.

3) My Bro and his lovely wife are almost finished painting up the house in IN for our new tenant.

4) Thank God it's June.

5) Kind of sort of became very lax in writing stuff down for GiSt's. But glad I was so dedicated for such a long time. So from now on, for while, they are going to be short. Maybe only one thing per day.


Grace in Small Things

1) Take Mom to ceremony at Camp Nelson.
2) Visit Dads graveside and say prayers with Mom
3) Taps played at end of ceremony was terribly moving. Two bugles playing, one playing from the hill side on the other side of the ceremony area several bars behind the first. Tears just streaming down every ones face. Beautiful.
4) Lunch at Mom's house. Salad with raisins and apples and Chinese noodles. Delish.
5) E-mail from the long lost buddy who I found running a web site earlier in week.

May 30th

Grace in Small Things

1) Road Trip Home to see Grand kids and Mom
2) Swim in Hotel Swimming pool
3) Lemonade and vodka - OMG
4) Kids love the "fun bracelets"
5) See an old friend from the swimming pool days when we were teenagers.


Almost Half way there!
May 29th

1) Breakfast at Golden Corral
2) Shop, run errands, nothing to do until go into BB at 6pm
3) Get on elliptical machine for 30 minutes
4) Sit in exquisite sunshine
5) Read my Sue Grafton Book

Friday May 28

Grace in Small Things

1) J. Peterman catalogue arrives - always a treat.
2) Buy two sleeveless blouses at Biscuit Bucket and by golly- they fit!
3) Take the duties of MOD from Ice Queen so she can go to a graduation. I love th peace and quiet of the unoccupied offices.
4) Go to library and find Sue Grafton's latest novel!
5) No fights, no motorcycle accidents, nothing. Quiet quiet everywhere.

I'm Grateful

I'm Grateful
May 27th

1) I'm grateful that I have a husband with a odd sense of humor who enjoys watching Trailer Park Boys and thinks its hysterical. And so do I. Where has this show hidden all this time? Tonight it was the puppet Konkie - I laughed so hard.
2) I'm grateful that I have this silly job at Biscuit Bucket. Not so much because I like the job, but because it gives me the extra moo la to stash away in a savings account for emergencies. And with four kids and two grand kids between us, it comes in handy.
3) I'm grateful that I work with people who throw rubber balls at me and make me laugh. I would go insane other wise.
4) I'm grateful that my I have these two cats who are so different from each other but love to chase each other around, even if it is 430am. Three Legged Cat goes "Thump Thump Thump"
5) The second Trailer Park show had some sort of crazy award ceremony/contest for Trailer Park Supervisor to be awarded by some Big Wig from the trade publication. He walked around with a drink in his hand much like Julian (you have to watch it to know what and why its so funny). He corners Ricky and tells him to look him in the eye, "I have NO CANDY for you" he bellows at him (you also have to see it for it to make any sense). So - Three Legged Cat get the B&W down on the bed and lifts up one of his front paws and lets it hang there so B&W can see it and know what's coming. I'm watching it all play out, fascinated when I hear this voice behind me (Joe also watch the cat drama play out) "I have NO CANDY for you!" In other words I am grateful that I am easily amused.

May 26th

Grace in Small Things

1) Walking around the Mall and connecting with the merchants.
2) Found a very old gal-pal on the computer and contacted her.
3) Watched Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges. It was very sad - very moving and good.
4) Finally an Avon lipstick that I really like. It has little color but lots of pizazz.
5) Completed a to-do list

Tuesday #177

May 25th (?)
Grace in Small Things

1) Watching NCIS with Joe (he hates the show!?! but indulges me)
2) The dew on the early morning grass glittered like small diamonds
3) Started new ball throwing game at Biscuit Bucket with Candi (it's a soft rubber ball with lots of little rubber arms and it's fun to smack someone on the side/back of the head with it)
4) There was an mandatory meeting that was going on when I got there and thank God I was not assigned a time to be there. In other words, she forgot about me. Heather Be Thy Name. Dodged the bullet. (Candi not so lucky - she missed hers on Sunday)
5) Made the starving student dish of canned chili with elbow macaroni - it was GREAT!

May 24

Grace in Small Things
I'm lost in the count

1) Four orders from Amazon!
2) Walmart fast photo's
3) Sausage biscuit from Mrs. Long Suffering
4) Made fabulous pasta dish with old moldy cheese (lol)
5) posted pic's on facebook and it worked!