Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 1st

Grace in small things

1) Have words with Heather-Be-Thy-Name. She had written on our assignment card "greet every soldier/military with great respect! It's their day" referring to Memorial Day the day before. I pointed her error to her and said, "only if they're dead" and she unleashed on me. Walking away in her haughty high school girl pony tail swishing like a horse swatting at flies, "My Dad's in the ground...." Well hell, so is mine, but Veterans day is for the living, Memorial Day for the departed. Joe tells me I bring the worst out in her and for God's sake, why do I have to point that out to her, rub her nose in it. Because she brings out the devil in me, oh yea.

2) Joe found out we owe the government (2008) (got caught) and he did not have a melt down. He threatened to leave then asked me what was for dinner.

3) My Bro and his lovely wife are almost finished painting up the house in IN for our new tenant.

4) Thank God it's June.

5) Kind of sort of became very lax in writing stuff down for GiSt's. But glad I was so dedicated for such a long time. So from now on, for while, they are going to be short. Maybe only one thing per day.

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