Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm Grateful

I'm Grateful
May 27th

1) I'm grateful that I have a husband with a odd sense of humor who enjoys watching Trailer Park Boys and thinks its hysterical. And so do I. Where has this show hidden all this time? Tonight it was the puppet Konkie - I laughed so hard.
2) I'm grateful that I have this silly job at Biscuit Bucket. Not so much because I like the job, but because it gives me the extra moo la to stash away in a savings account for emergencies. And with four kids and two grand kids between us, it comes in handy.
3) I'm grateful that I work with people who throw rubber balls at me and make me laugh. I would go insane other wise.
4) I'm grateful that my I have these two cats who are so different from each other but love to chase each other around, even if it is 430am. Three Legged Cat goes "Thump Thump Thump"
5) The second Trailer Park show had some sort of crazy award ceremony/contest for Trailer Park Supervisor to be awarded by some Big Wig from the trade publication. He walked around with a drink in his hand much like Julian (you have to watch it to know what and why its so funny). He corners Ricky and tells him to look him in the eye, "I have NO CANDY for you" he bellows at him (you also have to see it for it to make any sense). So - Three Legged Cat get the B&W down on the bed and lifts up one of his front paws and lets it hang there so B&W can see it and know what's coming. I'm watching it all play out, fascinated when I hear this voice behind me (Joe also watch the cat drama play out) "I have NO CANDY for you!" In other words I am grateful that I am easily amused.

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