Thursday, June 24, 2010

Saturday June 19th

Grace in Small things

1) Fireworks against the black night over the Lake. Saturday night tradition.
2) Charades - another Saturday night tradition. My pick "Nikola Tesla" in the person category. I had no idea who he was (do you?) but Omega hipped me and can you believe that I was able to act it out enough that my niece, who is very smart, guessed it!(in my two minute time period!)
3) Getting on the kick board and getting some exercise.
4) Having a secret reading of the other nieces letter to one of her teachers, her religion teacher, where she tells her that God told her that her life's calling is to be a spy. We were peeing in our pants laughing so hard. My sis had read the letter to my Mom earlier and my Mom said, "I think she was being cheeky" -"No Mom, she was not joking". Another idea my niece has, also pee in your pants funny, is to have a new order of Nuns and call them "Fun Nuns". This new order can go around and bring happiness to other wise sad and desperate people. They could go up and knock on doors and help people. They could have birthday parties for children. (Oh to be young.)
5) We name our coconut rum and creme soda drink Stripper Delight. For obvious reasons and those not so obvious.

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