Saturday, June 12, 2010


Grace in Small Things

1) Found a handful of M&M's in my purse hidden and lost (forgotten) in my side pocket. Wonderful treasure.

2) Headed to Biscuit Bucket and found out one of my fav's Ms. Wilma is leaving. I had words (again) with Heather and she sent me home. I don't give a big GD. She is suppose to be some hot shot manager and she has yet to figure out I do not respond well with people getting in my face and telling me what to do. She is such a prick.

3) I feel almost giddy with the prospect she is going to fire me. Joe says its insubordination when she tells me to do something and I question the soundness of that order. Is this the army? He just shakes his head.

4) I sleep like a log.

5) Can you tell I did not write anything down for this day? Other than the M&M's.

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Nelle said...

I love when you post a lot of these at once and I get to catch up on your life. Loved the Memorial Day vs. Veterans Day stuff. Kept telling people this..a guy came to visit my Dad and bought him red, white & blue carnations on Memorial Day and that kind of disturbed me as only a small piece of him is still here. I lost your email addy when my old pc crashed. Had it all in a file that this computer cannot open. Please send me your email addy as a FB message. Have you tried the "Asian" cole slaw made with a pack of Ramen noodles? If you want I will give you the recipe. Awesome for summer and you can add slivered almonds as I do and it's a great lunch. That would be something if you got canned. I am finally returning to work July 1 and am nervous about what will happen then as I have been out on short term disability 7 of the last twelve months. My lung dr says legally they cannot fire you.
Easy for her to say and I owe her alot of money, as well as the hospital (total bill for April 130K)!!