Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday #200

Grace in Small Things
June 17th

1) Playing a bunch of old CD's on my 4 1/2 hour drive to Lake Norris. Like revisiting old friends. Bob Dylan, the sound track from ONCE (I teared up on some of the songs), John Prine. It was great.

2) The framed picture of Omega as a child at Disney World was ready for pick up. She did a fabulous job and even though I almost fell over when she quoted me the price last week, I'm glad I went ahead and had her do it.

3) Stopped at one of the rest stops in between Nashville and Knoxville and took a short cut up the hill verses walking all the way over to the stairs. On my short cut I passed under a covered picnic area and the smell of marijuana was so over powering evident I began to look around for the Law Breakers! It made me laugh.

4) The mountains on the route really do smoke. Hence, the Smoky Mountains.

5) Peggy was blown away by the caricature framed. She remembered everything about that day. The clothes she was wearing (a turtle neck sleeveless number, red shorts and white knee high socks) to her little girl hair cut. She loved it. (I knew she would) And she had forgotten all about the drawing. I had found it while helping Mom clean out her upstairs closet one day - oh maybe seven years ago - and have hung on to it for that long just waiting for the right moment.

Extra Number Six - My cuz from LA made it no problem.

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