Thursday, June 24, 2010

Number 197/365

Monday June 14th

1) Bought a new couch on the lay-a-way plan! A brown sectional.
2) Went into the scary place known as our garage and went through all my stuff that I had transferred from the storage area and found, in the very last box, the original "Map to the Lake House". You have to realize it is in the TVA area and it goes like this, "take a left onto River shore Dr, follow 1.2 miles until take a left on River shore Lane, go 3.4 miles and it forks, go to the right and it becomes River shore Circle, follow .9 miles and turn on River shore Overlook...." it can drive you to drink (hahah, that was a good pun) I needed to find the map to scan and send to cousin in LA.
3) I love these blue and white long funky earrings my sis gave me a long time ago. I wear them all the time.
4) Found a cup cake place on the 101st but resisted. Maybe later.
5) Found the cutest little song on the Internet called "I'm gonna whip some bodies ass". Who do you think came to mind?

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