Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tuesday #177

May 25th (?)
Grace in Small Things

1) Watching NCIS with Joe (he hates the show!?! but indulges me)
2) The dew on the early morning grass glittered like small diamonds
3) Started new ball throwing game at Biscuit Bucket with Candi (it's a soft rubber ball with lots of little rubber arms and it's fun to smack someone on the side/back of the head with it)
4) There was an mandatory meeting that was going on when I got there and thank God I was not assigned a time to be there. In other words, she forgot about me. Heather Be Thy Name. Dodged the bullet. (Candi not so lucky - she missed hers on Sunday)
5) Made the starving student dish of canned chili with elbow macaroni - it was GREAT!

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