Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday's Child is full of Woe

Number 192 of 365
Grace in Small Things
June 9th Wednesday

1) I was a Wednesday child and sometimes nobody knows the trouble I've seen.
2) Sat in Ice Queens office and had a 1/2 hour chat about nothing.
3) IM'ed with my old boss from the Beverage Co. Found out his replacement was demoted and took an AM job in home market. Horrors!! I did my two months in Home Market and lived to tell, but it was awful! Poor J-baby.
4) Got the memo that we can wear Capri's to work! Mrs. Long Suffering, while giving me the low down on what's up with the Mafia Bosses, told me Capri's were NOT ALLOWED! "But Martha wears Capri's" I wailed. Now we can.
5)Have I mentioned the book ONCE A RUNNER I found at the library. Well I devoured it in two days. It was great. I'm looking for a copy for my brother right now. Five stars.

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