Monday, October 25, 2010


Grace in Small THings
October 6th Wednesday

1) German Chocolate Cake
2) No watch to constantly check the time. Guess what? Time seems to go by faster! I broke watch on the two mile walk from Pt. A to Pt. B after the Surprise birthday party. I fell off a curb - lol. Once again, the angels caught me but my watch (once again this is the second damn time I have busted a crystal this way!) was not so lucky.
3) Spoke to Bridget after a long silence.
4) Kind of depressed over the sorry turn out for my Stella & Dot party. keep remembering Joe's "Walk it off" analogy.
5) Something wonderful about candy corn! Especially Indian Corn!


Tuesday October 5th

1) Thank God for sick days
2) Thank God for walk-in clinics
3) Thank God for hydocodiene
4) Thank God for TJ MAxx
5) Thank God for rechargeable batteries


out of 365
Grace in Small things
October 4th - Monday a new week

1) Sent Sara a message that asked what I had done that she did not like me anymore! She called me immediately. lol. I have a couple of people who hardly reply to emails. One in [particular, who I found after looking for many years. Power of Facebook, found her in Florida. But, she is never on FB, is beginning a new job/career, has a new boy friend and I never heard from her again. I've written her two epistles, maybe three, but have heard nothing back. Maybe some people just want to be left alone. But I will tell you this, I met her when she was very young, maybe a little bit older than Omega, in 1986. She was maybe 21. She became my "assistant" and when I left, she took over my job. We kept in touch off and on for many years but my feelings got hurt when I called once and told her I was heading up to Louisville and wanted to see her. She hesitated and said, "No I can't I am seeing Mr. X that night and I don't get to see him that often." After I hung up I thought, she just threw over a girlfriend for a guy and talk about not seeing someone very often! She only sees me once or twice a year!" So, it should come as no surprise that she is once again brushing me off. I shouldn't take it so hard. Maybe I'll write her another Epistle....
2) Then I has another telephone conversation with one of The Animal House brothers about the upcoming Homecoming party this week-end!
3) Then Rita called me back!
4) Sometimes I love the phone, but most the time I am weary of it. Because I had to answer the phone at the company I was talking about in #1 for a long time before I became promoted. It's a bitch to answer the phone for a multi million dollar company if you have a ton of other duties besides answering the phone. It's a constant interruption. I grew to cringe when it rang. But sometimes, I love the phone.
5) Found a protective lens for my new lens. Could not believe it arrived with out one. WTH?


October 3rd
Grace in Small things

1) Breakfast at Lynn's Paradise cafe
2) Seeing C.W. who I have not seen for quite some time. She gave me a beautiful gift of heavy glass candle sticks made in Ireland. They are simply gorgeous!
3) Go to St. James Art Fair! A surprise for me. Did not expect to go.
4) Found a fairy. I think I am collecting fairy's now.
5) We walked from the surprise party to the love shack b/c of the throwing back of libations. In the morning Joe took off to get the car. It was a two mile hike!! How did I do it the night before??? Thank God for Bardstown Rd. A safe walk from point A to point B. Joe arrived at the Love Shack (name given to my sis's spare house they have in the Highland area off B-town road) with coffee. So sweet considering he is not a coffee drinker. Guess he knew I needed it - BAD.


Saturday Oct. 2nd

1) Got the oil changed
2) Breakfast at Biscuit Bucket with Calla Lilly
3) Big D's surprise 50th party! And he was surprised. Great party.
4) Oh yea, great party IN LOUISVILLE, man I love that city.
5) Midnight snack at Wick's pizza.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 1st

A brand new month


1) Milk shake day
2) Did not have to work at BB until 7pm but go in at 6pm. What an idiot I can be at times! But got an extra hour of min. wage (lol - not quite) in.
3) Sent out invites to my Stella & Dot show
4) Got all excited that I was going to see Rita!! at work
5) The fact that it's Friday, it's payday and the week-end looms ahead almost free well, it's just a great beginning to the month.

Are we there yet?

Grace in Small things
Last day of September

1) Upon returning home from Biscuit Bucket I turned on the DVR which had taped the latest episode of Trailer Park Boys and found the very first of the series! They had just got out of prison and we were introduced to the cast of characters.
2) Booked the Breakfast room at Holiday Inn.
3) Received a gift cook book in the mail! Waiting for the catch.
4) Began to ask people to have a S&D show!
5) Horrid night at Biscuit Bucket. First, a kid threw up and they walked out without telling any one (working with the general public is quite eye opening!) But old steely eyed Mary spotted the potential hazard and cleaned it up. As I returned to the floor after disposing of the now yucky towels, some kid dumps their to-go cup of sticky soda on the floor! In the same spot! So I go to clean that up and chase ice cubes around the store but finally get it resolved. No sooner than I turn around I get hit by some smart aleck little witch of a red head kid who is receiving a $60 dollhouse! Look up Brat in the dictionary and there she is! But I just took it in stride and laughed it off (walk it off....walk it off....walk it off...)....The grace in it? The night finally ended.

Loosing my Grip

September 29th

Grace in Small Things

1) Back to work at Biscuit Bucket after four days off. Worked with my buddy Calla, whom i am growing to love.
2) Finally spoke to my S&D sponsor. That girl is not much of a communicator.
3) Spoke to an elderly lady at Biscuit Bucket. She began telling me all about her deceased father who just recently died (she looks to be in her 80's! Longevity must run in her family)She was with her daughter and grand-daughter, who actually probably was her great grand daughter. She told me stories about her Dad for about five minutes. When she left her daughter/grand daughter apologized to me!! I was really taken back! I loved listening to her. I loved her Memory Moment.
4) Cutest kid in the world was in there. He had just had eye surgery on his tear ducts. Out patient. But he was all smiles and all flirty. And only about 11 months old.
5) I wrote down "finding venues on the Internet". Not quite certain what I meant by that, but it must have made me happy at the time.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ice Breaker

I dove right in and had the first “home party” for the jewelry company I have decided to attempt to conquer Direct Sales.

It was a bust. I invited about 18 people, all the girls from The Biscuit Bucket, and some very slight acquaintances who where in the Home Based Business shows at the Mall. I gave it a spin like this, “come meet potential clients!” Not a one of them showed.

Hey!! I thought it was all about networking.

So, I am discouraged right out of the gate. I tried to piece together everything that went wrong. Clearly I did not invite enough people. I figured half of them would come….maybe. Out of 18 invitees, only three actually came, and one of them brought someone.

So I had four people at the first party. Guess that is better than one. And infinitely better than zero.

This is when I would normally throw in the towel. This is normally when I would throw up my hands and think I gave it the good old (old) college try. But not yet! I have a Job Fair commitment in a couple of weeks and I have agreed to tend a booth at some Holiday Event in Nashville in November. In the very far future, I have my eye on a Bridal Fair in Lexington in January. So I guess what I will do is regroup and rethink things.

I have several aces in the hole. Number one is that I love the jewelry. I have never been much of a jewelry person before. I had no idea how to wear it actually. I have several pairs of earrings that I love and I wear with everything when I can get away with it. But as for a necklace…? Maybe a chain around my neck but nothing more glamorous. It’s like a whole new world has opened up for me.

Secondly, after a year of retail I am so use to rejection that it is not that alarming any longer. I don’t add on to the refusal, “They don’t like me”. I just move on to the next one.

Not ready to give up just yet.

Monday, October 04, 2010



1) The jewelry arrived!
2) I'm crazy over the bracelet
3) The Daymar Job Fair is going to let me in!! I'm approved.
4) Woke up at 2am and could not go back to sleep. So, I star gazed for a spell.
5) MDI was out of office all day and I found that a good thing (lol)

Monday's Blues


1) Got my Stella & Dot box of supplies
2) Thought that I would attend a job fair to promote S&D and MDII came into my office with info about a Job Fair that Daymar is having. I could not believe it.
3) My stomach ailment finally ended
4) Made jambalaya from a box mix and it was very good
5) Did not have to work at Biscuit Bucket

Sunday After


1) Breakfast at Denny's. It was great.
2) Visiting two flea markets on way back South.
3) Finding a can smasher at one flea mkt. and that wonderful honey the second one. Shocked and distraught that my source for the most magnificent knock off purses was no longer there. Seems he will re-open in October. His knocks offs are brilliant.
4) The season premier of Dexter.
5) Deb got up and left before I woke up. I was crushed that I didn't get to say good bye to her. But, maybe it was best. I would have cried.

September 25th


1) Finally it's Saturday and the Baby Fair and the Hayride party!
2) Deb is in Kentucky!!
3) The hayride is fantastic time. Even though I got a trifle sick the next day from something I drank (lol) it was a great time. Especially the 2am Hayride! What a trip.
4) Met a friend from MSU that I had not seen in many many years - much like the Animal House gang - only he was part of the "Bolio's", another group of trouble makers I hung out with! Oh the memories. How did this group intersect that group? It's a long story that involves a lot of Red Bird games and silly antics from the 1970's. I'll say no more. It was absolutely a knock out night seeing one of the Bolio's.
5) The Baby Fair went well. Some minor glitches, but pretty good. My prizes were fantastic!

Friday, October 01, 2010

I'm In Love

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Pictures to follow. (natch) My first party is Oct 5th