Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Loosing my Grip

September 29th

Grace in Small Things

1) Back to work at Biscuit Bucket after four days off. Worked with my buddy Calla, whom i am growing to love.
2) Finally spoke to my S&D sponsor. That girl is not much of a communicator.
3) Spoke to an elderly lady at Biscuit Bucket. She began telling me all about her deceased father who just recently died (she looks to be in her 80's! Longevity must run in her family)She was with her daughter and grand-daughter, who actually probably was her great grand daughter. She told me stories about her Dad for about five minutes. When she left her daughter/grand daughter apologized to me!! I was really taken back! I loved listening to her. I loved her Memory Moment.
4) Cutest kid in the world was in there. He had just had eye surgery on his tear ducts. Out patient. But he was all smiles and all flirty. And only about 11 months old.
5) I wrote down "finding venues on the Internet". Not quite certain what I meant by that, but it must have made me happy at the time.

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