Monday, October 25, 2010


out of 365
Grace in Small things
October 4th - Monday a new week

1) Sent Sara a message that asked what I had done that she did not like me anymore! She called me immediately. lol. I have a couple of people who hardly reply to emails. One in [particular, who I found after looking for many years. Power of Facebook, found her in Florida. But, she is never on FB, is beginning a new job/career, has a new boy friend and I never heard from her again. I've written her two epistles, maybe three, but have heard nothing back. Maybe some people just want to be left alone. But I will tell you this, I met her when she was very young, maybe a little bit older than Omega, in 1986. She was maybe 21. She became my "assistant" and when I left, she took over my job. We kept in touch off and on for many years but my feelings got hurt when I called once and told her I was heading up to Louisville and wanted to see her. She hesitated and said, "No I can't I am seeing Mr. X that night and I don't get to see him that often." After I hung up I thought, she just threw over a girlfriend for a guy and talk about not seeing someone very often! She only sees me once or twice a year!" So, it should come as no surprise that she is once again brushing me off. I shouldn't take it so hard. Maybe I'll write her another Epistle....
2) Then I has another telephone conversation with one of The Animal House brothers about the upcoming Homecoming party this week-end!
3) Then Rita called me back!
4) Sometimes I love the phone, but most the time I am weary of it. Because I had to answer the phone at the company I was talking about in #1 for a long time before I became promoted. It's a bitch to answer the phone for a multi million dollar company if you have a ton of other duties besides answering the phone. It's a constant interruption. I grew to cringe when it rang. But sometimes, I love the phone.
5) Found a protective lens for my new lens. Could not believe it arrived with out one. WTH?

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