Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are we there yet?

Grace in Small things
Last day of September

1) Upon returning home from Biscuit Bucket I turned on the DVR which had taped the latest episode of Trailer Park Boys and found the very first of the series! They had just got out of prison and we were introduced to the cast of characters.
2) Booked the Breakfast room at Holiday Inn.
3) Received a gift cook book in the mail! Waiting for the catch.
4) Began to ask people to have a S&D show!
5) Horrid night at Biscuit Bucket. First, a kid threw up and they walked out without telling any one (working with the general public is quite eye opening!) But old steely eyed Mary spotted the potential hazard and cleaned it up. As I returned to the floor after disposing of the now yucky towels, some kid dumps their to-go cup of sticky soda on the floor! In the same spot! So I go to clean that up and chase ice cubes around the store but finally get it resolved. No sooner than I turn around I get hit by some smart aleck little witch of a red head kid who is receiving a $60 dollhouse! Look up Brat in the dictionary and there she is! But I just took it in stride and laughed it off (walk it off....walk it off....walk it off...)....The grace in it? The night finally ended.


Donna said...

You can find good in anything, and this goes to prove it. Let's hope there won't be more like this for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Most things finally end.
Sometimes that realization keeps me going in situations that lack any redeeming quality.

Lori said...

Eeww. How can someone just walk away after their kids has thrown up in a store. I'd be embarrassed but more embarrassed if I didn't tell someone and offer to clean it myself.

Hope that past few days have been better!