Monday, October 04, 2010

September 25th


1) Finally it's Saturday and the Baby Fair and the Hayride party!
2) Deb is in Kentucky!!
3) The hayride is fantastic time. Even though I got a trifle sick the next day from something I drank (lol) it was a great time. Especially the 2am Hayride! What a trip.
4) Met a friend from MSU that I had not seen in many many years - much like the Animal House gang - only he was part of the "Bolio's", another group of trouble makers I hung out with! Oh the memories. How did this group intersect that group? It's a long story that involves a lot of Red Bird games and silly antics from the 1970's. I'll say no more. It was absolutely a knock out night seeing one of the Bolio's.
5) The Baby Fair went well. Some minor glitches, but pretty good. My prizes were fantastic!

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