Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ice Breaker

I dove right in and had the first “home party” for the jewelry company I have decided to attempt to conquer Direct Sales.

It was a bust. I invited about 18 people, all the girls from The Biscuit Bucket, and some very slight acquaintances who where in the Home Based Business shows at the Mall. I gave it a spin like this, “come meet potential clients!” Not a one of them showed.

Hey!! I thought it was all about networking.

So, I am discouraged right out of the gate. I tried to piece together everything that went wrong. Clearly I did not invite enough people. I figured half of them would come….maybe. Out of 18 invitees, only three actually came, and one of them brought someone.

So I had four people at the first party. Guess that is better than one. And infinitely better than zero.

This is when I would normally throw in the towel. This is normally when I would throw up my hands and think I gave it the good old (old) college try. But not yet! I have a Job Fair commitment in a couple of weeks and I have agreed to tend a booth at some Holiday Event in Nashville in November. In the very far future, I have my eye on a Bridal Fair in Lexington in January. So I guess what I will do is regroup and rethink things.

I have several aces in the hole. Number one is that I love the jewelry. I have never been much of a jewelry person before. I had no idea how to wear it actually. I have several pairs of earrings that I love and I wear with everything when I can get away with it. But as for a necklace…? Maybe a chain around my neck but nothing more glamorous. It’s like a whole new world has opened up for me.

Secondly, after a year of retail I am so use to rejection that it is not that alarming any longer. I don’t add on to the refusal, “They don’t like me”. I just move on to the next one.

Not ready to give up just yet.


Lisa :-] said...

Those home party things can be tricky. You really have to know a LOT of folks to make a go of it. Like, be a member of five or six bowling leagues and clubs and churches and school groups etc. etc. etc. But if anyone can make this go, YOU can. :)

And my word verification is "moneyin". So that must mean something...

Monica said...

What jewelery company? My daughter has been looking at some pieces from one of those home party places. If it's the same one, can she order directly from you?

Have you tried asking if you can set up a table at local hospitals? That is where my daughter saw the jewelery that she wants. The lady was set up in the employee lunch room. Another good place to check out is, it's a great way to network with other business owners. I wouldn't go with the intention of selling to them but, I wouldn't be surprised if you got sales that way.

Wishing you the best!