Saturday, February 27, 2010

Great Balls of Fire!

It's Number 90!!
Grace in Small Things - Friday February 26th Edition

1) Vitamin D Milk - I forgot.

2) Finding the lost money in the microwave - don't ask, just rejoice with me.

3) Boat show is a success! All 11 boats in the House!

4) Chicken Pot Pie, the ultimate comfort food for me. Even thought it took me several hours to make and I was chowing down after 8pm - it was worth it.

5) Recipe's scribbled in notebooks (Rolo cookies - yesssssssssssssssssssssss)

February 25th - Was that Thursday?

Number 89 of 365 Grace in Small Things

1) Not having to be at work until 8:30A. It feels like sleeping in after my other job(s)

2) Having a scheduled two (2) hour meeting that we rushed through and were out in an hour.

3) Butterfinger Blizzard.

4) Walmarts 1% charge for check cashing.

5) UK spanks Southern Carolina (at home) and moves on to 27-1.

Number 88

Grace in Small Things

1) While walking the Mall doing something or another, some survey that takes me to the merchants, I was handed a bag of goodies from the Amway lady I helped out the day before giving her info about the Home Based Business Show. And oh my, what a bag of terrific goodies it was. I shared with the Long Suffering Receptionist(Op's Secretary (the one who really runs the Show).

2) The downloaded pictures from Saturdays Bridal Expo were fantastic and we laughed and laughed watching them on a slide show.

3) (This is why I was walking the Mall)- Handing out thank you notes to the merchants for their generosity for the Bridal Expo.

4) Joking around with Maintenance.

5) Rolling Stone magazine. (thank God I had it to waste 29 minutes...waiting and waiting and waiting....)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great Expectations

Number 87 of 365
Grace in Small things
Tuesday February 23rd

1) Lady comes into Biscuit Bucket wearing a UK T-shirt and I ask "UK?" we are in Tennessee (albeit six miles from the border, but still) and she hides her shirt by closing her jacket and pulling it tight. And then I say, "I'm from Lexington" and she hugs me. (she had been at the Vandy hospital with a family member and just threw something on! Horrors! We just had beat Vandy at home! "What was I thinking!" she said)

2) Both Heather-Be-Thy-Name and the Introvert were not at the "office" today. I was so free!!

3) Made two e-mail connections for the Home Based Business Show we are setting up, My goal is 20 attendees (exhibitors).

4) Finished book #8 of the year, "Reversible Judgement" by Turdow, only took a month!! No more lawyer books. Obviously, they no not truly grab my imagination, thought at one time I loved studying law and toyed with the idea of changing my major. I'd have been a nut case by now, given my penchant for overlooking details.

5) The Property Manager for the Mall, AKA "Big Guy", came out into the reception area and sat on our ratty 1970ish couch and asked, "So, is it what you expected?" And I said, "Is anything?" and he nodded his understanding and then smiled and laughed (I'm certain he was thinking about marriage and kids - he is only 35).

Sreaming Mean Red's

Grace in Small Things
Monday, Feb. 22

1) Sunday paper coupons
2) Getting outside for lunch break
3) Finding (Joe finding) my lost cell phone
4) Singing the praises of being a list maker (I could not function with out my lists)
5) New York Times at the library

Monday, February 22, 2010


GiST - Number 85 of 365

February 21, 2010

1) Pancakes with jelly (According to my Mother, you have Sunday's free from your Lenten 'give-up')

2) To the gym - smelly man gym, OMG!

3) At BB one of the dishwashers (young, very young) came our and was flirting with the cashier (very young) by bugging the hell out of her. She asked him, "Leave me alone, go bug Mary!" and he replied, "I can't. It won't bother her, she's too happy." Ha ha.

4) Being able to complete Bridget's taxes on the computer in minutes - well, almost.

5) Realizing that the Marketing Director, I am the Asst. Mtk. Director, has no sense of humor. It came to me in a flash that it is the connection that we are missing. I crack a joke and she smiles and gets it. She is not mean or a Cruella or anything at all like that. I just had a revelation that she does not see much humor in ALL THINGS, like I do - most the time. At least 75% of the time. Oh hell, most the time.

Bridal Show

Grace in Small Things Number 84 of 365

February 20, 2010

1) Wedding Day Cup Cakes for me!!
2) Free Auntie Anne's Pretzels for customer appreciation day.
3) My Nikon DSLR
4) Being able to run from the JC Penney Court to the bathrooms and back. About 1/4 mile. I thought I might pass out, but thank God I had my tennis shoes on.
5)UK beats Vandy and I made it home in time to watch! (B-Double-E-Double-R-U-N, Beer Run Beer Run)

Rings a Bell

February 19th (why does this date ring so familiar? Is it the late Geo. Harrison's' Birthday?


GiST Part 83 of 365

1) Pay Day always a good day.
2) Meeting Big Fish's wife, a German.
3) last minute details for Bridal Show fall into place (meaning I have to go beg stuff for the SWAG (hahah) bags from the tenants)
4)Not having to go into Biscuit Bucket tonight!
5) Joe comes to the dress rehearsal and my heart goes flip flop. Always takes me by surprise in a good way.

Friday, February 19, 2010

What Day is This?

Number 82 of 365
Grace in Small Things - Thursday, Feb. 18th

1) Find out the Property Manager is a graduate of the college I once started an education attending (I was majoring in FUN) and he his Uncle (OMG how young is this KID?!!) and I were good friends. And his Uncle is one of my Face Book friends. Now he is my FB friend too.

2) Seeing Sarah when I dropped into Biscuit Bucket this morning. I miss her. She is a good girl....we laugh about her being the daughter I never had and if I did I would have smacked her around...(it's funnier when I say it to her).

3)The days are becoming longer. today was sunny and warm.

4) Skunks announcing it is almost spring - P U Pepe LePew.

5) Ability to shoot letter to President of my home town bank b/c I am mad!

Where Was I?

Number 81 of 365

Grace in Small Things

1) grilled Chicken for lunch
2) Snagging another Boat Show exhibitor
3) Time magazine
4) Working with one of my Fav's at Biscuit Bucket, Candi
5) Almost having cake at BB but it was gone when I got there, a good thing b/c of my Lent give-up.

Fat Tuesday

Number 80 of 365
Grace in small Things

1) Cup of coffee from the Security office that could make your hair stand on end. Yet, it was good.

2) UK beats Miss State in overtime. Call me. (makes more sense if you saw the game, follow UK basketball and it was three days ago).

3) Joe and I worked out at the gym. Finally.

4) Fat Tuesday means this is the beginning of Lent. Decided against giving up alcohol, because I hardly drink anymore even though I write about liquor stores all the time. I am going to eat better, eliminate bread. Now that is a sacrifice!

5) Dental floss.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday Monday

Number 79 of 365

1) Winter Olympics the skating couples. Spectacular.
2) Driving down US79 all by myself! Everyone else afraid of a little snow and ice.
3) Board folding. I resisted, but it certainly makes a difference.
4) Making my lunch every morning and not slacking.
5) Wearing A new sweater.

Added bonus .... more drama at the office.

Valentines Day

Number 78 of 365

1) Spaulding Donuts! My God! Why didn't someone tell me they reopened on Winchester Rd.! (in Lex)
2) Watching airplanes at the airport (duh)
3) ...... with the Grandkid
4) Grand babies with flavored chap stick.
5) MP3 hook up in the car. No one told me!

February 13

Number 77 of 365

1) Spending the whole day with Joe!
2) Liquor Barn gift card. And hell, just Liquor Barn!
3) Bouquet of flowers from Walmart that was beautiful (for my Mom)
4) Seeing Harold and Liz.
5) Micro soft office from RJC for home computer b/c he needs it! Yay! (new hard drive and all my programs are gone!)

Number 76

Thank God it's Friday

1) Drama in the front office. Would not have missed it for the world.
2) Working with a Barney Fife type (did I spell it correctly?)
3) While the cat is away the mouse will play. Kind of felt bad about it later.
4) Great American Cookies.
5) A night off. Good Lord how I look forward to them.

Great God Almighty I've Lost Count

Number 75 of 365
Feb 11th
Grace in Small Things

1) Chocolate covered strawberries.
2) Old Hippie couple dancing by the demo album machine at Biscuit Bucket
3) Thank you note from an 11 year old.
4) Betty Crocker cake in a box.
5) Eye pencil sharpener.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Feb. 10th
# 74/365
Grace in Small Things

1) Grapefruit sectioned to perfection
2) Clearing the air
3) Nailing two exhibitors for the Boat Show
4) Securing some pretty fantastic gifts for the Bridal Show
5) Valentine Cards

February 9th

Number 73 out of 365

1) Woke up with a million idea's swimming around in my head.
2) Glad I learned to drive in snow while living in NE Indiana
3) UK beats Alabama
4) Lost my debit card in a parking lot and someone turned it in!
5) Thought the under belly of my car was busted, but Joe told me it has been busted since living in NE IN and he tried to fix it with super glue and a cracker box.

Monday Blues

GiST 72 of 365

1) Snow falling in thick flakes.

2) Doing the Mall Walk and making connections.

3) Drove home in the snow and did not have a wreck.

4) Left work early because of snow.

5) A dollar store across the street.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Number 69

GiST February 5th

1) Paid all the bills! Feeling of relief and accomplishment

2) Decided to take a trip "back home" tomorrow.

3) Today everyone was asked to wear something red in honor of American Heart Day (I think, I did not read the memo too closely) and while searching my sparse closet I found I had ironed my red shirt that week-end!

4) Nothing like a Friday night in a Military town.

5) Happy people at the liquor store.

Feb. 4, 2010

Grace in small things
Number 68 of 365

1) Had meeting with a group of High School students who make up our "fashion board" and I honestly have to say, I was impressed with them! Several are home schooled, one is in the ROTC program, and one is a boy!! (smart bastard).

2) My lunch all week has been baloney sandwiches. I'll say no more.

3) Driving like a lunatic, passing the Mennonites driving their tractors and taking corners on two wheels I clocked in to work on time, with 30 seconds to spare.

4) Pay Day!

5) Joe walks into the office and my heart goes pitty pat, after all these years.

Monday, February 08, 2010

February 7

Number 71 of 365
Grace in small things

1) Cell phone camera

2) Spinach souffle

3) A birthday party for an 11 year old.

4) Driving on streets so familiar. Memories on every corner

5) Versailles

Out of Order

Number 70 of 365
February 6th

1) Valvoline Instant Oil Change

2) A field of black birds who all together bagan to fly away to another closer field and it looked like a black wave.

3)Tree along I-65 that looked like they were dusted with powered sugar. (snow)

4) Wonderful feeling of being OTR listening to the radio and my mind coming up with incredible ideas! Realized I do my greatest thinking behind the wheel listening to the radio.

5) Louisville

# 67

Grace in Small Things
February 3rd
Number 67 in a series of 365

1) Hersey Kisses with Almonds
2) Having two jobs.
3) Driving down C'vill's main drag at 1015pm and it's like a ghost town!
4) Austin Peay's radio station and no commercials. Old R&B songs.
5) Post Office self-service counter (may have already praised this)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Number 66

Grace in Small Things - February 2

1) $6.99 Great Clips Hair cut

2) Free shelves for garage. Good things come from the left overs of tenants.

3) UK beats Ole Miss.

4) Coconut rum (have I mentioned this before?)

5) Smart Alec's in the office. One asks if Property Manager is in. "No, he will be back tomorrow". One turns to the other, "I told you we should have brought our sleeping bags".

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Grace in Small Things - February Edition

Number 65 of 365
February 1

1) Amazon account getting back in gear now that my competition has obviously run out of product. Where as I on the other hand have access to plenty of it!

2) Feeling more at home/ease at the Mall office.

3) Foot snuggies.

4) Another old friend emerges on Face book. This one sort of bitter sweet.

5) Dinner in a box - Jambalaya with polish sausage from the back of the refrigerator. Whipped it up in a matter of minutes (about 30) and it was delicious. Bowl licking delicious.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Last Day of January First Month of the New Year

gIst #64

1) Going into work at Biscuit Bucket (which I am working part time 15 or so hours per week b/c Mall job pays p-nuts) and knowing that Rita has been working that day because the stuffed animals are positioned in some compromising positions (her way of saying hello to me). (I'll get some pic's w/ phone if I can!!)

2) Learning that the little wheelie thing on the mouse makes the screen go up and down very fast (teaching an old dog new tricks)

3) Watching the segment on the play Our Town on CBS Sunday morning. At one point they took four young adults to the play. They got the message - even in this wired in age they/we live in - that you have to stop and look up and see the sky. To stay grounded. That all the tiny things in ones life make the masterpiece. Sort of like Grace in Small Things.

4) Dental floss.

5) Finding a bottle of Breck shampoo at the dollar store and remembering the Breck Girls of the 1960's - Didn't everyone use Breck at one time?

January 30, 2010

GiST Number 63 of 365

1) Could have slept in if I wanted to. But, was up at 530 am. Couldn't waste a moment of my day off.

2) Snowed all night and the morning was silent and breathtakingly beautiful.

3) A small cat paw print on the front porch.

4) Spending all day with Joe.

5) UK beats Vandy.