Monday, February 22, 2010


GiST - Number 85 of 365

February 21, 2010

1) Pancakes with jelly (According to my Mother, you have Sunday's free from your Lenten 'give-up')

2) To the gym - smelly man gym, OMG!

3) At BB one of the dishwashers (young, very young) came our and was flirting with the cashier (very young) by bugging the hell out of her. She asked him, "Leave me alone, go bug Mary!" and he replied, "I can't. It won't bother her, she's too happy." Ha ha.

4) Being able to complete Bridget's taxes on the computer in minutes - well, almost.

5) Realizing that the Marketing Director, I am the Asst. Mtk. Director, has no sense of humor. It came to me in a flash that it is the connection that we are missing. I crack a joke and she smiles and gets it. She is not mean or a Cruella or anything at all like that. I just had a revelation that she does not see much humor in ALL THINGS, like I do - most the time. At least 75% of the time. Oh hell, most the time.


Cynthia said...

In case I haven't said so, I love, love, love your GISTs.

Nelle said...

Yes, on Sunday you can have what you gave up because you are going to mass that day in theory I think.
Love the GISTs. You always make me smile and often LOL!
Hugs girlfriend!

Lulu LaBonne said...

I love the lent loophole