Friday, February 19, 2010

Fat Tuesday

Number 80 of 365
Grace in small Things

1) Cup of coffee from the Security office that could make your hair stand on end. Yet, it was good.

2) UK beats Miss State in overtime. Call me. (makes more sense if you saw the game, follow UK basketball and it was three days ago).

3) Joe and I worked out at the gym. Finally.

4) Fat Tuesday means this is the beginning of Lent. Decided against giving up alcohol, because I hardly drink anymore even though I write about liquor stores all the time. I am going to eat better, eliminate bread. Now that is a sacrifice!

5) Dental floss.


Nelle said...

Bread? OMG seriously? My Godfather (the most devout Catholic I have EVER known) did this one year and said never again! Good luck! That was like me giving up sweets last year and thinking I was diabetic so it would be ok. If there was a 12 step program maybe but it was a disaster mentally for me.

Ali la Loca said...

I am immensely grateful for dental floss, as I frequently get stuff stuck in my back molars - especially clams/shellfish, for some strange reason. I think giving up bread is a great Lent resolution. Hard but feasible. Good luck!