Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great Expectations

Number 87 of 365
Grace in Small things
Tuesday February 23rd

1) Lady comes into Biscuit Bucket wearing a UK T-shirt and I ask "UK?" we are in Tennessee (albeit six miles from the border, but still) and she hides her shirt by closing her jacket and pulling it tight. And then I say, "I'm from Lexington" and she hugs me. (she had been at the Vandy hospital with a family member and just threw something on! Horrors! We just had beat Vandy at home! "What was I thinking!" she said)

2) Both Heather-Be-Thy-Name and the Introvert were not at the "office" today. I was so free!!

3) Made two e-mail connections for the Home Based Business Show we are setting up, My goal is 20 attendees (exhibitors).

4) Finished book #8 of the year, "Reversible Judgement" by Turdow, only took a month!! No more lawyer books. Obviously, they no not truly grab my imagination, thought at one time I loved studying law and toyed with the idea of changing my major. I'd have been a nut case by now, given my penchant for overlooking details.

5) The Property Manager for the Mall, AKA "Big Guy", came out into the reception area and sat on our ratty 1970ish couch and asked, "So, is it what you expected?" And I said, "Is anything?" and he nodded his understanding and then smiled and laughed (I'm certain he was thinking about marriage and kids - he is only 35).

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