Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29th

What the Hell

I truly enjoyed doing the Grace in Small Things and even as I laid in bed last night, thumbing through a Time magazine (reading the article on Womenomics - fascinating) I picked up my moleskine and jotted down the main Highlights of the day. In other words, it ain't so easy to stop! And maybe that is a good thing.

365/365 +1

1) Finished Grace in Small Things

2) Left work early, like a little after 3pm, to wait for the delivery guy with the big screen TV. He never showed up and when Joe finally got home he picked up the phone and gave me the news "It's dead." Crap!! But the good thing is that the truck was broken down behind hh Gregg and we had to reschedule anyway.

3) I have this insane compulsion to win those seven Breyer Race Horse ornaments even though I found the box of my seven race horse ornaments. I do not have Affirmed and Gallant Fox, and if Secretariat is going for $58 on e-bay, buying the lot I could probably make my money back and have Affirmed and Gallant Fox. But.the computer connection was going in and out. Damn storm. As I was frantically hitting the Bid button over and over I did not get it in on time. Lucky thing, really & truly. I was up there in the bidding, boy.

4) Found a bag of frozen shrimp in the back of the freezer. Man I need to go shopping.

5) It's cyber Monday! Sold three CD's on Amazon (damn, I wish I had won that lot of 7 Breyer race horse ornaments!)

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Lisa :-] said...

This is a GOOD habit. Maybe you don't want to break it.