Wednesday, December 01, 2010

365 + 2

Grace in Small Things
Tuesday Nov. 30th

1) Found a dollar lying on the floor!

2) Discovered the Goodwill auction site. Oh mama.

3) The Zenyatta Breyer Race ornament became unavailable at the on-line store I used (sold out or did not receive their shipment, I was unclear as to why) so I called the Horse park and they are going to ship me one. Alright.

4) Scrooged was on TV last night with Bill Murray. I love that movie and repeat some of the lines all the time...."Back off Big Boy, might work with the chicks but not me.."

5) When I arrived home from work I was greeted with a package. A package from Nikon! My lens! I slapped it on the camera discarding the poor substitute that I have been crying about for months, and snapped some pics of the cats right away! Yay Rah! I'm back!

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Lori said...

There's a Goodwill auction site? I'll have to check that out!