Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reverb for December 11

Prompt: 11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn't need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

Not in any particular order

1) The excess 25 pounds I have packed on in the last 5 years. 2011 does not need me courting a heart attack. I could go to the gym, I could watch what I eat. I could take up walking with the aspirations of turning it into running again. I could swim, I could make it a goal to get ready for the triple crown of running in Louisville as part of the Derby Festival. Whoa, that begins with a 5K in March! I better start hitting the pavement and buy some good running shoes - lol. I mean, this is what I would like to do. What will I do?

2) I have a lot of stuff. And that stuff is stuffed into a tiny house. I have a lot of books. I'm not certain how many there are packed in all those boxes in the garage, but it's a lot. Probably close to 1000 - 1500. I have some great titles, some first editions and a lot of variety. My travel section is superb. I would love to sell them just so I do not have to pack them around another couple of times. Maybe I'll get serious and do Craigslist and offer them in lots based on subject matter. Now that's a project!

3) I don't need this obscene debt I have managed to strangle myself with. This year I have done a great job of paying several loans off but there is a whole lot left to get rid of. It is impossible to think it could be done in one year unless I hit the lottery. But, I hope to continue to focus on getting Joe and me debt free before we "retire" (he will, there is no way I can) with only the house mortgage to knock off.

4) This one is way too personal to post on this blog - but I am trying to alter my behavior in the hopes of altering someone else.

5) Another way too personal and would absolutely kill someone if I even hinted that this is something I do not need and consider it a drag on my existence. People have all sorts of reasons to justify their behavior/addictions/personality traits.

6) I am not one to dwell on negative things. There is no way in hell I can come up with 11 things I do not need in 2011 and am willing to change. There are many things I would like to change about myself - I'm a procrastinator for one. I try on a daily basis to not let it screw things up. I rely too much on my being smart and fast.

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